Friday, December 9, 2011

My Country Christmas

My house is ready to greet Christmas!  Here is the kitchen, ready and waiting for Santa.
Walking in from the laundry room, looking right.
Looking left.
There are so many things I love about my kitchen.  But it needs some serious tender loving care and updating.  The cupboards are in dire need of refacing.  The countertops need replacing.   Some of the appliances are okay, some are not.  But I will work with what I have for a while.  I have loved my brick floor since the day we moved in.  LOVE it.  However, it is not very loving to my legs when I stand for hours on end cooking.  I highly recommend the gel mats!!!  They are a cook's best friend!  This little area is to the right of my sink. 
 And this little red bowl sits to the left, with Christmas tea towels and dish cloths at the ready.
The little shelf above my stove with two wooden childrens rolling pins that were my girls when they were little.
I love chalkboards and use them all over the house to leave messages.  I like to use the chalk writers that you can find in Michael's.  I have them in nearly every color.
Looking up to the pot rack that was a gift from a good friend.
Looking out towards the dining area of the kitchen.  My house doesn't have a dining room. This is the only place we have ever had our meals.  Except when hosting large functions, where we spread out into the living room.
That area on the right wall used to have a useless little desk built in.  I hated it because it prevented me from using the wall space, and I so wanted a buffet for that area.  So one day, I ripped the entire desk out!  Then started looking for a suitable piece for that space.  I hit the jackpot on Craig's List a couple of years ago when I found this gorgeous solid buffet for 50 dollars!  I could NOT believe my luck, and didn't hesitate to snatch it up!  I am certain it sold for at least a thousand dollars.  Probably more.  I got a steal!  And it fits this space perfectly, providing additional storage for my many dishes, and linens, as well as a surface to decorate for the changing seasons too.
My table is set for casual dining, with many things that are very special to me.  I have collected mice my whole life.  My Dad's nickname for me was Mouse.  He began to give me mice at every occasion many years ago.  I lost my Dad 8  years ago, and each year when I bring these out, they take me back to the time he gave them to me.  To happy, happy days.  I have these reminders of him all throughout my home.
I love my every day holiday dishes.  I bought them many  years ago at K Mart, when we had one here in town.  I used to love their kitchen department.  I have a complete set with serving bowls and everything.  LOVE it.  They just suit us and our style perfectly.
A few months ago, I found this set of red silverware at Good Will.  It is just what I needed for these dishes.  And Valentine's Day, and Fourth of July.....
That crooked fork is bugging me.  I think my assistant was touching things!  The cute Santa napkin holder rings were from Tai Pan Trading a couple of years ago.  The braided placemats are from Kohl's and I love them.  So pretty even without a plate sitting on them.   I doubled up a red and a green napkin, just for fun.  The little stockings are also from Tai Pan.  Sometimes I tuck the silverware in them and set it beside the plate.  The runner in the center of the table is one I bought many years ago at Target.  I like to scrunch it up as a runner, even though it is a tablecloth, this way I can use my placemats too.  The red scarves tied to the backs of the chairs, are runners that I purchased several years ago at Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for weaving in and out of the backs of my chairs for something different and pretty.
A few days ago when I was returning home from the market, dear friends of ours, Santa Ron and Mrs. Sue were at the door with this darling Xmas gift.  They know I am a Mouse, and brought this thoughtful gift.  A Mrs. Holiday Mouse wine box with a yummy Cabernet from Paso Robles inside!  Thank you Santa Ron and Mrs. Sue!!!  I love it!
Above the table is a Corona of garlands in a gold beaded ribbon and a Christmas garland entwined together.
My little kitchen Christmas tree sits up in the corner atop one of the antique apple crates we bought in the Fall while apple picking in Oak Glen. 
 I have some kitcheny ornaments and then some other small ornaments on this tree.  The crocheted Santa face I learned to make from a friend a long time ago, and the poor partially eaten gingerbread boys I made last season.
I love to see this little tree lit up in the evenings.
  Thanks for stopping by today to see some of my Christmas decorations.  Come on back tomorrow for another room.
Peppermint X's and O's


Tammy said...

