Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Uncle Johnny's SuRprise 60th Birthday Party

Last night we went to my Uncle Johnny's SuRprise Birthday.  It was held at a neat pizza parlor that his step daughter and her husband and family just opened.  It is called Out Of The Park Pizza in Anaheim Hills.  They had a great spot for us, over on the covered patio area, complete with fire ring and heaters to keep warm.  It was  a COLD night in So. Cal!! 

We all gathered an hour or so earlier than he was to arrive.  We got cozy....found some seats.....did some chatting....some beer and wine tasting...some dancing......

Then, Johnny and Sue arrived.  He was completely suRprised!!
Sue had gathered family....(look at Andi's cute little baby bump)
Old high school friends came too!  That  guy with the gray beard, is actually my brother  Mark..but the other two guys are old friends of Johnny's from high school.
Johnny's step daughter, Donna, who is one of the pizza parlor's owners.  She was working hard all night!
This band was Awesome!!  Orphan Annie, from Orange County.
I ran to the ladies room when they cut the cake.  Here is a picture of it though.  Johnny is a huge Dodger's fan.
And he is a big fan of fishing in Mexico.  Looks like it is a blend of those two interests.
During the party, there was a little game of Telephone going on here with my grandson Noah, his Mommy, and my nephew Tim, and sister in law Monica.  It was pretty funny to watch.

I realize that unless you are family reading this, you are bored to tears.  But because I can, here are a couple pictures of my granddaughter cutie pies.....I love this one of Hannah's smile. Claire is blurry though...sorry.
 Little Claire with her "Geeps."

My daughter Gennifer with her cousin Don.  They are only 3 months apart, and have been very close their whole lives.  Don just turned 30 and Gennifer will be 30 in May.
A picture of my girls.  Do you think they look alike?
 How about dress alike?

Now for Johnny's birthday gift.  One of my nephews drove all the way to Laughlin yesterday to get it.  It rode in the back of his truck, in a crate, back to California for the birthday party.  Here they are sneaking it up to the back of the patio where the party was.  That is my baby brother, Tim and my nephew Chad carrying it in.

Oh Johnny....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

Just what he has always wanted....a PEACOCK!!!   Don't ask.
Happy Birthday Uncie John!!!  Good party!!!


Kristi said...

Wow!! That looks like such a great surprise party! I love all of your pictures, your family always looks so happy to be together! I love that! Awesome cake too, it's beautiful! And I really want to ask....what's with the peacock?!? =)

Katie said...

A Peacock??? LoL, too funny! Couple yrs ago he had an Alligator and now a Peacock! Looks like it was a fun party & neat looking cake. How neat that John & Woody were there from HS, bet he was excited~thanks for sharing photos for us to see Kristy!!!

Holly said...

What a fun night! It's nice that your family is so close. Your daughters are so beautiful and no, I don't think they look alike. It was funny to read Gen's blog where she talked about being younger than Don. Glad you had a great time!

Genn said...

First of all, suRprise. I get it. I get it. Now shut up about it.

Second of all, our family is anything but boring, so this post would fall under that same category as well.

Third, you got some good pictures. I love that one of Donna.
Love the one of Don and I too. I stole it off your blog. heehee.

And a peacock, see, anything but BORING.

Also- photog tip- I think you might have been shooting in the no flash mode right? Good, that is nice but if you tried maybe the P mode and bump up your ISO a little bit (or a lot the darker it got) that would have increased your shutter speed so the pics at night with no flash would not be blurry. Or not as blurry. Just something to practice. I don't mean to sound like I know it all. I don't. ;)

Bethany said...

That looks like a good time--I like parties like that. And I spied your bloomie on your daughter :)

Debbie said...

Looks like a fun night! Got some good pics and a peacock???? haha Have a good day Kris!

Anonymous said...

good photos!

Fun night it was!

Maryrose said...

Looks like a fun birthday ... but a peacock?

Clara said...

Looks like a whole lots of fun. Your daughters do look alike and everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves to the max!

annielizabeth said...

What fun! They look so surprised. You've been a busy gal. Glad you take time out to have fun.

When I was in H.Scl. we lived in La Habra Heights (fairly rural like) and our neighbors had Peacocks. I hope he knows that they scream really LOUD. Arcadia, the city next to where my shop is has the Arboretum and they have loads of Peacocks there and they are pretty for sure. Thing is, they leave the park and go into the residential neighborhood and eat the ornamentals from peoples yards and Arcadians are tired of it. They also take their sweet time crossing the road and many a time I've just missed hitting one of 'em on my drive into work.
PS you have a beautiful family!