Thursday, May 5, 2011

From Chair To Planter

I had gotten this cute little chair for 5 dollars at my favorite thrift several months ago.  It was very old, and in perfect condition.  That is, until my son moved back home, and took to sitting on it.  This tiny chair with the cane seat, was not meant to be sat in by my 6'5", 215 pound son.
So, I tore out the cane seat.  Painted it a pretty aqua.  And now....I.....LOVE......IT!!!
However, this is not how I am planting it.  I want to put a much more shallow pot in the seat, filled with yellow flowers.  Maybe daisies.  Maybe something else. 
I was also considering painting it a pretty green.  But I wound up with this aqua.  Wait til you see what I did with this.
Snacker is doing better and better!  Thank you, to all of you.....for your kind words and yes, even prayers for a chicken!!!


Pink Stitches said...

Beautiful!!! Love love love the aqua! Great job and awesome idea!

Holly said...

We have sister chairs! Yours is the exact color I was going to paint mine, before she became yellow. I love yours! I have a little metal table outside that I'm going to be painting today. I have aqua and green spray paint, not sure which way I'm going. Hugs to Snacker.

~Niki~ said...

oh i just love that plant chair! i purchsed 3 chairs from an estate sale a couple months ago, one bright purple, one teal, and one bright yellow~lovely lovely. have a great day!

Erika said...

what a pretty blue! Very cute!!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Cute job on the chair. I love them as a planter. Need to find me one to use in the yard. I am running out of space for all the crap I keep putting out there.

Genn said...

I love the chair!!
Now I am dying to know what you did with the mail holder!
ANd hooray for super snacker!

deb said...

wow LOVE the that color..ok..I cannot WAIT to see what you do with the mail box!!!!!!

Snackers lookin good..nice and fluffy!!!!

Pam said...

Love, love, love the chair/plant holder... you are so creative!

Yeah Super Snacker - so glad you feel better.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Love, love, LOVE! It’s cute and funky. Now I’m going to be looking for a chair I can turn into a planter. I have just the right place for one!

Kendra :o)

Pam said...

I love that planter! You did a great job! And I am so glad Snacker is much better. It is so cute how you like her and how she has taken to you. Have a great weekend!

Dawnie said...

Love the chair. Very pretty color. I have seen a similar chair painted and distressed, placed in a garden with a pot on seat as you have shown with morning glories planted at feet climbing up and around the chairs legs. Stunning!

Amber said...

Love the chair!

You are seriously a woman after my own heart...painting, sewing farming.... you are awesome!

I thought of you today... my Grandma and Grandpa bought a house in the Amberhill development near your house... you guys are practically neighbors :)