So pretty! I want to come visit again! lol Frank and Frankie were in Corona last weekend. I was very sad when I found out. They went with a friend to look at a car. If I would have known they were going I would have emailed you and went! lol Like how I invite myself over?

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Your signature is to cute. I love it. Thanks for the tour around the kitchen all decorated up. Lovely showing. What a score on the silverware. Wish I could stumble across some like that. I didn't know you were a mouse person, go figure. Happy Holidays and we'll talk soon:)

The Garden Bell said...

So here's the deal. It took me for ever to get through this post, BECAUSE I sat on each and every picture and word taking every little morsel of goodness in that I could. So much fun, So much love, So much BRILLANCE in each and ever touch. Just back from PO, card went out today, last batch. Enjoy your weekend in all this holiday glory.

Bethany said...

Oh I love it!!!! I think the kitchen is definitely the coziest room to decorate for Christmas--I'm glad there's someone else who understands the dire necessity of a kitchen tree :)
I love the "peppermint" buttons on your eaten gingerbread man! I'll have to file that idea away for later!

by Teresa said...

Hi Kris! I totally enjoyed seeing your holiday kitchen decor! It's so cozy and home and full of color and love. I have more to do today to finish our house up before my siblings arrive for dinner in 4 hours! Yikes! :-)
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

Beth said...

all ready you are. so pretty. have a good weekend. (:

Neicee said...

Wow Love your home. So pretty. I love the way you decorate. Wish I could stop by and see it! LOL We live at opposite ends of the country. Just beautiful thanks for sharing.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Everything looks so pretty and festive Kris. Looking forward to seeing your other rooms. Have a great Friday and start to your weekend. :-)

vikki said...

your house is so inviting..Just lovely. It is too bad all the blogger friends can't get together to have a cup of hot chocolate at your house..It seems the place to be. Thank you so much for sharing

Whosyergurl said...

Your kitchen/dining area is so warm and inviting! You can tell that you REALLY cook! You have scored some good deals through the years from the silverware to the buffet! Love the way you decorated the overhead light!
Warm, warm, warm!
xo, Cheryl

Holly said...

It's just so you!!! I can almost smell gingerbread baking.

Nicolle said...

I love your kitchen. I love the counters, and that brick floor. The pot rack is great, and you did get that buffet for a steal. That is a sweet story about your nickname, and I'm sure you smile when you bring out all of your mice. :) Your home is beautiful. Can't wait to see more!

Kerri said...

Thanks for the tour Kris...your home is so comfy and cozy...I bet everyone that comes over feels so welcome. You did get a steal on your buffet! And I love the red silverware too! I bet your friends were excited when they found the mouse wine holder for you!

deb said...

nice Kris, everything is so festive!

Nicole said...

I love your kitchen. So cozy.
I also must say I love your recipe for nana's chicken. Everyone in my household loved it, and I have a tough crowd to please. Thanks for sharing.

I am sorry I don't comment more. Half the time I am checking in with a toddler hanging on my leg!

Stacey said...

So cozy and warm feeling :) Love it!!

Gloria said...

Love it dear, absolutely I love your Country Christmas and all look beautiful, like always you made all:)))

~Niki~ said...

your home is lovely. can you believe, we still haven't put our tree up? that's today~life has been busier beyond busy.
have a great weekend!

kpaints said...

Wow, you go all out for Christmas....and I haven't even started!

Love so many of your ideas. The runners around the chairs...adorable.

I know you will all have a wonderful season in your sweet and welcoming home!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Love it. I can't wait to see it in person some day. Love the brick floor too. I would die for that. Your Christmas dishes are so cute. I need some.

corners of my life said...

Such beautiful colors everywhere.

Jann Olson said...

Cute, cute Kris. And I spied your apron. Oh how I love your pot rack. Cute that you collect mice and that they bring you such fond memories of your dad. I know that I had an Annalee Christmas mouse at one time. Not sure where he is hiding. I have some stuff I can't put out at our new home. Saving it for when we finish our basement. If I ever run across Mr. Mouse he is yours. I couldn't think of a better home for him. Who knows, maybe someday I'll find him. Your home is all decked out and looking wonderful.