Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy HOT Hump Day!

I knew it would happen.   You know....hit triple digits.  Get nasty hot.  Add a bunch of humidity to it too, and what you have is a HOT hump day here in So. Cal.   We have been out on the back patio since about 8 this morning.  Noah is playing with his trains.   I brought out some things to color, and the chalkboard to work on writing.  Is this precious or what?
Look at that tongue sticking out in concentration!   I love this!
I made little bags for each of the kiddos for our trip.  They can use these in the motor home, and have some fun with their little art bags.
 This is what is inside each pencil box.  Washable markers, colored pencils, crayons, mechanical pencils, eraser, glue stick, and scissors.  Gennifer may want to take Clairey's and hide them for a year or two!
I got them each a white board, with some dry erase markers, and color books, work books, and a few other things.

With this heat we are having, I quickly wound up with bananas that looked like this.
What do you suppose I did with those? 
Uh huh...more banana nut bread!  But this time, without the chocolate chips.  I was out.   Darn.  But it is still delicious!
I moved the little pool to the concrete on the patio.  I hate the mess it makes on the grass.  I put an old comforter down on the patio and laid the pool right on the top.  It is filling up now.
While it was filling, I did some of this.
I have been trying my hand at extreme couponing.  It takes some time, some work, and some planning.  But you can save up to 60% on your total grocery bill. It is a fun challenge too.
One of the things that I stocked up on with the Walgreen coupons was Yardley Of London soap.  I have one of them in my bathroom off the pool and it smells divine!!!!  The whole room smells good!
Have you ever seen one of these?
It is a neckerchief, with silica crystals sewn into the back.  You soak this in cold water for about 10 minutes, and these crystals puff up.  Imagine the disposable diapers when they are wet.  They become puffed up when they come in contact with fluid.   Same idea here.  When dry, the neck tie is flat.  But when wet, the crystals puff up, and this, when worn around your neck, keeps you cool.  I cannot survive the summer without them.  I discovered these about 8 years ago.  I wear them to garden, or do any yard work.  I wear them at the river.  I wear them when I am doing a big housecleaning job and it is hot out.  I am wearing it now, sitting outside on my patio.  It is nearing the 100 mark, and Noah is showing no signs of wanting to go inside.  He is in and out of the pool, so he is cool enough.  I purchased mine at Walmart.  They were in the sporting goods department.  Around 5 dollars.  Worth every cent and then some!  You can make them as well.  But I have not found the crystals yet to do so.  This is not a fashion statement, but if you read my Suck it Fifty post, and found yourself nodding in agreement,  you will want one for your very own too, regardless of how it looks!!!
I have been brewing an extra large pot of coffee every morning, and then about midday, I begin to enjoy these.

Fill your cup with crushed ice, pour your cooled coffee inside about 3/4 way to top.  Stir in a little bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup, or brand you prefer.  Stir really well, then top with a splash of fat free 1/2 & 1/2, and there you have a delightfully tasty iced mocha coffee to enjoy.  Sans the Starbuck's price!   Try it.  You will be making extra coffee too!
I love to walk into my kitchen and see these beautiful tomatoes and basil and things from the garden.  I cook with them every day.
My son Drew told me last night that he and his girl Diana had gone to Subway for lunch and had a veggie sandwich.  He said that they both were disappointed in the flavor after being so spoiled on my garden fresh veggies.   Awwww....that made me feel good!  I think I am going to make some home made spaghetti sauce and freeze it to take with us to Bass Lake with my tomatoes. I must be picking about 5 a day, sometimes more.
My chickens are really suffering from this heat.  I have one little lady who is particularly bothered by it.  Having difficulty walking at times, and despite water dunks, and misting, and all that I can do to cool her, she is still suffering.  I am concerned about going away and leaving them in someone else's care.  I don't feel I can ask them to come water dunk and mist them several times a day like I do.
Greg says..."Survival of the fittest Bunny"  He calls me Bunny.  And so it is, I suppose.  Chicken farming can be hard sometimes.  Losing any of them is very upsetting for me.
I am going to have Mr. G draw a name for the bunting giveaway on Friday.  I have a couple of personal emails requesting that I add their names because for whatever reason they cannot comment.  So if you still want in, scroll back to the last post before this one, and enter a comment.
Time for me to put my suit on and get wet!!!
Toodles from me on this hot hump day in So. Cal!


