Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. "G"

Today was Mr. G's birthday!  He golfed this morning with some friends.  This evening, all of the kids and grandkids came over and we had a nice BBQ.  Today the weather was absolutely delightful.  This morning we had some incredible thunder and lightening, with only a little bit of rain.  But boy did that thunder roll!  It cleared by noon, and we had a perfect, almost fall like, day! 
The kids had fun playing outside.  It has been too hot for several days for them to do that!
Gennifer had them jumping and posing and giving hand signals.  It was funny!
Gennifer modeling her new yellow earrings.
Erika and her Dad.

Uncle Goo (Drew) sitting with his nieces at their table.  This tickled me.  Drew is 6'5" tall and I have no idea how he sat there.

After dinner, I made a new dessert I had seen just this morning on Paula Deen, that she and her son Jamie were making.  They called them dessert quesadillas.  
It might not look like much yet, but WOW were these good!!!  First melt a little butter in a skillet.  Sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar mixed with cinnamon onto melted butter.  Then lay one flour tortilla in pan.  Layer some thinly sliced bananas, some chocolate chips and then sprinkle some of the brown sugar and cinnamon over this.  Place tortilla on top and flip when chocolate begins to melt.  The melted butter and sugar caramelizes and forms a crispy and candy like tortilla.  Leave in pan until both sides brown, then remove and let cool before slicing.  I also did some with bananas and Nutella.  
Top dessert quesadilla with vanilla ice cream, then drizzle with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and cherry.  I forgot to sprinkle the chopped pecans.  Oops.  I can't even tell you have wonderful this was.  We all wanted to lick our plates!!!  And some may have!
He opened up his gifts, which were mostly fishing related since his gear was stolen while on vacation.
It was a good day and a fun celebration!   Your family loves you so much Geeps!!!  Tomorrow we are going to my Mom's to celebrate again.  When we walked The Hass Family out to their car, we spotted this very busy spider spinning her web.


❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Looks like a great birthday. I have had a weight watchers version of that dessert and it is to die for. Gens yellow earrings are fab, great color for her. Glad your day was cooler for you to enjoy the outdoors:)

Holly said...

Perfect way to spend a birthday. So glad things are cooling off for you there. Someone stole his fishing stuff while you were on vaca? That's awful!

Genn said...

Thanks for having us all over! It's quite a group these days isn't it? :)

Hope Dad enjoyed his birthday.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. G!!!!! It was my dad's birthday too. =) Looks like a great day!

Stacey said...

It WAS a perfect day for a BBQ yesterday :) And, Erika was telling me about that dessert last night.. It looks delicious.. And sounds easy enough to make :)

deb said...

oh my that dessert looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'your girls are gorgeous!

Sandy said...

That dessert looks and sounds amazing!!