Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is It June Yet?

May in our family is crazy.  I mean CaRAzy!!!    We have had multiple birthdays, Mother's Day, a cruise, a couple weekenders, Mr. G goes to Mexico, end of school year doins' for the grands,  home improvement projects, throw in there chicken farming, and May has been the busiest month on record for us.  For me!  It always irritates me to no end to hear someone say, "I am too busy"  or "when I have time"  or " let's do it after.......dut...da...dut...da...duh..."    You's the thing people..... We ALL have the same 24 hrs in our day.  You, Oprah......Dr.'s, mother's, business owners, folks who work full time, and folks like  me.....a housewife in Corona, who's day begins at sun up and ends when the last dish is washed, and the last light is turned off, to begin it again the next day. If it is important to YOU, you will do it.  If it is a PRIORITY with you, you will find TIME to do it.  If it MATTERS to you, you will make that call, or make that lunch date, or visit that friend..if it is truly a desire of yours to do. Don't say you don't have time.   MAKE time. Time is our most precious gift.  What do you do with your time?  For my job, I get paid in hugs and wet kisses, and wouldn't trade what I have been blessed to do, for anything in the world!  I am greeted every evening by a husband who comes in with a smile, and a kiss, and no matter how hard a day he has had, home is where his heart is.  So, as May comes to an end, and with it, perhaps some slower paced days, and some precious time to enjoy them. I am hoping to get into my sewing room to tackle some of those projects waiting for me.  And finish some of my yarny things I started.  Do some home projects I have been wanting to do.  I realize that some of you may be sick to death of my chicken chatter.  While others are enjoying my adventures with the hens as much as I am.  However, I am pretty certain that my new "girls" will continue to be featured here on my blog regardless.  Let's get to some photos.  Remember my dilemma with the two Rhode Island Reds, and wanting to separate them from the rest of the girls?  I really hated to have to give them away, because they are prolific egg layers, but honestly....they are.....well....bitches.    When the little ears are not around, this is what I lovingly refer to them as.   There, I said it. Hope I didn't offend anyone!  So two days ago, after getting Noah off to school, I got to work.  Using old pieces of wrought iron fencing, a Little Tikes playhouse, some chicken wire, a staple gun, and a whole mess of zip ties (man I love those things!), I made a second coop, that extends straight off of the existing one, but is completely separate. Here are the little "B's" looking through the shutters...saying..."what the heck?"
Here they are about to walk into their new home.
 I added chicken wire to all the windows and to the front door.  I placed an old rush ladder back chair inside for their roost at night.  And a box for laying eggs in.

You don't need to buy an 18 dollar nesting box from the feed store.  Any sturdy box, roughly the size of a hen to settle down into, is perfectly adequate for laying eggs.  And up to 5 hens will share one box.  This little house is large enough for up to 4 hens to safely roost in at night.  However, they will need a larger space to roam during the day.   This is called  " A Run."  You can also allow them to free range, but they have to have a safe place at night to keep them from predators.   Interestingly enough, when they are all free ranging, they do not bother Snacker at all.  It was only when in the coop together.  Here is a picture taken from outside the run and coops.
 When Greg got home and saw what I had done, he laughed and said, " You ARE your father's daughter!"  I had to smile at that.  My Dad would have loved to go on this chicken adventure with me, I think.
I need to get some shade cloth to hang over the top, since the run is in sunshine for a good part of the day.  For now, I have an old vinyl Xmas tablecloth hung over one end for more shade.   This turned out to be the perfect solution to my problem.  Everyone is happy.  I even got two eggs yesterday from them.
 Now Snacker is happy, and the three almost teenager girls are happy in their new  home.
 Snacker prefers to be wherever I am in the yard.  Sometimes she sneaks into my flowers, and thinks I can't see her!
Here are the newest three I have.  I took this from the patio, looking into my sewing room.
My garden is looking lush and growing quickly now.  
The corn is getting tall!
 I still have some space in this box to plant some new seeds.  I will probably do that this weekend.  The zucchini have gotten so big that I have had to remove several of their gigantic leaves to prevent them from shading other plants in my garden!
 I love to work in the yard.  But my yards are not manicured and perfect.  In fact, far from it!  I plant what I like, where I like it.  I have grass that is more weeds than grass.  Our grove is always in dire need of trimming something, weeding, or some other such chore.  But I love the little nooks and niches that are carved out here and there.  I have even come to terms with the fact that,even though we  have a guy who comes once a week to mow and edge, I will never be able to stay completely on top of it all.  Mr. G does not share my love of yard work.  He keeps the grove weeds under control, but I do the rest.  I always joke with him and say if he shared my love of working in the yard, it would be a show place.  Well, okay, maybe not a show place, but a place I would love to show!

Last night, we went to dinner at a new place in town called Luna for Erika's 
birthday.  It was SO good!  Kind of dimey...but delicious!  Here is what I had.  It was smokey grilled shrimp over a bed of pasta with a Tex- Mex flair.  Oh so yummy!!
When I got home, I discovered that SOMEBODY was a very naughty boy!!!!!   AGAIN!!!!! 
Ducey has taken to using any and all screen doors as  his own personal doggy door!  He discovered that if  he charges the closed screen, full speed ahead, it magically pops out of the seams just enough for him to slip on through it.  And after he has finished romping in the mud puddles I have left by the gardens and chicken coops, he can sneak back inside, through the same said screen, and hope no one will notice.  
Not this time Bucko!!!  That filthy beard, and dried mud crusted in your paws was a dead giveaway.  Along with the screen that lay flapping in the breeze!!!!  
He seems to be VERY curious about who has taken up residence out back.  And he will stop at nothing to sneak out there and visit!  We are getting screen guards FOR SURE this weekend!!!!!  
Well, that's a wrap for today.  Go out and make it a great day.  And MAKE time to do something  you have been wanting to do.


