Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Favorite Season

Here in Southern California, we are still having warm days, but there are changes in the air.  The days are getting shorter.  The mornings and evenings are cooling off nicely, and we can have our windows open again to enjoy some nice breezes.   I look so forward to this time of  year.   When my Fall things are all put out in the house and yards, it is like being wrapped up in a warm blanket to me.  Come on in.
This Halloween quilt in my entry way was done several years ago.  It is the only log cabin quilt I have done.  The white background fabric has a sparkle to it.  When I did the machine quilting on this, I changed my thread color to match the area I was working in. 
Can you see the reflection of the Halloween quilt in the mirror?
I don't put too many things out for Halloween.  I don't like the spooky stuff.    So mostly it is just Fall things that will stay out until after Thanksgiving. 
Walking into the living room.
Then into the dining area of the kitchen.  I don't have a dining room here in this house.  I only miss it during the holidays. 
Oh shoot, I should have shut that door to the laundry room so you couldn't see that I haven't finished my project in there.  I still need to have the walls repaired before I can paint it, but the wallpaper is finally off!
Let's go out and come in again from the other door.
 I bought those pretty fall flowers at Farmer's Market on Saturday.  I bought a bunch of the baby pumpkins on stems and added these.  Watch out if you get these, because they have thorns on the stems...ouch!

My house is old, and the kitchen is dated and in dire need of a face lift.  But even with old and rickety cabinets, ugly tile, and NO counter space, I love my kitchen.  I could not do without this rolling butcher block.  I pull it with me to wherever I am working, and it is a lifesaver!
A few years ago I pulled out the useless little table that was against this wall below.  I found this buffet on Craig's List and it fits the space perfectly, and provides additional storage as well.
I often put a butcher block on two of my stove burners to provide additional work space too.  Sitting on this butcher block is a bottle of wine that Gennifer and Jake brought back for us for having the girls over the weekend.  They went to see TRAIN perform, and had their wine in the steak house at the hotel before the concert, and said it was really good.   It is called Drops Of Jupiter, like their song.
 Can you guess what that is that I have the bottle of wine sitting in?   Give up?
It is an antique canning bottle holder, used to remove the hot canning jar from the water. 
My fall quilts have come out.  That one of the stacked pumpkins below is a wall hanging I did a few years ago.  It is just resting up against a large floor pillow on the hearth.
This is a series of 12 wall hangings called button ups, that you change out each month, and you button onto the background quilt. 
I layered the November fall leaves button up wall hanging on the end table.
Remember the pumpkin spice tartan plaid fabric I bought recently?  I purchased two yards, washed it, and squared it up on the sides, and simply made a double hem all the way around for a nice throw.  It is so soft, I love it!   The color reminds me of pumpkin pie.  I made that Thimbleberries pillow in a class at my local quilt store several years ago.  I have always loved the rich colors in this pillow.

The patio right off the family room is dressed for fall too.

That hutch belonged to my Nana.  I have had it for over 20 years.  A few years ago when I got a new one, I didn't want to part with this, so I put it out on our covered patio.  I love it there.  It holds a lot of the stuff we use for eating outside, and I change it out for the seasons too. 
Then, beyond the pool and backyard is another concrete pad where we spend a lot of our time.  Come on, it's out here.
Just pretend like you can't see that we have  a small RV storage out there too. 
There are a few chickens out there ranging.
Dawn, thank you for the great idea to put a candle inside the minnow bucket!  I love that!
After I worked in the yard this morning, I sat in my chair underneath one of my favorite trees in the grove.  It is an avocado tree, with a full canopy of leaves that hangs down around it on all sides.  It is the perfect resting spot.
I sat down with a big glass of apple cider, and my new book. 
So maybe I wasn't reading the whole time.   This book really draws you in right away. 
I had a good rest, after a very busy weekend.  We had fun with our granddaughters sleepover.  Mr. G returned this afternoon from his all night poker party.  His pockets were empty though.  Darn!  I got the fall decor out and am now only waiting for pumpkins to fill my pumpkin patch and some pretty mums.  I also did my grocery shopping, and when I got back home, Greg was there to unload the car.  Then we went to Island's for burgers, to end our weekend perfectly!
I am eager for the coming week to pass because my friends Holly and Tammy are coming to town on Saturday to attend Blog Sugar with my daughter Gennifer and I.   We are so excited to have them here!
So, what has been going on in your world?
Since this is a fall post, I am back this morning to add these pictures of a fall throw I found at Walmart yesterday.  They had them in all of the fall colors.  I couldn't decide, they were all so pretty.  They had a purple one with fall leaves that was gorgeous, and I may have to go back for it.  They are only 7 dollars, and they will be gone in no time.  So go get one quick.  I may go back today for the purple one too.  They are from their Better Homes & Gardens line, and lightweight, and so soft!!  I washed mine right away to keep from fuzzing, and it held up nicely to the washer and dryer.  

 And one last one, since I may not get to making this happen this Fall.   I had this on my front porch last season.  I may do it again, but not sure.


Pink Stitches said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. You have a beautiful home! Thanks for inviting us in and giving us a tour. Especially with all the beautiful fall decor. I will be doing that soon too but right now we are in the process of painting all of our downstairs. I can't wait to pull all my decorations out of the attic!!

Holly said...