Erika said...

ah I love that photo of Noah! All tho I am one very proud Momma, I don't think that is all Noha's writting on his name?? Haha

You are so kind & caring to get the grand kiddos all that fun stuff!

It is too hot to do anything, bleh.

I'd like an iced mocha delish latte & a big fat slice of banana bread right now pllllz

The Garden Bell said...

First, the pic of Noah with his tougue out and that oh, so great summber "baldy sour" cut is totally a framer. Too cute.

Did you know you are the best Nana around. What a fun little package of goodies to keep them all busy while on the road.

I usually do some couponing. But, have fallen behind. Thanks for the kick in the tail that I need to start back up.

Did you use the same recipe as Pammy. I think mine will be ready to go in a day or so. But, does that mean I have to turn on the oven.

Pammy and I welcome you to the triple digits... isn't it fun. Acutally, Pammy is having a worse time than us this summer.

Off to figure out dinner.

Kate xoxoxox

Maryrose said...

Love those goodie bags for the kids. When is the big Bass Lake trip? Sounds fun.

laurie said...

I wish I lived closer I would mist and dunk you chickens,, no problem,, have a great time away,

Linda said...

A few years ago I found a mister that went on the hose...I bought it for our dog when I was at work all day and she was outside...I put it on a timer, so that it wouldn't be on all day...she loved it and we would come home in the afternoon and find her under it...I think I got it at Home Depot....that might work for the the photo of Noah...he's really concentrating! Looks like me when I sew!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That is so cute with the tongue sticking out. Love how you made busy bags for the kids. I have always done that. You are a great grandma. Don't tell my MIL but I wish she was more like you. I have to bring up my own sippy cups and such or there wouldn't be anything for Q up there. My mom was like you. Always thinking of the kids. How I miss her for that and so many other things. Have a wonderful time on your trip. Let's play after it cools off a little bit.

Holly said...

Hot hump, huh? What else do you have in that coffee? Perhaps a little Baileys? Oh, now that sounds kinda good. I need to go to Walmart and get one of those cooly off thingies. Thanks for the tip.

decorator to the stars said...


❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Love Noah's tongue sticking out, you should make that photo a black and white and frame it. I have one of those neck coolies and wear it every morning on my 6 mile walk. They sure do help. I even wore it golfing Monday night. I agree home grown veggies are way better than store bought, you can get awful spoiled by them. I will be over later for an iced coffee. Yum!

~Niki~ said...

oh your grandson is adorable~that's a keeper! those veggies look yummy! and i wanted to tell you, i'm THIS close to raising chicks/chickens, but know NOTHING about it! hmmm. Love your posts~always.

Bethany said...

Awwwwww, what a cute concentration face!!!
I saw a pattern for those neck ice crystally thingamajigs online, but have never seen the crystals. I'll have to check out Walmart for the neckties--where I go to aerobics has no air conditioning and I'm a pansy in the heat.

Melissa said...

You are such an AWESOME gramma!!! So fun for them and oh what a blessing! Hoping for the best for your girls while you are away :)

Tammy said...

What a great grandma! You've gotta show me your coupons secrets next month! =)

Pam said...

The art boxes are a great idea. I love the sound of your ice coffee - I'll be making that tomorrow.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, What a great nana you are-I love the kiddos little pool-so safe. Your veges look incredible as always. We've had heat here too, but thunder storms every afternoon and then the humidity picks up afterwards. Hopefully today will be cooler for you.
Hugs, Noreen

Pammy Sue said...

I'm definitely putting that neck cooler thingy on my list for Walmart! Wish I was close enough to take care of your chickens while you are gone. I would spoil them for you. Freezing that spaghetti sauce for taking to the lake sounds like a great idea.

Heather - The Good Life said...

You always have great ideas. The mocha coffee sounds very refreshing on a hot afternoon. Your garden fresh produce looks yummy. Have a great day! :-)

Genn said...

That picture of Noah is so cute!

Looks like you got the girls some fun goods for the lake!
I can't wait!

I smiled when I saw your countdown sign in your kitchen today. I can't wait. :)