Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This will be my first and last WIWW with
The Pleated Poppy.  I always loved her What I Wore Wednesday posts and told my fashionista daughter Gennifer about it. She plays now.  I joke about scaring everyone away if I posted what I wore every day.  I love Lindsey's blog.  She is such a talented gal.  Go check it out.  This is my one attempt to play.  I only did it a few days. 
I started with Sunday.  Went to church with my son. 
Long black blouse, with pin tuck front-Kohl's.
Black jean jeggings-Nordstrom.
Black boots-Kohl's last winter.
Grey necklace-gift from my daughter Erika.
Came home from church and it was just starting to get cold and rainy.  Changed into comfy's.
Old Grey Sweatshirt-UCSB where my nephew Don went.
Soft Navy Sweat Pants- Target
Favorite Running Shoes-?
Monday-Christmas shopping all day. (Noah stayed home with Erika)
Black Hoody-Nordstrom
Grey Pocket Tee-Target
Black Workout Pants-Nike
Black and Pink Tennies-Puma
Tuesday, running errands after dropping Noah to preschool.
Black 3/4 length Tee-Nordstrom by Caslon.  Have them in every color!
Black and White Jersey Jacket- Nike
That's it...Pretty UN exciting!!  I think I will leave this one to the fashionista's.


Pammy Sue said...

I have two things to say...

1. You are so cute!

2. Wow. You make your bed!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see what was wrong with your outfits - or was that just me?! :) Loved that first one!!

Queen of...Whatever said...

I agree with pammy Sue. I like leggings, but am fearful of them...Any advice?

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

You are too cute!!!!!!!

Kris said...

Pam....I am laughing! Yes, I make my bed...every day...soon as my feet hit the floor! Only one pic is in my room. I used my son's old room with the mirrors for the others. So that is a guest room/his room when he visits. I always made all the kids make their beds every day!!! I know...I am like a Marine!!

Kristi said...

Very nice! You are so cute! Pammy Sue's comment made me laugh! Doesn't she know that you are Susie Homemaker?!?! =)

The Garden Bell said...

Sweet-ie Pie... you are just too cute. This looks like fun, but in may dyeing snock and other crazy garb, I would scare all away. Love, love, love the haircut.

~Niki~ said...

wow~you are beautiful! thanks for being so brave, me, never! lol

Holly said...

You are just too darling!! If I did that on my blog it would say, Sunday: sweats from goodwill, Monday: Jeans and sweatshirt from Goodwill, Tuesday: sweats from Goodwill. etc. Well, you get the picture

Anonymous said...

You look so cute mom in all your photos!

Pammy Sue's comment is funny hehe b/c I don't think I've EVER seen your bed unmade lol.

Katie said...

Oh I think you should continue to join in! Where do you think Gennifer mastered her "fashionista" skills ;)
Your looking Fabulous Kristy!!

Clara said...

Love your hair Kris and you are definitely cute as everyone has already pointed out. Our daughter's share the same name and spelling. My Erika will be 23 of the 22nd of this month! Your daughter?

NanaNor's said...

Hey Kris, I love all the comments because you are just so cute and put together-love all your outfits(even the sweats), love your boots too.
Hugs, Noreen

Maryrose said...

You are so cute, love that you played. You always look terrific in anything you wear.

Clara said...

Okay Kris, got your kids, so we really do have a lot in common! Remember that age? OMG!

Debbie said...

Kris I agree with look soo young and soo cute and quite put together (even in the sweats)...I wish I could get my daughter to do this as I would love to see her look everyday for a week again...I so enjoyed her outfits...quite the that would be quite funny I am afraid, haha.

Genn said...

Oh Mom I love your looks! You do always look cute and put together. And you have great hair!! :)

And I laughed at the comment about your bed, and at what Erika wrote, because I think she's right... I lived with you for 20 years and I can't really remember ever seeing your bed unmade!!

Do it again next week!
I did not do it this week... pms, bad hair days, and a zit! Ahh the nerve. Maybe next week!

Linda said...

Kris~ you are so cute! I loved seeing these pics!

From the Kitchen said...

You have a great casual look! I'm into comfort dressing!

Love your illuminated house. From the outside, our house looks like "scrooge lives here".


Pam said...

You are so cute Kris. Love the comfy outfit - want it on right now because it's cold and rainy outside.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You are tooo funny. Loved all the photos. And you do have great hair. lol I've always thought that. Loved the photos!!!
You can't come to my house because I NEVER make my bed. lol

Anonymous said...

you are too cute!!! I love this, and Genn I am so sad you didn't do your this week, I always like to see other people's cute outfits.