Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Chocolate Chip Cookie Kind Of Day

Yesterday it was cold and rainy, ALL day.  Beautiful weather if you ask me.  My favorite kind!  After picking up Noah from school, we both changed into our "comfy" clothes, complete with Elmo Slippers for him, and fuzzy socks for me.  I put the kettle on for hot tea, and fired up the oven for fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. 

It is so pretty outside today after the rain we had.  There is snow in the mountains, and the air is crisp and clean.  I can't wait to get outside and enjoy it.  But first, I want to say Happy Birthday to my big brother!!! This is David and I on the beach in Maui a couple of summers ago. 
Yesterday would have been my dear Dad's 75th birthday.  We miss him every day! 
That photo was taken just a couple of months before he passed away.  We were out on the water in his new boat in Newport Beach.   That first Christmas after he passed away, my daughter Erika had this frame done and put this photo in it and gave it to me for Christmas.  My Dad always had a nickname for everyone.  His nickname for me was Mouse. 
Man, I am feeling blessed today!!
Happy Saturday my friends!!!
XO  Kris


Nicolle said...

Oh Kris, what a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your dad....he is celebrating in Heaven for sure. What a sweet frame that Erika gave you.

Happy birthday to your brother too, and you look gorgeous in the Maui photo. The cookies look delicious and I love that mug in your photos.

I hope your weekend is wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post, your Dad was a very handsome man,,wonderful memories,

Gloria said...

Nice post Kris, the cookies look amazing and delicious! (love rain) and the picture of you and David look absolutely nice!! gloria

~Niki~ said...

Awww, great post Kris!
Love the pics!
Enjoy your cooler days and cookies!
I'm baking brownie chippers.
YUM. Oh so fattening LOL.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, So glad you got and enjoyed the rain. How wonderful for you and Noah to have a fun afternoon, making cookies and having something warm to drink. I love the photo of you and your brother-you look so much alike. The one of you and your dad is precious too.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

The Café Sucré Farine said...

What fun memories you made with your son on a rainy day! The cookies look delish and I bet your house smelled so inviting! A sweet tribute to your dad also, we lost my mom this past year so I understand what biter/sweet feelings you experience!

by Teresa said...

Hi Kris, mmm.. warm cookies, chilly weather, warm house, little grandson.. a birthday wish... remembering Dad. Nice. Of course I have questions.. what kind of boat did Dad have? (I'm a sailor) And what recipe did you use for the cookies? I can't seem to find a great recipe.. all my cookies have been spreading and thin.. I like puffy pretty ones! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kerri said...

You always seem to have a grateful heart...I really like that about you. Such a sweet gift from your daugther. That's pretty cool that your dad and brother share the same birthday.

Beautiful picture of you and your have such perfect teeth!

Debbie said...

I LOVED the rain too...(other than our cover didn't work, haha) I enjoyed every minute of it. The cookies looked wonderful. I would have loved to have done that too, but I am trying soo hard right now to keep on the diet enough so as to not at least gain back any weight until after the holidays when I will have to get serious again. In the meantime I am trying to at least maintain. Doesn't seem like it should be that big of a deal huh? I swear though just looking at those cookies might have made me gain, haha. The pic of you and your dad is just precious. I love his nickname for you. I am glad your memories of him are such good ones. Have a good week-end!

Genn said...

sweet post mom.
love that photo of you and papa. always have. looking at it, it is just so hard to believe he is not here with us. we all miss him everyday.
love that pic of you and david too! you look so pretty and relaxed. maui suits you. ;)
i think i can smell your cookies from here too.

Holly said...

No one can replace a Daddy. Or a mother. I miss mine every day. Love all those pictures of you, even though they are all beautiful, you are much more beautiful in person. I don't like that about you.

kpaints said...

Wonderful pictures....great that you have those treasures!

Pammy Sue said...

I love those kinds of days too! Sounds like you had a cozy afternoon.

Bethany said...

I'll send you my address and then be on the lookout for my cookies :)

The Garden Bell said...

Yeap, that's it here too. Homemade cookies and pipin' hot Mexican casserole too. Can you please come over and show me how to thread this darn thing.... Nervous Nelly.

Jennifer said...

What a treasure photo of you and your dad! Love it. Funny...our family had a "mouse" in it as well:)

That chocolate chip dough looks delish!!

deb said...

Its so awesome you had such a great dad....what a blessing!!! your brother is cute!!! and so are YOU!!!!
those cookies look so yummy!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

When my kids were young I had a tradition of making cookies every rainy day. Your post reminds me of that. Those cookies you made look so good that I can almost taste them.

The Women's Improvement club meeting starts at 11:30 with club business. Then we have lunch a little after noon. I will probably start my talk about 12:30 or 12:45. I will talk about 30 min or so. Would that give you enough time to get your grandson? I hope so because I would love to meet you. If you want to come to the lunch part of the meeting let me know. I will be glad to pay for you and make it my treat. Email me at

I am so sorry to hear about your husband's broken rib. Believe me, I know how it feels and I sympathize.

Please keep in touch. If you can't come to my talk Tuesday lets get together soon. Hugs, Lura


Whosyergurl said...

Oh, that sounds so change in to comfy clothes and make tea and cookies. You are such a good Grandma. (Does he call you Grandma?) Would be fun to sit with you and nibble cookies, drink tea and giggle.

We miss our loved ones always.
xo, Cheryl

cathleen said...

Kris, you are quite beautiful!