Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Bloomies

 Oh my gosh, it's Wednesday already!  Where is this week going?  I have been busy making more Bloomie's and other things with the intention of opening up an Etsy Shop.  I am still investigating the Etsy thing.  I will only have a few things to open shop with at first.  Right now I am working on having enough pins in a variety of colors.  I have added these colors.
The olive green, or Martini, as I am calling it, and the deep pink, is a ribbed knit fabric.  Very different, and I love it.

The colors I have in the works are yummy.  I hope to have my Etsy Shop up and running by the weekend or first of next week. 
In other news this week, I received this fun package the other day from Karen over at
Little Pieces of My Life  I won a blog giveaway that I had completely forgotten about!  It was for her handmade pin keeps.  Here I am peeking inside the box, which clearly held more than just the pin keep.
She included several cookbooks, and a package of darling notecards, and some recipe cards too.  It's almost as if she KNOWS how much I like to cook?  The pin keep went straight to my sewing table to get to work.
Speaking of cooking.  I have been chasing down this new book/magazine for weeks.  It is the premier issue of Where Women Cook.  I also love their other periodical, Where Women Create.  I finally found this premier issue the other day, and it did not disappoint!
Ree Drummond, AKA The Pioneer Woman is featured on the cover, and there is a fantastic article inside on her.  I have been enjoying every article. Mom and I going to a cooking class!  I can't wait.  I got her this for Christmas and tucked it into a gift basket of other cooking related things.  I will bring my camera, and if allowed, will snap a few pictures.  I hope it is a good one.  The class is called Pasta Pasta Pasta!  The week I bought the class, Mr. G and I went out to the shop to see it and to see the class kitchen.  It is a state of the art kitchen, equipped with large overhead mirrors for easy viewing to entire audience.  The classroom sits in the back of a beautiful little cooking shop called The Cooking Store in Riverside's Canyon Crest area.  I took home a calendar of classes, and I plan on attending a lot more.  The shop carries high end cooking tools like Viking and Le Creuset, with a very good variety.  So I will let you know tomorrow if it was a good class or not.  My Mom and I like to take cooking classes together.  We have done lots of them.  It is fun to share this interest in cooking that we both have together.  If I had a bigger and more suitable kitchen, I would do cooking classes out of my home.  But it is not suited for it.  I wish I had Ree's cooking cottage!!!!!
Happy Hump Day friends.  It's a beautiful day out there.  Go enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Mom I want the flowers in every color! I want to go to the thrift store for a cute maybe gray cloth purse and pin a BIG flower on cute! Also I'm going wine tasting this weekend, wearing I believe a gray shirt and skinnies with a scarf....Erika NEED a bloomie to feature on the scarf! Also I want to figure out how to bobby pin them b/c in the hair would be cute too.

Mom why DON'T YOU HAVE AN ETSY shop yet again??? I've bought things on Etsy I love it, you are beyond talented and all tho you aren't looking to SELL and you simply enjoy mkaing things why not have fun and make a buck or two or 3? DO it! "You don't have one? Getone!" Movie??

Kris said...

Erika...I am cracking up!! You may have whichever Bloomie you like for you weekend wine tasting. GET ONE (Toy Story) today when you get home from work. I am going to open a shop. I am working on my inventory now. And I will be doing some with alligator clips so that they can be worn on purses and/or headbands and hats too.

Shann said...

How do I get the Martini Bloomie? Seriously, e-mail me :)

Queen of...Whatever said...

Kris...I like how you are naming your bloomies. I also think you should sell them.
That gifty package was fun.
I wish my Mom would want to take cooking classes with me......sigh..

Bethany said...

I love finding kindred spirits that feel that multiple pin cushions and styles of pins are a strict necessity :)

Diane said...

Good Morning.............
I can't wait for our cooking class tonight. Maybe I need to wear one of those whatchamacallit's.


Kris said...

Shann, I just emailed you. The other "martini" is yours if you want it. I can send it with Erika to work, and I believe you work very near her? Mom...YES..what color are you wearing tonight? Let's go have sushi first...a lite bite to eat, then to class?

