Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Post from Erika

Hi Bloggy bloggers!  Sorry to disappoint you, but today is not my Mom Kris, it's me Erika...remember me??

How bout now? 

Good...great.  Let's catch you up. is...The exact same.  Except I have been putting more photos in albums,  frames & on my walls vs my blog upkeep.
Exhibit A:
 The larger frames are awaiting their photos I'm having done of Noah & I (mostly Noah) on La Playa.

   I do miss blogging tho.  I miss my bloggy friends. 

Ran a half marathon with my cousin Jessica.  It was not fun.  Very windy, like hurricane Erika status I tried naming it that but they said it wasn't really a hurricane & that I was just a wimp.  Sure felt like one when I was digesting 7 miles worth of sand from the beach.  But it sure was a fun time with my cousin!  She is my running hero.  She's a machine.  I felt good miles 1-10.  Mile 10.5 I wanted to call a cab.  But I didn't and I finished.  

In other news.  Noah had his 5 year old check up just before he turned 5... (Sniff)  
All is good in his hood.  Doc says he is on track to be about 6'6.  Ya heard me, 6'6.  I am not surprised at all.  I'm 5'9 and he is about up to my chest.
At his check up he had to have 5 shots & a tb test.  Poor Bubs.  I hate that part &... kinda wanna punch the nurse by needle 3.  Instinct?  Mama bear?  We woke up the next day he was vomiting & had a fever I figured that was normal.  As the weekend continued his right arm continued to look worse.  Swollen, tight, red & tender.  I took him to the ER after driving round town discovering not a single urgent care was open. 
We got meds he had to take 4 times a day that tasted awful, & I mean AWFUL.  So I did what any good mother would do.  Bribed him with mounds of candy, new toys & movies.  I kept him back from school & me from work for two days & he was up & running in no time. 
I went on a hike recently with my friend Jen & we are eager to venture to many more round the likes of here!  We really live in such a great location.

Noah turned 5 !!!  Still, every year I cry on the eve of his b-day...I asked my Mom when does this stop??  29?  What am I in for? 

I had his party at Pump it Up which is so great for kids, they had a blast!  And some of the big kids too!  I'm pretty sure my brother wants his b-day there next year. 

 I also had a "tower of tires" that were chocolate donuts.  Noah loves him some cars!
These were some of the "big kids" at the party.  Good times had by ages 5 & under and 5 & up.
(don't mind the blurry-ness, that is a child running)

Let's see what else.  
We had out last hoorah at Disneyland :(  Our annual passes expired and no plans to renew them.  We took a trip with our good friends.

I started out loathing Dland.  But we ended our season pass having grown fond of it.  The park is gorgeous, there is lot's to do, it's a lot of walking, and most importantly Noah has a blast every visit.  My most favorite trips have been just Noah & I.  

We still frequent the park on the reg.  And my friend/neighbor Jen's sons play both t-ball & soccer so it's been fun to visit some of their games & cheer them on/prepare for soccer Mom life. 

Noah is all registered for Kindergarten & I can't believe that we are venturing into K-6  How did this happen???  I enrolled him for soccer which starts in August so I'm officially a soccer Mom (who drives a Sedan) woo hoo!  We can't wait!  Speaking of my sedan, Mary Sue is still doing great!  She is as a great car & we love her so much so, that we are keeping her until death do us part. 

God has been doing some really amazing things in our life.  He is faithfully laying out my stepping stones to his will for me as I live my life Christ devoted.  It's truly the most fulfilling I have ever felt when I am who I was created to be.

Other than that just living life & loving it.  Miss you all


Casey said...

I was so happy to see you were guest blogging! I really do miss reading your blog! When the time is right I hope I do see you posting again :)
Looks like life is great for you and Noah!

Debbiedoo's said...

Sweet guest post Erika!~ You have your Moms smile.

Pam said...

Great post. I love, love, love the last photo - so precious!

Grayseasailor said...

It is fun for me to get to know you better, Erika. I am visiting you from the Portland, OR, area where it is raining...again. (: I enjoyed learning about your busy days as you run your great race with Christ. Please give your mom a restful hug from me. <3

Sandy said...

