Monday, December 26, 2011


We  had a wonderful, action packed Christmas!  Lots of family, wonderful food, laughs, and good times.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  We had enchiladas and tamales.  They were delicious.  The little ones opened up their gifts from us.
We all gathered again on Christmas morning, and shared a wonderful breakfast together.  We feasted on ham and fresh scrambled eggs.  Bacon, sausage, french toast stratta, and gorilla bread!  No calorie counting on Christmas!
Everyone got a fun gift or two.
Santa left me this.
The kids had fun playing with their new toys.
In the afternoon we went to my brother's house where the rest of the family was gathering.  We ate yet another wonderful meal.  It was a wonderful day.  We ended it by going to see We Bought A Zoo. I may have snoozed a bit during the movie.  I am told.  Today we did nothing.  It will take me a week to recover from December.  I am looking forward to the new year!!!!   See  you soon.  Night-Night!
XO  Kris


Holly said...

What a perfect day! The food sounds delicious and the family looks great. We had a perfect Christmas here too. Can you believe I didn't take one picture????

ain't for city gals said...

Kris,,,just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your kind comments on my dad...they meant the world to me. Have a happy and healthy New year!..let's run a 3 mile race together somewhere?

From the Kitchen said...

Good family, good food and good fun! And who's supposed to count calories during the holidays? I'd like a piece of that gorilla bread with my first cup of coffee right now!!

Enjoy the cleanup!


Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I'm glad your Christmas was wonderful. Your house sure looks a lot neater than I am looking forward to getting together soon. Have a rest filled week dear friend. Patty

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas; I love seeing your pics. We had a great evening last night but I've got a bit of a cold so feeling pretty lazy. We may go to the movies later today.
Have a great Tuesday.

deb said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wagon!!!!!

Kerri said...

How lucky you are to get to spend Christmas with all of your family...I think that's rare these days! Cute wagon santa will be able to collect TONS of eggs in that thing! :)
The last two days I have been in my sweats and slippers...trying to recover from Christmas! I don't have a lot of motivation!

Nicolle said...

It is hard to recover from the whirlwind of Christmas! Sounds like you had a fun one though. The gorilla bread looks good, we always called it monkey bread and I love it. I haven't had it in years. Get some rest! xo.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Mmm oh that bread. I can just smell the calories coming my way. Love your new wagon. You guys always seem to have such a great time. Glad all went well.

Debbie said...

It all sounds and looks wonderful. I have been known to doze a little at a movie too, haha. My grands are wanting to see that movie too. Was it good? Or is that why you were dozing, haha?? I am needing a little rest too.. ; )

by Teresa said...

A perfect Christmas, full of love, kids, toys, great food, family, fun, colors and joy.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, Oh yes, I've about eatn myself into oblivia. Not slowing down any to soon either. lol! Looking forward to the New Year. Getting the house in order and trying to eat healthy. I love the Chritmas decor, but also love getting it all put away. It makes your home feel so uncluttered. At least for a while. lol!

annielizabeth said...

Hi Kris, your enchilada party looked like fun (cute apron you got). Such a wonderful sounding festive weekend you had. That's you without make-up?? So naturally pretty you are! Hope you've recovered a bit and can hit some sales at Michaels and or Joanns!

~Niki~ said...

2012 has gotta be better than 2011~I believe it!
Looks like a wonderful xmas by all!

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Looks like a perfect day Kris!