Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday At The Funny Farm

We woke up early and I made us each an egg sandwich to get fortified for the day of work ahead.
I went out back to muck out the coop, and Geeps headed straight for Home Depot for sprinkler parts.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in our parts.  Brilliant blue skies with cotton candy clouds.  Cool when there was cloud cover, and warm when there wasn't.  A perfect day for hard work in the grove.
About mid morning, I heard what I thought was a herd of stampeding longhorn about to come through the grove where I was working.   When I looked up discovered it was Noah and his buddy Riley.  They  had come to pick fruit with their Mama's.  Soon after they arrived, we had four more little feet to run with the others.  And at about the same time, my friend Jae stopped by to say hello too!
I got the kids out front to run some races, while Jae and I sat and chatted with some iced tea.
On your mark....get set..........GO!
A little rest time on the swing with a Capri Sun.
Girl talk.
Kids are so creative.  They were playing Red Light, Green Light with those pillows, while Noah and Claire ran pell mell around and round the porch.
Geeps was working on broken sprinklers.  Here he is trying to coax a kiss from Clairey.
You can see that our gardener was a no show last Friday!  Grrrrrr!!!
After the front yard play, we took then across the street to Simmons Park.  Where again, they had a ball!
They ran, they teetered, they slid, they played hide and seek.   Wheeeeee!
Hannah figured out how to slow herself down by using her boots.
Clairey had no fear.
And Riley got to swingin' so high, she could touch the clouds!
You just can't beat an old school swing set!!! 
Even Gamma went down that slide!  Oh yes I did!  I took my camera with me and shot this of Hannah when she went down ahead of me.
 The Mama's rode the horse!   Here is Gennifer demonstrating how to ride side saddle!
And here she is demonstrating how to ride a bucking bronc!
I don't think Amy had ever been horseback riding.  She seemed unsure of what to do, and a little afraid of the horse.
Typical Urban Cowgirl....has her cell phone in her hand!  
And because I have no shame, I rode bare back too.  In my chicken coop mucking out boots, and yoga pants and old t shirt, with a hair clip in my hair, and nary a stitch of makeup on.   Yes.....I am a fashion plate!   I didn't anticipate that everyone we knew would be stopping by to visit yesterday!  I don't dress up for my yard work.  Do you?
Noah worked up the courage to try that super steep slide.  He came down at lightening speed and landed with a thud.
I love this of Hannah peeking out the window in the fort.
Oh that sky!!
 Before Gennifer left, she gave Geeps a haircut.  She will only make house calls for her Daddy!
 The girls played hopscotch and ran around on the back patio while Geeps got his hair cut.

The shadows grew longer, and by then it was almost time for Geeps to go in and get cleaned up for his evening with Erika and Noah.  Eri had gotten him tickets to go to the Monster Truck Show with them for Christmas.  She got front row seats, and took him out to dinner to Island's first too!  Here they are all ready to go.  Noah is sporting his Monster Truck shirt and everything, excited and raring to go!
 In the words of my grandson, they had "Super Duper Thousand Fun!!!"
Before I leave is a sneak peek at what I am working on.  I bought this vintage bar on wheels at my favorite Vintage & Thrift a few months ago.  I could see this diamond in the rough as being a great piece for our old school back patio and barbeque area.  We spend a good many nights out there in the summer time, and food prep and storage is always a problem.   This has three tiers that graduate in size from bottom to top.  And it is on wheels for easy moving.  It can be dressed up and skirted for use as a traditional bar, or left exposed for casual dining.  I could see it's many possibilities.  I snatched it up, brought it home, and hadn't intended to redo it until summer, but we are having a bit of a ParTay here next weekend, so thought I would get to sanding!

The lower shelves had already been removed in prep for sanding.  I removed all of that chippy paint, and painted a coat of primer first, then the first coat of paint.  I have to go get more paint today, and then I will show you the finished piece.
Better get to it.  See you soon.
XO  Kris


deb said...

ok IM a little jealous....friday was gorgeous I agree, but SATURDAY it rained all day at my house???? Im only 1/2 north of you ....whats up with that???? ALL DAY!!!!
well, Im glad someone had fun anyways!!!

From the Kitchen said...

The photos show what a great day you had. It's so nice to have your family close enough for those good times to happen.


by Teresa said...

It was fun to see the kids having a great time. You're so lucky to have your grands so close. We were supposed to go to our youngest son's house for dinner last night but my DIL texted me that the 3 year old had come down with a cold.. and we avoid getting those at all costs so had to stay home. Wah. You're so busy!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Heather - The Good Life said...

You always seem to have a houseful of family. You are blessed! Sounds like a terrific day and no, I don't get "gussied" up to do work around the yard either. :-)

Linda said...

Looks like you had a great rained here most of the day...that was a good thing! Boy your grands sure are getting big!!
I wear yoga pants and an old T-shirt and crocks to garden too!

Lauri said...

So fun to have your grandkids drop by for a visit! I'm sure they love coming to Grandma's house.

Can't wait to see the finished product. I'm sure it will look fabulous.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Sounds like a great day:) Why is everyone on the planet stops over when you have no makeup on. LOL You all look so happy, what a wonderful family day:)

DaCraftyLady said...

Isn't it fun when the g-kids visit? I love the table/bar, great find! And the fort photos are precious but best one is you on the by my blog I awarded you "The Versatile Blogger" award!♥ Debb

Genn said...

ou got some great shots.
but can you please take that first one of me on that horse OFF PLEASE?
i asked nice. now do it or i will. ;)

thanks again for watching girls today for me!

Nicolle said...

The egg sandwich looks delicious, and what a fun weekend. I love all the pictures of the kids. Noah's expressions are so great, and the girls look so sweet too. I'm sure they always love coming to your house. It seems like "the" place to be, with lots to do! I love that picture of Genn cutting her dad's hair. Makes me sentimental for my dad! xo.

Holly said...

Great pics Kris! Beer and a haircut, how awesome! I love that rolling cart and can't wait to see it all pretty, painted and possibly skirted.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

You are creating such lasting memories for the children, they will look back on those days fondly. I see a relaxing place near the tree in the backyard that has my name on it. You have oranges trees there are loaded with fruit, what a magnificent site.

God bless and keep you all safe.

Erika said...

Cute pics Mom we sure had a fun time thank you for letting us all play!

Kerri said...

Your house looks like the place to be! I hope I'm a fun grandma someday like you. Love the picture of Hannah looking up at you coming down the slide!

Jann Olson said...

Hey girl, what a super duper thousand fun post! I loved all of the pics of the grandkids and family. So cute grandpa coazing a kiss. I love you riding bareback. I am always making a fool of myself around the grandiss. Not that you are. lol! Love the muck boots, and NO I do not dress up for yard work. I sometimes don't even wear a (something that starts with a B) Don't tell anyone, hopefully my shirt is baggy enough they don't notice. I will be heading out to the gardens in about a month. Nice enough (Unusual) that I may cut back a bit of debris. Cute, cute family! Hey, we have a grandson named Riley, he is 13.

Meri said...

This is February!! How lucky you are.
Can't wait to see the finished table.

corners of my life said...

Getting a haircut while eating popcorn and drinking beer - now how fun would that be!?

annielizabeth said...

What a fun day had by all. Nice find on your cart. Yes, we've had such nice days. I'm gonna try the custard pie, looks delish. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. OX