Everything just looks so absolutely perfect. It just feels like home and I can't wait to be there with you in person and wrap my arms around you and give you a big ol sqeeze. I'll give you a call someday this week so we can arrange everything.

kpaints said...

Wow, you are a busy little bee...everything looks lovely. You sure have done a lot of work in the past to make such lovely decorations!

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee. I have absolutely nothing ready for fall decor yet. Everything looks lovely, I enjoyed all your quilts. I also use mason jars as our drinking jars. So glad the candle idea worked out. Perfect photos!!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜@ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing said...

STOP right there! Where did you get those cute rooster towels hanging in the kitchen on the stove? LOVE those. Your home is so cute and cozy Kris. I love how you are all decked out for FALL. Enjoy the rest, you do need to keep those feet up and read a book.

Kerri said...

You are a busy lady! Your house looks so warm and inviting....I LOVE your kitchen. You have so many fall decorations....I am thinking I do NOT have enough! I couldn't get enough apple cider when I was pregnant with my son....could be the reason I gained 70 lbs with him!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness, you've been busy! Everything you've done throughout your home looks so festive and fall-ish, just beautiful. I adore those cloches and the way you have them arranged and I love the birdcage on the hutch, too! Those wire pumpkins are adorable, I love it all! Thanks for sharing! Happy Fall! XO ~Liz

Debbie said...

Good morning Kris...I loved the tour of your home with all of your Fall decor.. soo festive! It is such a homey, wonderful feel you have created. I love how the weather is changing too. Have a wonderful week!

~Niki~ said...

just plugging along, we are.
great pics! love the fall decor~awesome. like i said, i have very little fall stuff. i still have yet to get to the store and get me some.

Genn said...

Good post Mom. I always love the look of your house, but I especially love it during the fall. It's so pretty. And all the falling leaves around make it even more cozy.
Love that picture of your chair and blanket and cider under the avo tree! What a great spot. Glad to hear that book is good.

I can't wait to meet Holly and Tammy too!!!

Tammy said...

I can't wait to see you guys too!!!! Loving the fall decorations!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You've been busy, Kris! Your home is so warm and welcoming and I love your fall decor. My favorite season is autumn and I always love touches of red, orange, yellows and browns. I am especially fond of pumpkins and i enjoyed looking at all your ceramic pumpkins. Your mini quilts are so pretty --the ghost quilt by the front door is so charming!

My seasonal decorations are in platic bins in my attic and I haven't had time to drag them down as yet.

I read and enjoyed "Sarahs Key" this summer! I le=iterraly could not put the book down and finished it in a day. I wonder how the film version was that came out this summer?

PS: My kitchen is probably the same age as yours, as I also have ceramic tile counters and oak cabinets. But, like you, I love it!

deb said...

whew you have been busy!!! you have inspired me to get the rest of my stuff out.....LOVE it all!
cant wait to meet Holly Sunday...!!!!

by Teresa said...

Loved all the photos and stories about your Autumn decorations. I am so jealous of the avocado tree, does it give you avocados? My favorite thing! It's fun to share our Fall decor!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Stacey said...

I too love fall!!! I love that you really go "all out" with the decorating :) Everything looks so festive and cozy!!

Nicolle said...

Your home is beautiful. I absolutely LOVE peeking into someone else's home. Thank you for sharing. Your kitchen is awesome, so very pretty. I love the ghost and pumpkin quilt that you made. I saw those leaf throws from BHG last year, and should have picked one up. I will watch for one this year.

I want your back yard and your avocado tree! That would be heaven to me. LOVE the picture of you laying out there with your book and your drink. :)

Mary said...

Great fall decor, your home looks very pretty and fallish.

Whosyergurl said...

Your home is lovely. Thanks for sharing. I have that same glass pumpkin jar. My ex and I got it for a wedding gift in 1978. I put candy corn and peanuts in mine every year- sweet and salty.
I cleaned the living room and started decorating for fall last night. xo, Cheryl

Whosyergurl said...

P.S. Fall is my favorite season, too! And not just because my birthday is in October. ;-)

Pam said...

You are my hero. I love decorating and I have been slowly building my collection.

We are trying to sell our house and my children are so bummed that I can't put out the Halloween decorations - I am bummed too!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I read this yesterday and was about to comment but ended up needing to run an all your fall stuff. Your home is so inviting and cozy...I'd love to visit. Hey, what is Sugar Blog?
I saw your new enamelware steamer but don't know anything about it.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Noreen

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Your house looks so nice an cozy for fall. I just have not had a chance to get anything down. I really need Dean to do that for me since it is up in the rafters. Have fun at Blog Sugar. I wish I was going but my bro and his wife are coming to stay from OR so we will be busy with that. Maybe next year.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How perfectly fallish and so very, very cozy! I love each corner, Kris!! You deserve a good break for all of the hard work you did.
Cute wine holder, too!


Gloria said...

fall is my favorite season too! we are in spring but I love fall! and hour house look absolutely lovely and comfort, perfect! xxgloria

Sinta Renee said...

Wow you really did a complete transformation from summer to fall! Your home looks wonderfully warm and cozy! I hope the weather complies and we get a little crispness in the air! Thanks for sharing... it's my favoite time of year!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Love all your Fall decor! I got to get going on mine!:)