Friday, October 22, 2010

Oak Glen Continued

After leaving the apple picking orchard, we headed back down the hill, into the mist and fog.  Upon passing Snowline, I mentioned the great apple donuts we had there last year.  And Jake (bless his heart) turned that car around, and in seconds, we were in the lot and into the long line for donuts.  Genny and I, that is.  The fellas stayed in the car with the girls.

While we stood in the long donut line, we enjoyed people watching, and just taking in the sights of this beautiful fall day.  Here are some of those.
And finally, we snaked around the building, and into the room where the divine aromas were coming from.  And we landed smack dab in front of the window, where the magic was being made.
Can you smell those?  After they were spilled into this shallow dish, they were bagged and shook with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. 
And then finally......they were in our hot little hands....for a split second that is, before they were consumed with ooh's and ahhh's of delight!
Before leaving, I spotted this great photo opportunity.   This wall reminded me of places I saw all over Italy.  Stone walls, with ivy and greens cascading down like Rapunzel's hair.  I had to try a couple shots here even though the kids were DONE with their day.  We will have to go back and try again.

So with tired feet, and satisfied tummy's, we headed for home. 
Goodbye Oak Glen.  We will be back very soon.
 Happy Friday friends!!
: )  Kris


Anonymous said...

Love the "standards" sign...cute!♥

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a delightful place to stop and the donuts looked delicious. Loved seeing the wall with the ivy-reminded me of the movie Letters to Juliet. Have a great weekend my friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Helen said...

What a FUN day!

Grammee Linda said...

Don't you just love places like that?? I think a tradition has begun!!

I made the hammy sammy's Wed night and the family gave them 5 stars. I can't blog yet because when I have my gathering in November with some prim friends, I am making a turkey version with cranberry. I bet they will be amazing too!

Have a great weekend!!

The Garden Bell said...

I can smell those cider donuts now. And I really really want one, now. Oh, me, oh my, where am I going to get one.... What a wonderful apple picking posting. I love the building that reminds you of Italy, as it does me. We were in Tuscany about 4 yrs ago and I so want to go back and do the Amafi next time. This brings back pleasant reminds of a wonderful trip for our 50th b-days, same year.

No, I haven't forgot the T.S. pattern. Still think about what I actually did. Will try to get something to you very soon, my friend.

Off to make the rounds...still trying to catch up with everyone.

Have a super-duper weekend,

Debbie said...

I LOVED the pic of the building. It reminds me too of Letters from Juliet. And those donuts? Oh my...I think I can smell them. I am afriad I would be out of control though, sigh..soo weak. We were going to go to Oak Glen tomorrow, but we have changed to Sea World. Haven't been in years and I am looking forward to it. Bringing grandkids too. Hope this lady can keepm up. Have a good week-end Kris.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Okay, you made me home sick :( I moved to SC from upstate NY 14 years ago. I only get home sick in the fall because you can't get fresh pressed apple cideer and homemade doughnuts like you the ones I grew up eating and drinking. Thanks for sharing and thanks for adding Dittle Dattle to your blog roll :D

Lauri said...

Ah...the apple donuts.
I can't believe all of the fog. I don't think I ever was there in that much fog.

Clara said...

Lovely post and pics...thanks for sharing.

Genn said...

I want more of those apple doughnuts. We must go back soon. :)

Genn said...
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