Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Already?

Well, it's summer!  Not summer hot, but summer lazy.  I have let Noah lounge in his jammies late into the day all week.  But today, we were up and at em' fairly early to go to the library.  I used to take my children to the library ALL the time.  They all loved to go and check out books.  I have always loved to go to the library.  Our library has a fantastic used book store too.  I have bought many books there over the years.  And donated my fair share also.  But first we went to the kids area to look for Choo Choo Train books for Noah.  We found several of those, and several others.  Then, once he had some things to look at, he went with me to the used book store for my search.  I never leave this place empty handed.  And today did not disappoint.  I got a gorgeous book on garden style porches.  The photos were just beautiful.  I will look at it again and again, I am sure.   After a quick drive thru at our favorite place for Mexican food, we ate our lunch outside on the back patio, then moved to our new cozy spot underneath the big umbrella in comfy seats.  It was a wee bit chilly in the shade, so Noah got comfy underneath a blanket, and got busy with his new books, and I, with mine. (I do not wear my Crocs out and about, mind you, but these are at every door, and I slip them on to go outside, and I LOVE them!)
 This book had picture after picture like this, that made my heart skip a beat!! 
And like this one.....Oh how I want a suspended bed to float on in the cool evenings of summer. 
This is just dreamy to me!!  I do have my eye on a hammock that I want to put on the covered patio, and make it up with a nice cozy quilt and pillow.  Maybe if I do, I will actually use it!!!  Everyone says I never sit, let alone lay down!!!  But I think I would if I had a dreamy place like that to snooze!
A couple of the books we got for Noah were about chickens.  This one was particularly cute. 
This is another one of the used books I bought.  This has the most charming stories in it.  It is a collection of stories from days on the farm of yesteryear.  The first one I read was about Mama's chickens.  Each story is only two pages.  I am going to really enjoy this book!!!

You can see I paid a fortune for these treasures too.  Their prices are fantastic!  They have a superb selection too.  And they always run a special deal where they reduce a select subject or genre to 50% off.  So often times, I purchase my books for 50 cents a piece there.  Can't beat THAT with a stick now can you?  Lastly, from the used book store, I purchased this book on sewing for the home, called Fabrications.  I think that one set me back 2.50, but it was worth it!
And sitting there behind that book is one I checked out for me to read.  Anne Of Green Gables. I have read so many wonderful books as a kid, that I remember vividly to this day.  Little Women.  Box Car Children, All of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.  I loved these classics!  But I have not read Anne Of Green Gables.  The story of the fiery red headed little girl, who comes from an orphanage by mistake to live with her new adopted parents, a brother and sister, who were actually adopting a boy to help them on the farm in beautiful Avonlea, Canada.  My sweet friend Kate, from The Garden Bell, who's blog takes me to a beautiful place each time I visit, with her unbelievable photography skills, her lush garden, and colorful crochet loveliness, has spoken of her love of this series, as well the DVD collection.  I had made up my mind to make this a summer read!  Kate also suggested that I try to find the DVD's at my local library, as she did.  So today while I was there, I put a reserve on them.  They had just this morning been borrowed!!  So I also checked out volume one of the series to read.  I am enchanted already!  Though this is considered a young adult collection, I sat there reading it, thinking had I read it as a young adult, I would have neither understood the text, nor appreciated the beautiful way it was written.  I can't wait to devour more of it!  So Noah and I sat underneath the shade of the big umbrella, on comfy cushions, reading away.  It was delightful.   Even though I could have stayed there all afternoon, this was not to be for a rambunctious 4 year old.  "Let's Play GAMMA!"  So off we went to the grove, to share a snack of chocolates underneath the big avocado tree that is everyone's favorite.
I said, " Don't put too many of those in your mouth now Noah" and he did!
I said, "save some for me" and he didn't!
A while ago, I bought this great heavy duty wooden stool on casters at my little furniture place I love.  I paid 4 dollars I think.  Anyway, I removed the seat and cushion and redid it, painting it black and covering it in an antique quilt piece I had.  Well, I never liked the result.  The quilt was too worn, and it just didn't do anything for me.  I wound up using that seat in my bathroom at the vanity, and the colors were all wrong for that room too.  Since bungling up my knee I usually sit to blow dry my hair now and it is the perfect seat for that, and for putting my make up on.  I recovered it last night in the same Liz Claiborne fabric that covers the bench at the end of our bed.  MUCH better!
I love baskets!  I use them for everything!  I especially love the heavy duty and unusually shaped ones. I found this tall basket with a lid at my little vintage shop I go to recently.  I stuck it in my sewing room, where I put things I don't know where I will use yet, and then yesterday when I was stashing all of the half eaten loaves of breads and english muffins, it hit me!!!
I will undoubtedly be redoing this sign.  I just quickly scribbled this and tied it with twine to my basket handles.  I buy these wooden signs in all different shapes at the dollar tree for..well, a dollar, and I paint them with chalkboard paint.  I use them when having a buffet to identify different foods.  I hang them with pretty ribbons to the big jugs I use for tea and and other drinks.  I made some in heart shapes one Valentine's Day and wrote my message in chalk and hung them on the front doors where my kids lived.  They are fun to use.  I buy the liquid chalkboard paints from Michael's with a 40% off coupons for my chalkboards.  Great colors!!
My favorite neighbors, Carl & Sue who live across from me have been going through a rough spell with health issues and difficult surgeries for both of them.  They had recently both had surgery, and as soon as they got the ok from their doctors, they went to their other home in Sun City Arizona for a few weeks to recuperate and just returned the other day to a water leak in their house.  Turns out it was the fridge, and it buckled the beautiful wood floor in their dining room.  And ruined their kitchen cabinets too!  So they are getting the leak fixed, and new floors, and new kitchen cabinets, and counter tops!! Their house is a MESS!!!  Their homeowners is covering the whole thing.  GOSH I wish my fridge would leak!!!!  Anyway, I was over today to see the mess, and Carl, tough ex marine, and big burly guy that he is, has always been the one to do all the cooking and sewing in their home.  He made all the kids Halloween costumes, and did cushions for his boats, and all sorts of things.  A while ago he had asked me if I, or anyone I knew would be interested in his Serger.  I have never used one before.  I told him I didn't know if I would use it.  Or even if I could figure out HOW to use it.
I told him I would play with it and see if I liked it.  Then if I do, maybe I would buy it from him.  He made me take it home to play with it and see.  I have never been a garment maker really.  I have made a few simple things, but my sewing is quilting, and for the home.  What do you think sewers?  Would I even USE a serger?  Maybe this weekend sometime I will play with it and see if I can even figure out how to thread the darn thing.
I am SO enjoying this coolish, but sunny and breezy beginning to summer!  In fact, as I sit here in the living room chair by the big picture window, the breeze keeps puffing up my window sheers, and with it, a burst of the sweetest aroma ever.  My gardenias that are in full bloom in the planter that sits right outside this window!  Does a scent ever take you back in time to a particular place?  A certain day?  A time of year?  Gardenias will forever remind me of the summer of my 16th year, when I was a waitress at a little place in my home town, and I had a lot of regulars who came in and requested my station.  This couple, I will never forget them, used to bring me big fragrant bags of dewy gardenias, freshly clipped from their garden.  I usually wore one on my uniform, and we put some in water there at the front of the restaurant.  And I brought the rest home to enjoy and share with my family.  Oh how I love that smell.  It always makes me feel 16 again!
G'night friends.  See you soon with a couple of new blog shout outs, that I have been enjoying ever so much!