Yay!! I love the guest post, I miss your blog!! You look great, Noah looks great, I am glad to read everything is great! :) I adore that list picture of you and Noah. :) xoxo

Tammy said...

Miss you like crazy, Erika!!!! Think about you guys a lot! I'm so glad you are doing so well! I check to see if you've blogged like everyday. =) Keep in touch!

Tammy said...

P.S. That last picture is awesome! Adorable!

Kris said...

Well's me..Mom...I LOVE that last picture of you and Noah. I already told you that though when you sent it to my phone. I need a copy to frame in my house. See, you are up your blog again!!!!

Debbie said...

Oh I was so pleased that you were the guest blogger. I have missed reading about you and your cute little guy. Sounds like everything is moving along really well. That arm looked pretty sore..poor little guy. That last picture of the two of you is just precious. I agree with your mom. It should be blown up and framed and hung in her house. : ) Congrats on the is LONG...good job! Hope all continues to go well for both of you!

Pammy Sue said...

What a sweet post! Enjoyed all your pics. I'm so impressed that you entered AND FINISHED a marathon! Woo-hoo! You go girl.

About those birthdays...I have two boys, and I used to do the same thing. How did this happen? But now that they're older, it's just a reminder every year of how old I am getting! How did THAT happen? Ha-ha-ha.

Nicolle said...

I loved seeing this post Erika! You are dearly missed here in blog land. I have really felt your absence. Come back. :) It was great to see this guest post and yours and Noah's sweet faces, and get caught up on your life. I love what you said at the end, and that last photo is priceless. Yes, get a copy to your mom asap.


annielizabeth said...

Hi, I like the last pic of you two the best.

It's like "blink" they are 5 and then "blink" they are all grown up! When my daughter (first born) seemed to be growing up so fast I rearranged things so I'd have more time to spend with her and my son who is 5.5 yrs younger. As an example, instead of cleaning up the dishes right after dinner, I would spend time reading with them or playing a short board game before they were off for baths and bedtime. I became more aware of the passing of time and tried to spend more quality time with them. I got them to help around the house and were assigned chores (for no pay since I was a single mom) and not gender specific chores as the world was changing, some dad's were staying home with kids and moms worked. They figured out that I had more time on the weekends to spend with them when they helped out. Now my son is 25 and he knows how to cook, sort laundry properly, clean just about anything and will make a great husband for a lucky gal someday.

Being a mom is the best gift ever so enjoy your journey with Noah!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH! And may you have many more. :)

Heather said...

I'm so glad you finally guest posted! I've been looking forward to it. Your life these days is sounding wonderful. I'm so glad you've found this happiness. Thanks for being a great friend to me lately as I've gone through some stuff. :) Happy Birthday to Noah!!!

Barb said...

Hi Erika. It's so great to hear that all is going well with you - I miss your blog and the refreshing way you have of saying things. Noah is cute as ever - and so are you. Way to go with your marathon - I have recently started running on my treadmill, and I'm up to 20 minutes without stopping. Sounds pretty lame, but I was excited! Happy birthday to Noah!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Erika, i have heard so much about Noah from your sweet mom. So nice to meet the mother of that cute kid. Sounds like your life is so busy and full as a young mother. Believe me these days will be gone before you know it and you will miss them dearly. Say 'Hi' to mom and so happy that the Lord is leading you on a wonderful journey!

Savvy Seasons said...
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Savvy Seasons said...

Sorry, duplicate post.

You are too cute, just like your Mom and Noah is adorable! =) xo ~Liz

Val said...

What a great guest post!!!!

Gloria said...

love this post Erika :)

Kerri said...

Hi Erika! What sweet pictures of you and Noah...especially that last one! I hope it's in a frame where you can look at it often. Congrats on the house search...what an exciting time for you!

Holly said...

I tried all day long yesterday to leave you a comment but blogger was hating me. So glad to see your sweet face again. I've missed the heck out of you. Love that pic of you and Noah in black and white.