Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

I watched it.  I loved it.  I cried.  And when I caught my first glimpse of Lady Katherine in her wedding dress, I was shocked.  It was gorgeous.  Beautiful.  Stunning.  Regal.  Simple, yet elegant.  And!!!!  Yes.....Her Royal Highness, Lady Katherine, wore a wedding dress that was very similar to the one I wore, 32 years ago!!!  I had to run into my sewing room, where I keep my wedding dress on a wicker dress form to look at and enjoy every day, to see the resemblance.

Perhaps not quite as grand.  Certainly not the same price tag!  But similar enough to have immediately reminded me of the dress I chose to wear when I married my Prince Charming.
Even my veil, which was simple and tiered, with a small bit of lace trim, was very like Katherine's.
I ADORE these photos of my Darling Dad and me. 
I remember the  moment I put this dress on, I knew it was the one.  It was comfortable.  Fitted, but I could 
move.  I wanted it to be simple, but elegant.  I wore white satin ballet slippers with satin sashing that were criss crossed up my ankle.  So pretty, so comfortable.  
We were married on September 1st, 1979.  It was one of the hottest days of the year. 
I had long hair, and wore it up in a simple bun.  I guess I thought that would be cooler.  I wish I had worn it down.
It was no Westminster Abbey.  No, not at all.  We were married by my next door neighbor, who was the pastor of the Baptist Church in my home town.  We said "I do" then went to a country club for a fantastic party!!!
We danced and ate, and had a wonderful time.  This next picture was taken before the dollar dance, that went on for a very long time as I remember.  And it was HOT!!!  As the second picture reflects.

This picture may have been the only time we sat all day and night.

And off we start our lives.
We gave the crowds a kiss from the balcony....just like Prince William and Princess Katherine.
Well, maybe it was from our Volkswagon Van...I can't quite remember for sure.  But I felt like a princess.  And here we are......almost 32 years later.  We both have a lot less  hair now.  We are a little more "fluffy."  We have wrinkles that show where the smiles have been.  And we still kinda like each other!
Now where do you think Lady Katherine saw my wedding photos, to have her dress made so very much like mine????? 
Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  I would have scanned the pictures for better quality, but our scanner is broke, and even if it weren't, I don't know how to use it!
Have a happy weekend!
Lady Kristin


Holly said...

I just love that you have your dress on display for you to see every single day. You are right, our Dear Kate must have been peeking in through your window. Love the pics and love you.

From the Kitchen said...

Your dress is beautiful. It is like Lady Catherine's which I thought was gorgeous in it's simplicity! I got up early and watched the wedding as well. It was such an uplifting event in all the chaos that we have at the moment. Thanks for sharing your special day!


Debbie said...

Your right, they are very similiar!! Both elegant and classy..simple and yet truly beautiful. You both looked soo happy, and still do. How God has blessed you! LOVED going down memory lane with you. Enjoy your Sat....We are off to see African cats with our grandsons. : )

Lauri said...

I loved her dress too. I hear that within the next month, that is the dress that every bride will be copying. Your dress is beautiful as well. Such happy memories!!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

What a fun walk down your memory lane. Your dress is lovely and it is very similar to Kate's. I watched the wedding too and got teary romantic. :-)

annielizabeth said...

Aw, thanks for sharing! What a lovely bride and groom you guys were (ahem, and still are!) My first marriage was in July, 1980, a hot day, too! My dress was long sleeved, lace-y and similar to yours esp. at the neckline where it went up a bit towards the back of the neck. My daughter wore my dress when she got married but had the neckline altered.

The royal wedding was pretty and the best part is that they've really known each other for years and and it sure seems they are in love. It wasn't arranged just for offspring to rule in future years and THAT is really good for all the British people.

Hope you are enjoying our pretty day!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Awww so sweet Kris! What a pretty pretty dress you wore!! Timless too and that is why Katherine's was so appropriate 32 years later!

How cool you live near Lura!! I hope you do meet and you can give her a hug for me as well! That would be something... my two favorite CA bloggers meeting up. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking of that!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! Hugs!!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful gal you are! Congrats on the 30+ years you all!
Love that you shared your wedding with us all, what a special,special day! I had to laugh at, and "we still kinda like each other!" We are so much alike girl!
Have a wonderful week-end!

Pammy Sue said...

Enjoyed the pics! Such sweetness.

Genn said...

Aww cute post Mom.
Your dress was quite similar to Katherine's.
I wish I recorded the wedding!!
I did see the kisses on the balcony though.

I want to be a princess...

Gloria said...

absolutely beauty pictures!! and your dress is amazing, exactly like I love wedding dresses! blessings, gloria

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Kristin,
I think it is so nice that you have your dress on display where you can see it often and enjoy the memories of that special day in your lives 32 years ago.

I agree with you... Princess Kate surely must have seen your pictures and patterned her dress after yours. As a matter of fact, I like your lacy neck line better than hers.... and your viel too... but shhhh... told tell her I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.

I love all of the pictures you have shared with us in this post. What a beautiful bride you were... what a lovely wedding. The nicest thing is that you took your vows seriously and are still married 32 years later. That is an accomplishment in this day and age when so many couples give up and separate when the goin gets rough as it does at one time or another in almost every marriage.

John and I will be celebrating our 46th anniversary this July. I was so afraid that I had lost him when he was unconscious and bleeding so badly after the accident. I am so thankful that he is still with me. Both John and I realize more than ever how silly it is to waste time being upset over little things that annoy us. Life is too fragile to take each other for granted. We loved and appreciated each other before the accident.... that feeling is even stronger now.

Have a blessed week. And thanks again for your prayers and support. They mean a lot to me.

vikki said...

Isn't a trip down memory lane one of the best trips? ...Thanks for taking me along. :)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Kris,
I have a new goal I am making if it is OK with you. I would like to make the goal of being able to drive over to your home and meet you in "real" life and see that beautiful dress in person. I want my ribs to get healed enough that I can drive and visit you. Do you mind if I make that a goal?

Meanwhile, while I am not so patiently waiting for these pesty ribs to cooperate with me, maybe you could drop by my home. I would so love to meet you. Hugs, Lura

deb said... kidding!!!! what a fun guys havent changed a bit!!!!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I loved seeing your wedding photos and your dress was gorgeous but you looked so beautiful. I had to smile cause my sweetie wore a white tux too-kind of like John Travolta(Saturday Night Fever was big then). You looked so happy. It is incredible that here we are married 30 plus years to the same wonderful men....we are blessed.
Hugs, Noreen

Erika said...

ah i love this! I even told Gma at dinner Friday night the first thing i thought of when I saw gorgeous Kate in her dress was it resembled yours!

Cheryl said...

Your dress is so pretty..I think you are right. That's where the inspiration came from. So wonderful seeing your wedding beautiful each and every one.

Kerri said...

I can't believe how much your dress looks like Kate's! You both have great taste! You were a gorgeous bride! I LOVE the kiss from you volkswagon van...I remember those funky vans!! Such a cute post Kris!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Oh Kris, you were a beautiful bride, and I LOVE your dress. Mine was simple and elegant too. Thanks for sharing, you are right very similar!

Linda said...

Wonderful memories...and yes...her dress was quite like yours...mine too...except mine had a higher collar. I love your kiss in the van...err...balcony!

Nicolle said...

Scrolled back through to find this post about your wedding dress. Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous, and it does look a lot like Kate's! I LOVED looking at all of your wedding photos. Beautiful then, beautiful today. :))