The Garden Bell said...

See, I knew it was going to be a popular DVD this summer. Glad to hear you are on reserve. But, with such lovely weather outside there, it will be tough to come in.

Oh, please do let me know how that serger goes. I got one from my Mom a few years back that has yet to come out of the box. I really need to go take a lesson some where. That's the question WHERE?

Looks like another lovely fun laugh filled day with the kids.

Lauri said...

You're such a fun grandma. what fun memories they are all making with you!

Hmmm, the serger...I just knew I needed one a few years ago so I bought one. I loved it but it hasn't worked for a few years. I really need to take it in but just don't think about it. I loved the way it finished off my outfits. I also used it to finish off the edges of homemade table cloths and napkins. Threading it is a bit tricky. You REALLY have to know what you're doing.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I am also a library fan. I would hate to pay for all the books I have read. I was so excited when the Serger came up. You will love it. I use mine all the time. The hardest part is the learning curve, but once you master it, it makes things go so much faster and gives you the finished seam. I think threading it is the hardest part, but keep at it and you will pick it up:)

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I am also a library fan. I would hate to pay for all the books I have read. I was so excited when the Serger came up. You will love it. I use mine all the time. The hardest part is the learning curve, but once you master it, it makes things go so much faster and gives you the finished seam. I think threading it is the hardest part, but keep at it and you will pick it up:)

Debbie said...