Holly said...

The new bloomies are adorable! I'm kinda jealous you're going to a cooking class. I would so enjoy that. Try to take a lot of pics.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I love your bloomies-so chic. I can't wait to hear about your cooking class; hubby and I have done some in the past but now with having a gluten free diet it would be difficult to take a pasta class. Enjoy and I hope you get photos. What a great mother-daughter thing to do.
Hugs today.

Maryrose said...

How fun...I now have to explore the world of etsy. I think the possiblilities are endless with what you can do with your bloomies. So fun....but what about me? I need to buy one too.
Have fun at the cooking class tonight...I wish I were going, it sounds like so much fun.
Have a great day.

Kristi said...

Can I get on the bloomie band wagon? Seriously they are adorable! I'll tell my peeps when you have a shop!! So exciting. And have fun at your cooking class! Don't you already know everything about cooking already???!?! And I just read through the comments. Yes, you should do sushi with your Mom before the class. That sounds delish!

Mrs. G said...

I think I need some of these too.. I agree with Erika.. I was thinking before I even read her comment that they would look so cute as a hair clip.. I am LOVINg the black, and yellow (although not sure if I have enough to wear with it) the creamy colored one, and the martini one.. Can you email the prices?? Do I get a discount for being your daughters bestie?? haha I'm totally kidding (sorta).. My email is Thanks Kris :)

Pammy Sue said...

Love your flower pins, and aren't people nice sending packages like that?

How dumb am I? I had heard of that magazine but I thought it was a book all this time. I'll have to look for it in the right place this time. Duh.

Charlee said...

Going to have to order a pin from you when you are up and running! The cooking class sounds like what I want to do if its good please share I need all the help I can get! (My mom worked 40+ hours a week and so My cooking is what I know and lots of boxed or simple stuff)

Katie said...

Aunt Kristy!!! I normally don't read all of the comments left before I arrive, but I saw Erika's and starting reading! You certainly aren't going to make any money with your Etsy Shop if your going to give away all the product!!! ;) Tell them there is no family discounts ;)

So Happy your going to Open A Shop of your Own, can't wait to see what all wonderful goodies will be displayed.
Any chance I can talk you into making those adorable crochet baby hats with the flowers on the side that all the etsy shops seem to have? I have ordered 2 now & both of them are WAY too small to fit an actually babies head!!!

Have Fun at the Cooking Class, that sounds like a blast!!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

LOL leave it to your kid to steal your profits LOL! Too cute! Seriously though, good luck with your etsy! I hope you are very successful!

Can't wait to read about the cooking class - what fun!!!! Wish I was closer - we could do that together!! Think they have one called cooking with Points?

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wouldn't it be nice to cook with The Pioneer Woman!!? But a cooking class with your mom would super fun, too!

Kris, your pins are adorable! Let me know when you list them or when you have them for sale. I would love to buy one and clip it onto a chain to use as a necklace.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


Nikki said...

Found your blog thru your daughter Genn... I can't wait for you to open your shop! I would love to buy for my daughter to wear on one of her many headbands! You are so talented!!!!!

annielizabeth said...

Oh, hope you had a great time at your class. Your flower pins are so pretty, do set up shop. Loved all the pics showing how they went with different outfits, lovely!

Renee said...

I love your flowers. They are just so cute and so many possibilities of what to do with them.

I got that magazine yesterday. I'm so annoyed at my local bookstore. There magazines are sitting in bins in front of the magazines. I've been there 3 times to find issues I know were do to be put out. At least they finally got the cooking one out.

Ya think I should do their on-line survey and tell them what I think.

Anonymous said...

Kris, I am obsessed with your pins! They are beyond adorable. I saw Erika post about wanting to wear them in her hair... I found a website called that sells alligator clips $5 for 100 clips. I ordered a bunch to make Madelynn bows with. I could put some in a bag and give them to Erika if you would like.

Keep up the hard work for your etsy store, I cannot wait to check it out!