Friday, July 22, 2011

Grocery Prices Are Through The Roof!!!

I don't know about you, but my grocery bill has gotten way too high lately.  Grocery prices have escalated so much in the past few months, that I find myself really shopping for the good deals.  I have always clipped coupons, and shopped pretty carefully.  But I usually stuck to one favorite market.  Now I shop all over and get things here and there.  I do watch the ads and try to match up coupons with those in store deals.  This weeks Stater Bros. circular listed Kellogg's cereal for the lowest price I have seen it in ages.  1.49 a box, as long as you buy 6.  With a 12 box maximum purchase.  Other Kellogg's products were done the same way.  Buy 6 and get a great price.  Eggo waffles and pancakes, nutri grain bars and fun fruits were all part of the deal.  So I did a stock up today.
You can also use printed coupons or newspaper coupons in addition to their ad price.  Which I did.  Making these items even cheaper.  So if you are near a Stater Bros., go stock up on cereal!
I have been letting my pullets out to free range every evening while I water the garden lately.  They are in hog, or should I say, hen heaven! 
That is the six little ones there, with ol Hare Lip Lucy rushing over to see what they are doing rooting around in her favorite worm spot.  Ethel was under her own tree somewhere, gobbling up as many bugs and worms as she could before calling it a night.
I know this is terribly out of focus, but I thought it was kind of funny with Chicas looking like she was running out of the cyclone action going on.
It was getting dark, and as per usual, Lucy and Ethel head straight for their roost in the Little Tike's Playhouse.  Ethel had already turned in, but Hare Lip Lucy was too concerned about why these other chicklets were out in her hood to leave for bed just yet.   You can see in the below picture, that Ethel was already roosting inside the house as Lucy was inching her way back inside the coop, keeping a careful eye on those 5 new kids in town.
Now that the girls know how fun it is to scratch in the grove for worms and snails and other yummy treats, they will be begging me to let them out every time I walk by the coop.
They are so fun to watch!  There are nearly 100 trees out there to explore, but they worked this one spot over for a good hour.  Surely they got every form of life available to them!   They each have their own personalities. Some of them are much more tame, and others are quite skiddish.   Like pretty little Tillie, the Delaware.  She has bit me twice while I was putting mash in their pen.  Oh it doesn't hurt at all, but I gave her a good what for, for doing it.  Then there's Ol Ham.  If HE does turn out to be a she, at this point I will be shocked.  He/she displays very ROO like manners.  He/she is quite the leader of the pack, and also seems to be watching over everyone.  Which is very Roo like.  But then again, hens do have a pecking order, and he/she is oldest of the pullets.  So if in another 4-6 weeks, she is not laying eggs, then I will be pretty sure Ham is a Roo.  But to know for sure, we will wait for the cocka-doodle-doo!!!
That's it from the farm.  It's Friday folks.   Go have some fun!!!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I agree on the food prices. I have started doing some of my shopping at my Super Walmart as I have found I can get a lot of deals there but it is crazy what it is taking to put food on the table.

The Garden Bell said...

You shop like I do now. Long gone are the days of just Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, with an occasional Costco Run. Scott and I swear our best is not a Produce Market that we swear is funding a Mexican Cartel somewhere.

Have a great weekend,

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

You aren't kidding about those grocery prices! I feel bad for folks living on fixed incomes and with a houseful of kids too!

I am sorry you were under the weather! I had houseguests for several days so I wasn't online much. I hope you are good as new now!! HUGS!!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I agree with food prices. I feed as many as 7 teenage boys a day at my house. So I have resorted to extreme couponing. I hit several stores a week, buy 6 newspapers a week, internet coupon, and stock pile. The teenagers love it because there is always food and I don't feel so overwhelmed when they eat me out of house and home when most items I get are for free. The boys even ask me when they go to town if I want them to do any couponing for me. Several have aked me to teach there own moms how to do it, after seeing all the food we have. LOL
Love the chicken and (maybe) rooster photos.
Have a great day Kris:)

From the Kitchen said...

I'm afraid I haven't been paying much attention to grocery prices since we are only two now. I do most of my shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's (for fun) and Costco. To be honest, I wouldn't spend a penny at Walmart if the food was half the price!!

I do wish I could gather fresh eggs from my back yard.


Janna said...

it makes me smile that you have chickens named Lucy and Ethel. And thanks for the cereal tip at Staters :)

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Feeding two growing boys and husband is no fun grocery shopping. I am so thankful Aldi's is close by now, because I get a lot of our snacks there now. Your chickens are way too cute.

bj said...

O prices sure are going up around here, too.
Mr. Sweet and I are olden and on Social Security...we have to watch our pennies very carefully, which I am used to doing. But, we sure are finding it harder and harder...the economy is absolutely OUT OF HAND.
Thanks, honey, for coming by..come again soon and I promise I won't be whining. :)))
xo bj

Priscilla said...

I LOVE couponing! I've gotten quite good at it and been able to get some killer deals! Love the names you have picked out for the ladies! LOL, I'd love to bring my girls over to see them, they'd be thrilled!

ps. that ridiculously sized zucchini you gave me was awesome! loved it! thank you =]

Heather - The Good Life said...

Great deal on the cereal! My grocery bill has gone way up as well. I used to be better about using coupons and should get back in the routine. I love reading about your hens. :-)

Genn said...

Good deals on the Kellog stuff!

Holly said...

You're right about the food prices. I love my Safeway but have been forced to do the Walmart for their better deals. I refuse to fight the crazies there though, I go around 5 in the morning to avoid the children of the corn atmosphere.