Good Morning! Soo many thoughts I had while reading this post...hope I don't forget anything, haha. First, no one could be a bigger fan of the library than me! I love it. Haven't been in a few years, but felt like when my kids were growing up we lived there. I don't think my boys liked to admit that they loved it too (but they sure did!) but Mel was as open as I was. We read the entire series of Anne of Green Gables when she was about 12 years old. We'd laid outside by the pool that summer and took turns reading aloud to each other. I never hear about those books without thinking of that time in my life even though I had already read them as a young girl myself. That summer my hubby surprised us by buying the whole series of tapes of it. Oh how we loved those. Watched them over and over. And now I watch them with my granddaughters. Just the perfect entertainment. I know you will enjoy reading those books. As for the serger I think if you did alot of garment sewing you would use it a lot, but I don't know anything about quilting, or really crafty or household sewing so I don't know. I always wanted to get ones YEARS ago, but never did. Now I don't know if I would use it enough. Or if I could figure it out on my own (who am I kidding, I KNOW I couldn't, haha) but if someone GAVE it to me I'd probably try. And finally, yes I too am just loving this weather though it seems a little too over cast this morning. But the coolness just can't be beat. Seems like the rest of the country is boiling. I know our time will come so I am enjoying this. Have a GREAT week-end Kris! OH, I almost forgot (see I knew I would) we had a hammock in the mountains where we had a cabin when I was growing up. HOW I loved that thing. I would sooo love to crawl back into today....GET ONE, you'd never regret it...OK, that's finally it for now... : )

~Niki~ said...

yes, there are tons of classic books i've never read, but want to. looks like a great start to summer you got there girl! so relaxing! our library has been our best friend so far this year. the kid always do the summer reading program~this year is no different. TGIF~have a great day!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, so much to say. These days are the best and I'm so very jealous of your cozy little space for reading and relaxing. I have a feeling you will have that outdoor hanging bed soon. Can you have it ready for me by September when I get there? Great score on the books. The gardening one would be so much fun to have. Noah looks so precious, sorry he didn't share the chocolate, can't say I blame him though. Love the new cover on the stool, the fabric is perfect against the black legs. Wish I knew your friends were here in Sun City, less than a mile from me! I would have loved to have met them. Anyway, did you notice that we bloggers are all friendless again? What the heckers is going on?

Genn said...

What is Holly talking about friendless bloggers???
Cute post. Love the library too. Hannah just got her first card.
Love that hanging bed too. I'm sure you could create that somehow right?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I LOVE this entire post!!! First of all Noah is SO lucky to have his Gamma be his care taker monday-friday & so am I!

I love these photos of Noah they are SO cute. I didn't know you could purchase books I always thought you could only rent them out.

I should have given you Noah's library card I'll leave it with you :)

Sunny Simple Life said...

I always look forward to your posts. ALways a little story. I love hearing about your days. Sounds like you had a good one.

Tammy said...

What a lucky little boy! He has a great grandma!!! Reading was always my fav in the summer. And I want that bed!!! Awesome!! Honeysuckle always does that to me. Memories.... =)

Bethany said...

That is a perfect summer day - library, shady lounging with books...yum. Did you ever see Reminisce magazine? It comes out every other month, and then they have Reminisce Extra in the other months. It is packed full of nostalgia. I have had a subscription since I was a teenager (I know, I know - but I have an old soul and I adore this magazine). I think they're who published the farm tales book you have up there....
I had to take a minute after you said you never read Anne of Green Gables. I loved that book so much I bought the whole series. Each one is so delightful :)

deb said...

Great post!!!! I too go to our library and LOVE the used book section....matter of fact I have 4 piano books checked out now....lololol...when they built the new racnho library they did a fund raiser, you could buy a brick paver and have something engraved on it....and its on the walk way to the library at Victoria Gardens...hubby got me one for Valentines Day.
I want a serger!!!!!!! so much faster!!!!!!
I also want a hammock but no you get one and I will come over and lounge on it for you!!!
that farm book........SWOON!!!!!

Linda said...

I go to the library all the's always been one of my favorite places. I used to bring the boys there once or even twice a week during the summer. My next door neighbor got a surger and she loves it...she makes all kinds of things now!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Remember how you said you weren't getting updates from blogger, well today is the first day in quite awhile that I've gotten one on you-so weird. Loved reading this, seeing Noah and looking at your books. I now go to garage sales every Friday and get books for .25-.50cents. Loved seeing the fabric on your stool-very chic. Have a wonderful weekend and now I'm going to read your past posts that I didn't get.
Hugs, Noreen

Kerri said...

WHat a cute picture of Noah reading the chicken book...and the last one of him is so cute too!

I liked your seat cushion the first time you covered it...and like it even more this time around. It looks great!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I can't wait until Lili is a bit older to go to the library! My kids and I spent many a happy hour there too!

That book looks wonderful... I'll take one of those beds and the porch too!!

Thanks so much for stopping by...glad you got some yummy weather!!! Lots of hugs!!

Melissa said...

Good golly miss molly! I love the idea of that suspended bed too! How cool that would be to have! and the books, oh my! I do need to check into our library to see when they or if they have sales like that! Goodness, you can't go wrong stopping in on those days! oh and do share whether you broke into that surger this week-end! I would love to know!
Hope you are enjoying some great summer weather!

Sara said...

I want a suspended bed too! That is so cool. Your little guy is super cute! Wishing you a happy week Kris. :)

A Quilter Awakens said...

Jasmine reminds me of nursing my youngest son while rocking on the front porch of my first home in Georgia. Floral memories are the best. Karmen