Saturday, April 9, 2011


We are having some crazy weather here in So. Cal!  Usually we are quite warm and sunny by now.  We did have a few very summer like days. But those gave way to cold, wind and rain! And last night we had thunder, hail, lightening, and lots of rain!  But this morning, it is GLORIOUS outside.  I walked out very early to get the paper, and ran (limped) back in to get my camera.  These don't do justice to just how beautiful it is.  Only a short walking distance behind us, are our little mountains with what looks like a sprinkling of powdered sugar!  We hike  in these mountains.
 Spring, however, is popping up all around my house in other ways.  Flats of wheat grass make such a cute display for eggs and bunnies.  I am seeing this lined up the center of our Easter table.
My roses are in full bloom. Oh how I love this time of year!! 
This tray is sitting on my coffee table in the family room.  I am really into trays lately.  I love to have them all over for things.  I will show you some more.  But in this one, right now, I have a sweet jug that my daughter Gennifer gave me, full of roses.   And the photo is of me and Mr. G, with my oldest brother David and his wife Glenda, when we were in Maui a couple of summers ago.  Then under the dome is a branch with a hummingbird nest from my grove.  I found the nest while picking lemons one day, and monitored it from day one.  I took a photo journal of Mama Hummer, with her baby, and continued from hatchling to first flight. One of the eggs did not hatch however, and after Mama and baby left the nest, I clipped the branch and saved it, egg and all.  I love it.  Also is a vintage picture of two bluebirds, with real feathers on the birds.  And another nest from the grove.
Here is another tray in my laundry room.
I saw this on someone's blog, from a linky party.  I loved this idea.  I had the big glass jars.  They are from WalMart, and quite cheap.  So I used two of my Groupon chalk labels and layered a vintage hand made pillow slip that I bought a while back.  This was made with a flour sak, and is machine appliqued with vibrant sunflowers.  Finally, I knew just how to use it.  I have two, and they are very large King size slips.  I was thinking about making pillow slip sundresses for my granddaughters with them.  And still may.
Another tray holds my coffee pot and canister of coffee beans.
Look at this sad little doggin'!  He is missing his Daddy!!  Mr. G is off on his twice a year fishing trip with his softball team.  But my bodyguard his here in the house to keep me safe, and so is our Doggin'! 
Some Spring around the house.  I made this fabric carrot.  They are quick and easy.   What's up Doc?
And around the patio.
I made this mat/rug a couple Springs ago.  I found this bird fabric and loved it.  I love birds.  I set out houses for all of them, and feed them. I have several nesting bluebird boxes, and have monitored several clutches of theirs.  And my most favorite birds of all, the Orioles...are BACK!!  I am trying to get a good photo of them from my kitchen window where they feed from a nectar station just inches away from me.  I got this trio of pots at a thrift for 1 dollar.  I put primrose in them, and they match my patio set perfectly.
I loved how painting Gennifer's "Natural Wood Grain Plastic Adirondak Chairs" turned out by painting them a happy bright yellow, so much that I decided to do the same to my plastic wicker settee.  LOVE!!!!  It is out at my garden waiting for a new cushion and pillow.
I have only planted about half of my garden so far.  I will wait til there is no risk of frost left before planting from seed.  Next weekend we are adding two more raised beds out there too.  This is certainly not the prettiest spot on our property for a garden, but with all of our trees, it has turned out to be the sunniest, and therefore, the best spot to plant.  When it is really growing nicely, it is so pretty out there, and I love to sit and water in the evenings in this space.  And now I can sit in my sunny yellow chair!  I need to find my straw hat to put on it...that would be pretty!!!  OH I am seeing a photo OP coming my way.
This morning was so cold!  The bucket in my garden had rain water in it, and it was frozen.
The rooftops were all iced.
Brrrrrrr.  I was up so early to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was dreading it, since I missed it last week while in Vegas.  And I have been celebrating my birthday for weeks with dinners and lunches out!!!  But I have been careful too.  I knew I would be suffering my very first gain at the scales.  But it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be.  I was up .4 .  So, less than a 1/2 a pound.  Not too upset about that.  I had some gooooood meals and enjoyed every bite!!!!
This next picture...just because, is my littlest Neschitchel.....Claire.  I had all three of the kiddos for a bit the other day, and they had a ball.  She thought this big dump truck was a perfect seat for her!  Oh that Claire!!!
This is a nifty thing my daughter Erika got for me for my birthday.  It is a Bodum pitcher for iced tea.  It has a fine mesh  filter for the loose leaf if your prefer, or bags.  It is meant for cold brewing.  She also got me some yummy Mango tea, which is what is in there now.
And also this Jamaica Me Crazy coffee K cups for our Keurig.  LOVE the Keurig.  Even though I brew coffee every morning, we use this all the time too.  For tea, coffee, hot chocolate.  When you just want a cuppa.
So, I guess this concludes my ever so random post for today.  I need to go prepare for my friend Jae to arrive.  Her hubby Tom is camping with Mr. G, and we have had this QUILTING EXTRAVAGANZA ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHTER planned forEVER!!!   Pictures of that tomorrow!
Have a beautiful day!


From the Kitchen said...

Thanks for having me over. I had a great time. And, the cold doesn't bother me--we still have it here.


Kristi said...

Everything is looking so nice and pretty! Love what you did with your wicker furniture, the yellow is so happy! Let us know if you find any pillows in your search. I'm looking for my front porch!!

I can't believe how cold it is! Tim and I went to bed rather early last night and I couldn't believe that I was being startled by thunder! Crazy stuff!

deb said...

I LOVE my Keurig too....did u know you can get the k cups at Costco much cheaper!!!!
Love your spring touches and LOVE the yellow settee!!!!
Im anxious to see what else you plant in your garden!!!

Sunny Simple Life said...

So going to steal your laundry jar idea. I have those labels too and I just have been wanting to use them in the laundry room or kitchen. I love what you did with them.

Bethany said...

Hmmm...wondering how much shipping will cost....for when you send that lovely bit of yellow wicker to me :)

Rachel said...

Love the yellow settee! So cheerful and springy. We are still a bit chilly over here, so I'm slightly envious of the brilliant colors in your pics.

Have a great Saturday!

Rachel said...

Hi your newest follower from Southern California too...Don't see to many from California so thrilled to find you. Yes it is cold I am so hoping for some sun soon. My poor plants are taking it so well. I was debating about planting a bit of veggies but thinking wait til it warms up. I loved your blog stop by and visit us...Got a bunny giveaway going on
Sincerely Rachel

Cindy said...

Goy cold on AZ today also. Lovinf the trays!!

Lauri said...

I woke up to rain this morning over here...I'm loving it! I can't believe there is snow in the foothills. CRAZY! Your touches of spring and Easter are darling. I need to go plant me some wheat grass. I forgot about it this year. Thanks for the reminder.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Love the bright yellow on the furniture. So cheery. I want to come to the quilting party. I love to quilt, but hardly have the time.
Everything looks so Spring-y. Take care:)

Holly said...

Something is wrong. You aren't appearing on my blogroll until the the day after you post. This is terrible because I need to know what is going on in your life immediately. I'm like that. Everything looks gorgeous in and out of your home. I'm a tray girl too. They hold remotes, magazines, my coffee pot, Jewelry. The yellow wicker looks amazing. I'm been thinking about painting my wicker patio furniture either robins egg blue or turquoise. Love me some color.

vikki said...

I was blob hopping and saw the name of your blog and just had to stop by..I think your blog is the things you have around your house. Since when has Southern Indiana been warmer than Southern California? Have an awesome week..