Sunday, January 23, 2011

Make Up Secret & Sunday News

First off, I must share this wonderful make up secret with all the ladies.  My friend Pammy Sue at
Scotty's Place  shared this with her blogging friends the other day.   This couldn't have come at a better time for me!  I have been noticing all of those lovely signs of aging lately, and my make up just doesn't seem to be working for me anymore!  This product is amazing!
First you will see Monistat, and go...WHAT???  But read the box.  It is made by Monistat, and it is found on THAT aisle, but it is not THAT product.  It is made for chafing relief.  But it has been discovered to rival all of those high priced make up products made to be used as a base coat for your make up to go on smoothly and give that flawless finished look.  Smoothing a small amount of this onto your face before applying your makeup will give you a smooth and satiny finish to your regular make up routine.  It fills out those wrinkles, and imperfections in your skin.  IT REALLY does!!    Apparently it is quite difficult to find since women have discovered this inexpensive alternative to the high priced name brand products being sold to do the same thing.  For under 7 bucks a tube, you get the same product.  It contains dimethicone, just like the other products like Mac and Sephora sell.  I had to go to two places.  Walgreens was out, but CVS had two tubes left.  I bought them both.  My girls will have to flip for it!  Go to Pammy's blog and read the post, along with the link to the description of this product.
My Mr. G is home!  He has been gone for several days for work, and I absolutely hate it when he is gone.  This was a long week.  For him especially, but I sure did miss him.  Last night when he got home, we went over to babysit our little grand girls.  It was fun to play with them.  Today we went to lunch and to see the movie, The King's Speech.  It was such an excellent movie!  We both loved it!  We went to Henry's and got some fresh veg for our homemade pizza for dinner.
Let's make Pizza!!!
First thing...turn your oven up to 450 and get it screaming hot.
If you are using a prepared fresh dough, be sure to let it rest at room temp for a bit before you roll it out and top it.  I like to drizzle the dough with some olive oil, and I crush a few cloves of garlic with some sea salt and then spread this onto the dough as well for some great flavor.
After mincing your fresh garlic, take a pinch of sea salt and then using the flat blade of your knife, mash that together until you garlic forms a paste. 

Spread this onto your pizza dough before putting your sauce on.  You can also shred some fresh parmesan cheese onto your crust at this point for some additional flavor.   Spread sauce.
I put Mr. G to work on slicing the tomatoes on the mandolin for me.
Do you see his sous chef there peeking up over the counter tops?   We also sliced up some fresh cremini mushrooms for our pizza.  Plenty of fresh shredded mozarella and parmesan.  Lay tomatoes and mushrooms on top.  I added some ribbons of basil but reserved the majority of the basil to be added when pizza comes out of the oven.
Sorry for the shadow.  Taking pictures in my kitchen can be tricky.  Use whatever you like, just make it fresh and you will have a delicious pizza in 10 minutes.  
Now add some fresh basil, and let the pizza rest a couple of minutes before slicing into it.  I baked mine for 10 minutes.  Oh...I also use a perforated pizza pan, and I spray the pan lightly with Olive Oil spray, and then dust it with cornmeal.  This pan yields a nice crisp crust on your pizza, and the cornmeal helps it slide right off the pan for you after it is baked. 
We TiVo'd the game and watched it when we got home from the movies with our pizza.  Yea Green Bay!!!!  (Sorry Kate in Chicago!)
On Saturday, I had a delightful afternoon with my daughter Erika and her David.  Eri had gotten me a facial with pumpkin peel at a salon in downtown Temecula for Christmas.  I got to Erika and David's and since we were all hungry, we went to lunch first before heading out to Temecula.  They dropped me off for my facial, and left me to enjoy 90 minutes of sheer heaven!  It was such a treat.  In addition to the relaxing facial, it included a massage of neck, shoulders, and arms.  I think I nodded off a few times.  What a wonderful treat, and a delightful afternoon spent with Erika and David.  It was a nice weekend.  Erika was off all of last week, so I didn't babysit Noah.  I did see him a few times though, but his Mommy got to take him to school every day, and enjoy nice lazy mornings at home with him.  And I had a day at Glen Ivy, and a day of quilt shop hopping with my friend, and some days to just lounge around myself.   I am refreshed and ready to get back to the old routine.  And I am SO glad Mr. G is home.
I have been a little lax lately in the cooking department.  Sorry Niki.  I have a few things on the menu plans for this week.  Until then...go find that wonderful face magic at your local drugstore!!!!


Clara said...

I can't imagine you need that stuff on your pretty face Kris!

The pizza looks so good and you are lucky to have a helping hand I see.

Holly said...

What a great find! Thanks so much for sharing. I have been doing something a little different with my face cleaning routine. I've been using the oil cleaning method with grapeseed oil and I really like it. I will probably post about it. Pizza looks great but I doubt you could have pulled it off without Ducey's help.

Neicee said...

OMG that pizza looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Mom that pizza looks delish!

I was thinking oh dear Lord my mother bought monistat cream & thinks it's face cream & is blogging about it....oh emm gee....this is worse than the time we went to berrysweet & you had no idea how to operate self serve yogurt...BUT then I kept reading...phew lol

Hope Noah is good for you! He felt warm to me this morning??

Debbie said...

I will definitely be looking for this cream. These products the make up people offer are soo expensive! We saw that movie Sat. afternoon too. We loved it as well...really good. And the pizza looks soo good I can almost smell it, haha...Have a good day Kris!

Bethany said...

Haha--the first thing I saw was 'Monistat' and I thought "" Then, of course, I finished reading, and thought "Must try."

Linda said...

Your pizza looks SO good! Pizza is my favorite food! I'm gluten free, so it has been a challenge to get good pizza, but I have a good flour blend now!
I'm going to have to try the skin product!

Katie said...

Oh good tip, always looking for a cheaper alternative for the face!! The regular Monistat Cream works for those white blotchy marks that I get on my arms during the summer time too.

That pizza looks delicious!!!!

Sounds like you had a nice & relaxing week off!!

Linda said...

Your pizza looks yummy...we like to make pizza's Don's favorite I think!

NanaNor's said...

Happy Monday Kris, Loved hearing about your weekend and of course reading the product review. BTW, I use the same hair spray you do.
How was Road to Ca.? Your pizza always looks fabulous!
Have a wonderful day.

Pammy Sue said...

This pizza looks amazing! YUM.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Pam said...

I'll have to check out that product.

The pizza looks perfect! Mushroom pizza is my favorite.

Tammy said...

LoL @ Erika! That pizza looks amazing!!!!!

Liz said...

I am drolling over here and just ordered PIZZA, because of your post. YUMMERS!! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

Jennifer said...

A facial AND a neck massage! And aren't you the girlie that just spent a day at the spa!! You're killin' me!!

I still am a bit skeptical with the chafing lotion as primer - but I am more than willing to give it a try:) I'll let you know how hard it is to find....

And, yes, I work at our local Hallmark store. I was looking for something to fill my extra hours - as I adjusted to this whole empty nest idea - and it supports my HomeGoods habit:) I have been surprised just how much I enjoy it - not only where I work and my co-workers but also the "routine" part that I seem to thrive on.

Always love all your updates - and glad Mr. G is home!!

Genn said...

Monistat for your face huh? Sounds like a good trick!

That pizza looks so good.
Good to hear that movie was good. We'll have to add it to our netflix.

Queen of...Whatever said...

pizza looks deeeelish. I prob. will try the cream...why not.
My sis told me once awhile back about Preparation H for puffiness in the face ...havent tried it yet.