Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Monday.......

Good morning!  We had a very busy weekend!   We spent the weekend with our two little granddaughters so that Mommy and Daddy could have a little time away and go to the Boise State game and spend the night in San Diego with their friends and cousins, Don(g) and Kaylen.  Sorry, that's a joke, I will explain later.  GO BOISE!!!!
The three kiddos had a little fun together.   Not only did I have a horrible cold, Erika came down with it too, and she was down for the count yesterday.
We had one mishap.  Turns out when little Clairey doesn't want to take a nap, she does this!
Yep....gasp is what I did when I walked upstairs to find this!!!!  I remember Gennifer telling me that she had done this once before.
Gennifer and Jake had a great little getaway, and came home with a little something for us too.  They brought me this beautiful crock to match my kitchen and a Fall cookbook that they found in one of the shops at The Hotel Del Coronado.
The rain came yesterday afternoon.  We went to Sam's to get some things, and came home wet and hungry.  Mr. G started a roaring fire and went down the hallway to get out of his wet clothes.  I started a pot of potato cheese and broccoli soup.  I glanced up to see this. 
I move that big leather chair over to the fireplace during the winter months, and it is the PRIMO spot in the house!  You get to enjoy the roaring fires.  Have a lamp to read by.  And you can still see the telly.  I just had to run and get my camera when I saw that Noah had slid on up there, in his Elmo slippers, and made himself as cozy as can be.  I ran for camera, hoping he wouldn't see me.
I got the biggest kick out this!  That boy knows comfort, just like his Mama!   Eri always loved to be home in her comfy clothes, with comfortable things around her.  Like blankets, fires, socks,  a movie on the telly, and maybe some fresh popped popcorn too.  He is his mother's son!!! 
Last night for our soup, I cooked a pound of bacon.  We crumble bacon on top of the soup, and I had a lot leftover.  And I seem to be having a LOT of eggs these days too.  So I made up some breakfast burritos for my commuters to take with them on their way to work this morning.
I scrambled up those fresh eggs my girls are leaving me every day.  Added the bacon to the eggs.  Sprinkled some cheese on top.  Wrapped them in waxed paper and left them on a plate in the fridge next to some single serving salsa cups (thank you Miguel's) and they popped them in the micro for a minute of two and had them on the way to work this morning.
Be sure to use the xtra large tortillas for these burritos or you will have trouble rolling them. 
I should have shown how to roll them too.  Darn it.  You place the ingredients in the middle, sort of spread out into an oval shape.  Tuck both ends of tortilla in first, then begin to roll one side, tucking the ingredients tightly together.  When rolled, place seam side down, and wrap in waxed paper so it can be reheated.  This way, both ends are secure, and the salsa doesn't run out of the bottom.
Now something I wanted to share.  My family has a lot of fun together.  We have a great sense of humor, and make fun times out of the every day ordinary things.  We get this from our parents.  Don and Diane Fink.  Growing up, my parents raised not only us 4 kids, but also my Mom's much younger brother Johnny.  They lost their Dad at a very young age, and Nana, my much loved Grandmother, had to go to work.  Mom and Dad married very young, and already had young children, and Johnny spent a lot of time with all of us.  Eventually, he moved into our home too.  So picture this:  5 kids, in a three bedroom house. Me, being the only girl, and the ages that we were, the four boys shared one room, with two sets of bunks.  I had my own room.  We shared one bathroom!!!  We were not allowed to use our parents.  And rightfully so.  At any rate, growing up, my folks made fun for us doing  just ordinary things.  I remember Mom coming home from the market with a birthday cake that someone had neglected to pick up.  She bought it cheap, and we sang Happy Birthday to (Bob) or whoever it was, and had his birthday cake after dinner.  Love that!  And once when we had day after day of rain, my Mom spread a blanket out in the living room, and we had a picnic, complete with hotdogs and summer picnic things.  There was never a holiday where it wasn't made extra special with their personal touches of fun that they added.  Such as, at Easter, when we woke to find our baskets, there were giant bunny prints all over the house, the back of the sofa, and down the hallway then on out the door, along with half eaten carrots strewn about the floor. (these were made with a large powder puff and powder) I can't even tell you how much fun we thought that was as kids.  Santa made a mess too.  Sooty prints were everywhere!  Every holiday, every vacation, and just every day, for that matter, our lives were filled with love, and good humor!  My parents always made life fun! This has spilled over to all of us. Me and my brothers, and now OUR kids are doing things that just make life fun!  Recently, my nephew's wife Kaylen placed a photo of her husband's (my nephew Don) Starbuck's cup on facebook for all to see.  Well, it seems that Starbucks gets his name wrong quite often, as they do for many I think. Usually, instead of the typical male version of the name DON, they spell it DAWN!!  And this time, instead of Don, or Dawn,  it said DONG!!!  I mean really, now hard is DON?   Don is blonde haired, and blue eyed, with fair skin.  There is no doubt about it, that he is NOT Asian.  Oh well.  Kaylen took  a picture, and we roared!  Gennifer and Don are the two oldest of the the grandkids.  They have always been very close.  They, along with their spouses, went away for the weekend together, and when Gennifer and Jake picked them up from the airport on Friday night, they were greeted with this sign!!