The Garden Bell said...

What a fab posting. I love looking around your fun, colorful, well loved garden. Just look at everything growing big and strong. Please send some warmth and sun to the midwest, we need it.

Bethany said...

Screen guards? What are those? We need some of those. My dog is constantly scratching to get out at the world and the screen is pretty beat up now - he hasn't figured out plowing through it yet, though that can't be far behind.

Holly said...

Probably my favorite post yet! You are absolutely right about making time for yourself and others. So important. Time just goes by too fast. I never get tired of the chicken posts. Keep them coming. I'm glad Snacker will no longer be bullied by the Bitches. Love the yard, the garden and your flowers. Can't wait to see it in person.

Lauri said...

I love your philosophy on time management. How true! We always seem to have time for what we want to do.

Your garden, yard, and chicken coop is intriguing. I want to come and prop my feet up in your backyard some afternoon.

Reality Jayne said...

Kris....That house is the perfect idea....I want to get some chickens , but the big fancy coops cost like 1000.00 or more ...This is perfect and you could even get one at a garage sale for cheap...Thanks for the tip...
PS i like your scruff muffin dog...he is a cutey

Whosyergurl said...

Oh, Kris, if you and I could sit and talk we would NEVER get anything done! :-)
I absolutely agree with you about making time! No EXCUSES!
I love your make-do hen houses! I have two rhode islands, too. they are with the rest for now. Six weeks old. I am concerned for when they get a bit older. yikes. we shall see.
Your dinner looks DELISH!
xo, Cheryl

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I am not sick of the chicken chat, so carry on. LOL I love your building ability so cleaver. Your garden is looking grand. I am using raised bed this year also (post on Sunday) everything looks great. Keep the posts coming I so enjoy them. Have a great week:)

Debbie said...

Kris you are SUCH a busy lady and I love how you take advantage of every single moment. It is inspiring. Your right, sometimes you just have to MAKE time and I have found it is just as important to MANAGE time. It is funny how much time can truly be wasted. I love your chicken stories and your imagination to keep things running smoothly. I truly wish I had your love for yard work, gardening, etc. But I just don't. I want it to LOOK like I do, haha, but can't seem to be disciplined about it. Well, my sewing break is about over...need to get busy. Have a wonderful day!

deb said...

You are so right Kris...we make time for what we want to make time for!!! Like you im trying to get some unfinished stuff done...
Love all the chicken news..never get tired of that!!!
Hopefully this summer we will make time for some glen ivy!!!

Genn said...

LOVE what you wrote about time management Mom.
Amen to that! If it is important to you, you make the time. I hate when people say "I dont have time for..." either!!

Wow, your garden makes mine look puny.
I got your message about the compost bins at sams. I will go take a look soon. I hope they still have that red rug too!!!

Linda said...

Haha! That's funny about your might not think so...when our cats were young...we noticed that our female had taken to knocking a hole in a screen in the back a window we usually kept open...we don't think we noticed for quite a while that she had done that!

On a different note...have you had trouble leaving comments...I have and so many people have e-mailed me and said they can't either.

Have a great day!

bellini said...

Everything is coming along. Have an enjoyable long weekend!

Melissa said...

This post made me giggle! You are so dang resourceful, I love it! A little tikes coop, never would of thought! and a pack and play for a brooder! You are awesome!!! I am thinking of my next move for the girls, I am not ready to part with them and put them outside quite yet but they seem to be ready for a little more space sometime soon. Any ideas!??
Your little doggie is so cute too, what kind? a wheaton?

Linda said...

Such a fun post, Kris! Love your big coop and the chickens look very happy! I have garden shady here that it's hard to grow much- your header photo is beautiful! I enjoyed the story of your naughty, but obviously very smart, dog!!

Pam said...

You sure have been a busy lady. The new coops looks great - keep those B's at bay! I am glad Snacker is doing better too.

I love that last photo of Duecy... guilty but happy.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kris!

My goodness, girl, you truly ahve been busy! I have always wanted maternal grandmother kept chickens at her hoe in Pennsylvania and I loved to collect the eggs. Unfortunately my backyard is jst too small to allow me to have them. Maybe, someday! I'm sure thye are lots of work but worth it. Your graden si well along too! We had rain almost all of May so I am behind in that.

Duscey's "innocent" face and pose made me laugh! He sounds like a smart dog!

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

Hugs, Pat

Sharon said...

I am sure your dad is watching you with a big smile on his face. And laughing at you with all of your new babies.
Love the chair in the little house. Is that where they lay their eggs?? And the chicken wire, great touch. I hope it doesn't get too hot there in the summer for them. I guess they have shade where you have them. I remember those hot as hell days. Real scorchers.

Kerri said...

LOVE what you said about time and if it matters to you...then you will make time. We all have the same amount of time each's how we choose to use it. Love it.

I love your yard and all the nooks in it. Your flowers and garden look awesome. Love how you used the playhouse for the looks so cute!

And, your dinner looks delish!!