Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have a young cousin.  Her name is Katie.  I usually refer to her as my niece.  And she, to me, as her Aunt.  But, she is my cousin.  My Mom's only brother is her Dad.  Johnny is quite a bit younger than my Mom.  Johnny lived with us throughout his teen years.  He is only a few years older than my oldest brothers.   And Katie is only a couple years older than my oldest daughter Gennifer.  So...with that said...let's get on with the party.   Katie was married last summer, and now she and her husband Sean, and little boy Jonathon, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little girl.  Due on January 13th.  Kate's pregnancy has been quite stressful, as she has been told that there may be a problem with her little girl's health.  Although her more recent tests indicate some concern,  they were not quite as scary as the first few.  We are all praying she has a perfectly healthy little girl.  And I think she will.  Katie lives in Washington. But she grew up here in my town.  We have a very famous Mexican food chain here called Miguel's.  Katie LOVES Miguel's.  Hey, who doesn't?

My Mom, who Katie is very close to, had the idea to have a shower for Katie, and go eat at her favorite place.  We had a great meal, a lot of laughs, and spoke with Kate on the phone.  Mom will bundle up the gifts and get them off to her today.  Katie's Dad and step Mom came to the restaurant with this.
 That's our Kate.  Isn't she beautiful!!!  When we were seated, an employee of Miguel's came over and handed her Dad this letter that Katie had sent and asked to be delivered.  Johnny had my Mom read it out loud. 
Side note:  Look at my beautiful mother's Faye Dunaway high cheekbones!!!!  WHY oh why didn't I get those too?????   Okay, moving on.  Let me just say, not a dry eye at that table, as my Mom read the most eloquently written letter by Katie.  She referred to each one of us, in her wish for her daughter to be.  She expressed her deep appreciation for her family, and spoke of her adoration for her Dad, and my mother, her Aunt Diane.  As well as our much loved "Nana" and each member of her family sitting there last night.  What a deeply moving, and tender letter she wrote.  Even Johnny, who never shows emotion, got choked up.  He's Johnny to me...always will be.

Then, we got down to the business at hand.  EATING....laughing, and enjoying the company.  And Katie..can I just tell you....YOU had a really GREAT time!!!!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

As you can see, Katie graciously made her way around to everyone, enjoying the party.  She had a REALLY good time!!!   The food was typical, Miguel's Magnificent!  We laughed, we cried, we shared our love of cousin....our Katie.  May you have a swift delivery! We are all so excited to meet your new baby girl...Elizabeth Joan (Ellie Jo).
Hugs and Kisses,
Your family


Bethany said...

Awwwwwwwww how sweet! It looks like she had a marvelous time :)

~Niki~ said...

what a great idea to include her
your family is beautiful.

Kristi said...

Awe, that was so sweet! What a loving family you guys have! I think she had a blast, and tell her to take it easy on those Corona's...she is pregnant after all!! ;)

Maryrose said...

What a darling fun for her to send that sentimental letter too. You all looked like you had a blast...and you did a great job embracing Katie in all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cute for some reason I'm hungry for fajita's! ;-D

Lauri said...

what a fun party idea...hope she wasn't too jealous about missing out on Miguel's.

I too have a few cousins who are closer to my kid's age than to mine. Sometimes I forget they are my cousins since they call me Aunt Lauri.

Holly said...

My daughter's name is Katie and I've sung that song to her since she was a baby. Your Katie is adorable and it does look like she had a great time. Hope she didn't eat too much. Prayers are on their way to her and the baby.

Anonymous said...

AH I wish I could've made it!!! Looks so fun! And I didn't know her due date is the same as Tiana's! How exciting!

Genn said...

Ahhh what a GREAT party!! I really wish I was able to be there too! Why are fun things always planned the nights that I work late!!

I LOVE that picture of Katie on a stick. How fun. AND it looks like she did indeed have a great time, kisses from Tim! Chips and guacamole! And a few beers... SO funny!

Can't wait to meet Miss Ellie Jo Katie!!!

Katie said...

Oh Kristy, this is really sweet & very comical too!! Thank you to all of you, it really was very thoughtful to have a long distance shower for me, I really wish I could of been there to visit with all of you!!
But, your right, looks as if I did have a great time with the kisses, forkfuls of yummy food and boy can I just taste that Corona ;)

I can't wait to get down to visit again very soon!!

Thank you Kristy!

Debbie said...

What a really fun and nice thing to do right down to having the letter delivered to the table. I love it. Certainly looks like everyone had such a good time. I will add my prayers to yours that little miss Ellie Jo (what an adorable name) arrives safe and healthy.

Queen of...Whatever said...

I will say a prayer as well

Amy said...

How fun for her! She's due on my birthday and so is my very very best friend! It really is a great date! I like the picture on the stick idea too :)

From the Kitchen said...

I think that's one of the nicest showers I've ever attended! What a great idea. I do so hope that the baby will be healthy and happy.


Cathy said...

Hi Kris - What a wonderful post. It looks like you have a fantastic family and I got a lump in my throat as I read about Katie's letter to you. I hope all goes well for her and she has a healthy baby and a speedy delivery.

Happiest holiday best wishes to you and all your family.

Clara said...

Everyone is staying so positive in a stressful situation but no matter what happens it is evident your family and extended family can handle anything with that much love to go around! What wonderful people. All is going to be fine.