Oh my, what I would have given to have seen his face when he stepped off the elevator to baggage claim to see this sign!!!!  I know Gennifer will be posting photos of that!  So, not only did I get a kick out of seeing her take this little funny to a higher level.  But I smile because this is SO something my Dad would have done!  And I know how much he would love how his family is still playful and having fun!
Go buy a birthday cake today, and sing Happy Birthday.  For no reason at all.  Your family will remember it forever!!!!
Have a wonderful day!
XO  Kris


Whosyergurl said...

I am first to comment? YAY. That fireplace is to die for. I'm with the grandson...cozy up!
Sounds as if you had a wonderful life growing up...we had three children...2 girls and a boy and three bathroom for all five of us! How did we do it? My parents still live in that house and it seems so small!
xo, Cheryl

Bethany said...

Your family sounds so much like mine. No big or grand goings-on, but fun fun fun in the every day. And is there any photo more classic than the kids lined up with their sippy cups at Grandma's?

Lauri said...

The beat kind of memories...inside jokes! so cool that the fun continues to the next generation.

love the big,cozy fire.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

OH, you guys do have lots of FUN! I love that. Makes for happy, light hearted and loving family fun. We all need to do that. Love your blog. Have a great day. xoRobin❤

Holly said...

Your family sounds so much like mine growing up. My dad made a Santa's boot prints out of ashes coming out of the fire place. We did silly things all the time. When my kids were little and it was raining, we roasted marshmallows over a candle. Hope you're feeling better. Love ya

The Garden Bell said...

Wow, what a fun busy weekend. Did your heart just drop when you open up that door. Classic kid stuff when we don't want to nap. The oh, I'll show you routine. Too fun. Hey, have that Noah give up that comfy sit and let you rest and get well. Does he not know who's in charge of the turkey this year. Dinner sound great tonight. I haven't gotten that far yet today. But, you have me thinking now.

Debbie Kay said...

Your fireplace is GORGEOUS! Your home is so warm and inviting Kris, I just love how everyone is so welcomed and loved there.

Looking forward to our little get-together, shopping, gabbing, ooohing and ahhhing and LAUGHING on the 3rd........



Gloria said...

I know these lovelies are georgeous:)
Your fireplace look beautiful!
Love your burritos, have a fab week! :)

Jill said...


Hope you are feeling better! Your home looks so warm and welcoming with that roaring fire! He certainly had the right idea curling up in front of it in a big cozy chair! ;-) Food looks great too! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Nicolle said...

Love your fireplace so much! I can see why Noah made himself comfy. Cute picture! The colors of those eggs are so pretty. The burritos look so great. I didn't know you could reheat with wax paper. I will have to remember that. I laughed at the picture of Claire's clothes all over the floor. I guess boys don't do that as much with their clothes, but they sure do with everything else! :)

~Niki~ said...

your home is gorgeous, so homey and inviting!
your gkids are so precious.
thanks for the laugh today! hugs from AZ.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I am so laughing at the last portion of you post. Hilarious!! you made my night.
The fire looks so cozy especially with the cold we are having here. Hope you feel better soon:)

Genn said...

Cute post.
Sorry bout that messy Claire.
Hope you are feeling better.
I sent you an email.

Jennifer said...

I do love a fireplace - especially on a dreary wet day! Just LOVE a family that knows how to have fun together!! What fun bunny prints would be - never heard that one but I so would have stolen it!!:)

by Teresa said...

That is so neat how your family had so much fun. It makes me realize how un-fun my growing up years were. :-) Oh well! That's funny about the mess Claire made.. our grandkids make huge messes when they visit too.. but we just watch them and see how much fun they have.. and their parents pick stuff up when they leave. :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* *T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G*!*!*

Teresa :-)

Debbie said...

I enjoyed a nice warm fire yesterday too. It was soo the weather for it. I love that Noah found his way to that chair, haha. What a wonderful family you had and have....I love hearing stories like that. Hope your feeling better. I woke up with a slight sore throat this morning. I am terrified I will be sick when the baby is here...I am fighting it off the best I can. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving Kris with that wonderful family you have been blessed with!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I read that story on your daughter's blog and died laughing. How funny! I want a cozy fireplace like that. Ours is in our oldest girl's room. Covered in dirty laundry mostly. In about ten years we will get that room back. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Are you cooking or ordering in the meal?

Pam said...

I am sitting in my slippers right by the fire in my new house as I type this... I love being cozy & comfortable. The breakfast burritos sound like the perfect way to start your day - the potato soup is a great way to end it!

It sounds like your parents made life very fun and loving for you and I love that you carried it on for your children and they on to their children.

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