Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve At My Mom's

We went to my Mom's house for dinner on Christrmas Eve.  It was so nice. The kids were so excited to get out on the lake to see the lights of the houses and other boats.  Aunt "E" says, "Who wants to go on a boat ride?"
I just noticed that Hannah's hair is covering Claire's forehead on this picture!  I had to look at it a long time to see what was on her head!
Just starting to get dark.  Noah is captain, with Geeps help.  Gennifer is doing a self portrait of her and Jake.  Eri got a new fancy schmancy camera from David that she could not put down.  Claire is mesmerized by the lights!
The girls are so enjoying the ride.  Look at those adorable and HUGE red bows!
Nana had such a good time with all of the little ones.  I love the sweet expression on Hannah's face here as she talking to her Great-Great Grandma..our Nana.
 Starting to get cold now, and the lights are all coming on.
The lights were spectacular.  Mom's community really does it up big!
The reflections on the water with the boat and house lights was so pretty!

Love this of Nana.  Then the hug with Hannah and Nana!!!! 

 My Mom stayed on shore for this trip.  I took this earlier of her with Claire.  I love it.
I love this one of our three kids (Clairey too) 
Some gift opening.

 Pleased?  I say so!  Drew loved his Kindle from Gma.
A cute shot of Erika and David.
Greg and I brought Scratchers to hand out.  No big winners.  But Nana won 5 dollars.
I walked through the family room to discover the sweetest sight.  Nana was sitting with Noah, all alone in the room, and they were just talking and talking, trying to figure out how to put his new racetrack together.  I ran to get my camera and hid in the hallway snapping the sweetest, most tender moment in time.  I could post a bunch, but I will try to only post a few.  These just melted my  heart.

Geeps and Claire wearing silly reindeer antlers.

 Mom had so many lights going that we kept blowing fuses.  Here is the Fireman (David) to the rescue.
This was a picture heavy post, so if you made it all the way through, I leave you with one last picture of our little Claire.  This is how Gamma (and all Mom's and Gamma's for that matter) felt on Christmas Eve at the end of the night. 
 I hope all of you had just as much love and laughter on your Christmas Eve.  Come on back tomorrow for our Christmas Day photos.


Clara said...

Fantastic family photos Kris. There are definitely some really great shots there that ought to be used for something special.It is so nice to see all of the happy smiles! The children are precious and those bows!
Keep having fun as long as you can!

Amy said...

What a nice Christmas. I love your mom's neighborhood! That's a really funny picture of Claire all pooped out at the end. I definitely felt like that last night!

deb said...

Beautiful pics Kris..thanks for sharing, my favs are the ones of Noah and his great sweet!

Holly said...

It just doesn't get any better than that. I love Nana! Kris, it looks like you all had a wonderful time and the whole family is just beautiful (especially Nana).

Katie said...

Looks like you all had a great time & the photos of Nana with the little ones is just priceless!!

Genn said...

You got some great pictures Mom!! Love all the ones on the boat! The ones with the kids and Nana are so so great. Especially Nana and Noah. Priceless. I still feel like Claire in that last picture. :)

Suz said...

Oh! fabulous family having a wonderful time a great post had a lump in my throat looking at all the love
Happy Holiday to you all
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Cute...! Except the picture up close of my shiny face with David....eeeek please remove & thank you.

Liz said...

What a beautiful family you have. I really enjoyed viewing Christmas captured through your pictures. What fun...Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed New Year! XOXO ~Liz