Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knitty Bitty Thursday

Today our knitting group met.  We have all been going to a local knit shop for a couple of years, and the shop recently closed, so some of us are organizing get togethers so that we can keep in touch, and share our craft.  Last week we met here at my house.  Today we met at Viki's house.   Here we are about to have a little lunch before we got our yarn out.
Good thing Viki doesn't read blogs.  I somehow only got her nose in this picture!!!
Here is my pretty friend Donna.
Viki, our host, spent most of today working on repairing her doggins' toys.
I think my friend Viki looks a lot like Meryl Streep!    She was a wonderful hostess, and we had such a great afternoon together.
When I left, it was so gorgeous out, I went up to Glen Ivy, which is the spa I love to visit, and took some photos.  There was still a little snow on the hills, and it was such a pretty day, I just wanted to enjoy the views. 
Past the stately old oaks that line the street that leads you in to Glen Ivy.
Past the golf course, getting  closer to the verdant green hills that surround the canyon.
All the way up to the sign that bears the name of the spa that I love so much.
And then I circled around and enjoyed the view going down the hill.  It was one of those magnificent skies.  The kind that you get after a day of rains, coupled with a bit of a breeze that leaves the air crystal clear.
The sun was shining just right through the streaky clouds, leaving an almost hypnotizing view.
I was wishing I could stay out and enjoy it longer.  But I had to head home because my dear friend Anita was coming through town on her way to the airport and asked me to meet her for dinner.   So I pointed the car towards home, and continued to be mesmerized by the beautiful afternoon all around me.
Heading down my street, I stopped to admire the snow covered mountains that lay to the North of me.  Can you see them through the clouds?
Home get ready to go meet my friend.
Anita was taking a red eye tonight to Georgia, but we had a few hours to kill.  We had a yummy meal, and sat in the back of a cozy restaurant, catching up and laughing, and enjoying each others company.   Anita was the first friend I met when my family moved to the town where I grew up.  We were in the 5th grade, and have been best of friends since.  After 3 hours of great conversation, we bid goodbye in the parking lot, and I drove away with a smile on my face and feeling so very lucky.  I am blessed indeed.
I leave you with this quote I saw recently.  It really resonated with me.
XO  Kris


Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures!

by Teresa said...

Wow, thanks for taking us on a tour of you wonderful area today. I love palm trees!! Looks like fun with the knitters and you time with an old friend. Very nice.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

~Niki~ said...

what a great day for you! all the friendships and lovely crafty fun! Those landscape outside pics are great.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour.
I can see you gals had a lot of fun in your knitting group. Food, great friends and knitting that is what I call a great, fun day with friends.I knit and make baby throws and baby caps and I am 44 yrs young and I love it. It is so relaxing.

Holly said...

What a belssing to have such wonderful friends. There truly is nothing better for the heart that to be with people you love. Thanks for the pics of Glen Ivy, I hope to be able to do that with you someday.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

So nice to have such great friend, all with talent. I so wish I could knit:(

Kerri said...

You have so many friends Kris...I think you're just that kind of woman that people like to be around.
It looks so pretty where you live....everything in our area is so brown and gray right now...not so pretty!

Debbie said...

Good morning! A knitting group sounds fun (if I knitted that is, haha...Diane would love it) It was just gorgeous out yesterday wasn't it? I drove down to San Diego for women's group and I was enjoying every minute of it. The mountains were soo pretty. It was just so crisp and clear. Have a good week-end Kris!

Nicolle said...

LOVE that quote at the end. I've always felt that way. We all have different opinions. Different likes and dislikes. I just wish everyone was nice about it. :)

You do have some amazing friends. You are a lucky girl! And yes your friend does look like Meryl! Loved the beautiful skies and those snow capped mountains are amazing.

Libby said...

Yesterday was another perfect soCal day. We could see Catalina from the coast *s*
Love the saying - is that stitched on? painted? inked? Do tell.

Genn said...

Vicki does look a lot like Meryl!
Glad you had fun.
pretty pictures.
and i LOVE that quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Sounds like a really fun and full day. The sun is shining here today too and it really puts a lift in my step. Have a wonderful weekend Kris. :-)

Bethany said...

You live in such a pretty place, Kris!! Those dinners with besties are done all to quickly, eh?

Debbiedoo's said...

Beautiful Kris!

Jill said...

Nothing like good friends to share the day with! Those pictures are beautiful and I've always loved cloud shots. Have a great weekend!


Val said...

Very awesome....I wish I knew how to knit.

corners of my life said...

Have you read Thursdays At Eight by Debbie Macomber. A fun knitting story.

deb said...

so sad I had to miss this time but Im looking foward to next time!!! OH MY seeing that sign makes me want to go to Glen Ivy, and today would have been a perfect day right!!! So beautiful out!!!!

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

What a fun day with your gal pals. But, even more fun was going along on your adventure to the spa. I love to just get in the car a driving like that. Hope you have a great weekend. I had some behind the scene stuff going on this week. Sorry, I have not been in blogland 100% lately. Hoping now to get back to normal.

Whosyergurl said...

Kris, those photos are lovely, especially the one of the sunshine through the clouds. It is so beautiful, there! We are at that icky cold gray point in winter.
xo, Cheryl

Whosyergurl said...
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Whosyergurl said...
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Marion said...

Dear Kris,
it looks so wonderful where you live. I like your blog and your photos.
Many greatings from Germany,

Grammy Staffy said...

What a lovely day and what lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing. I too notice how beautiful the sky and mountains looked but I didn't get pictures. Good for you. I am glad that you had such a lovely day. I have never been to Glen Ivy.... am I missing out????

Have a great week. Hugs, Lura