Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mish Mash Wednesday

Hello, hello, hello!  Can you hear it in my voice?  I am feeling SO much better!  Almost 100%.  I still can't hear very well, but I am feeling human again!!!  I even got to go have breakfast with my girlfriend Jae this morning after dropping off Hannah and Noah to Vacation Bible School.  ( Our little Clairey is a bit under the weather still, so I took Hannah for Gennifer and Jake today)  Jae is doing better.  She has been to the doctor and is undergoing a battery of tests.  We had a great time this morning catching up.
So.....the end of June has had me spending lots of time in the garden.  Especially these past few days. Everything is growing like gangbusters, and I am planning our meals around what is harvested on that particular day.  One night this week, I had a good variety of veggies and herbs, so I decided to make a rustic pizza.  This was an experiment, because I wanted to see if I could cook it on my stove top using my heavy cast iron Lodge grill pan.  First I grilled up the veggies.  Meanwhile I rolled out the dough to a rustic sort of squarish shape for the pan.  I made some homemade pesto sauce to top the dough.  I didn't have any pine nuts on hand, so in place of those, I used sunflower seeds.  I have used walnuts too, and this is wonderful as well.  But let me tell you, the sunflower seeds were an excellent substitute!!!  . 
I have been asked how I make my pesto, and I intend to do a tute soon.  However, on this night, I was trying to whip this together really fast, so I didn't take the time to take pictures.  But simply put, I used a very large bunch of fresh basil from the garden.  A few cloves of freshly minced garlic,and then about a cup or so of sunflower seeds.  Place all in Cuisinart, hit blend, and into the top, pour a steady slow stream of olive oil in until desired consistency is reached.  Season to taste.  It is that simple.  I also love to make cilantro pesto the same way, just substitute cilantro for the basil, and use desired nuts.  I would recommend pine, or walnut, and now sunflower too.
I topped with some fresh cheese and a variety of veggies, including the slightly grilled squash.
The top puffed up and cooked nicely.  But then the house filled with smoke, and everyone came butting their noses into what I was doing!!!!!  I opened up all the windows.  Turned on the exhaust fan on the hood of the stove, and kept on cooking!  I did lower the temp a bit, and realize that I started it out too high.  But it was delicious, with the exception of the center pieces that burned on the bottom.  Next time, I will lower the temp a bit, and keep it at a medium high.
I cut it into squares, and we ate it up.  I had cut my first big handful of fresh arugula to heap on top after it was cooked, and then forgot all about it!!!
Those were also my first green onions from the garden.  My cherry tomatoes are amazing!!!!!
Last night, I had been craving a nice steak.  So off to Sprouts I went, and bought three rib eyes.  They looked so good.  I also bought some fresh bleu cheese to top them with.  And picked my first string beans to cook.  As well as a large batch of fresh spinach, and cucumbers, strawberries and tender peas.
Geeps grilled up the steaks, and topped them with Bleu Cheese, and I steamed the green beans and made the spinach salad.  We ate out back just as the sun was going down.  It was so nice.
Truth be told, we were a little bit disappointed  in our steaks.  They were cooked to perfection, but they just weren't as good as the meat I usually buy at Sprouts.  I prefer a bone in steak too.  They are much more flavorful.  These were boneless.  They were good, but not the best!  Darn.  But the salad and green beans...oh my!!!!!!  The only thing in the salad that I didn't grow was the handful of blueberries I tossed in.
It's Wednesday, and I don't cook on Wednesday because my husband plays on a mens softball team on Wednesday nights, and doesn't eat before games.  I might be cereal for me.  Or just some snacking in the garden.
My chickens have been producing some pretty large eggs!  And one of them, Chickas, which is Hannah's chicken, has been producing monstrous sized eggs!!  It is incredible!!!  To show you, I lined up the 5 eggs that I collected today, with Chickas' on the far right.
The other four chickens lay what I would call a large egg.  But Chickas lays a super duper, extry large egg!!!!!!  Plus, hers always have little calcium bumps on the shell.
Here are two together, both of my green egg layers.
Today after Jae and I had breakfast, I popped into my favorite Goodwill store, and did a little poking around.  I rescued an absolutely gorgeous hand crochet blanket.  It is so soft.  Full of texture, and perfect colors!  Someone put a lot of love into that piece.  I had to rescue it!!!  I brought it home, and gave it a good wash in the machine, and dried it.  It came out fluffy and Downey fresh!  I am in love!!!
 It is stunning!!!  I love this!!!!
The workmanship.  The choice of yarn.  The pattern.  Just yummy!!!!!  It is a bricky or barn red and cream. Perfect for my house.
And, it is huge!  A two person snuggler!!!    It was priced at 5.99.  BUT, it was half price!!!!!  Can you beat that with a stick?
Heading over to take Noah to swim with Christopher next door while Jane and I nosh on an edible fruit arrangement that she just got.
XO  Kris


Deborah said...

That is a beautiful blanket and looks so warm! Your veggies look delicious!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Love the gorgeous blanket! What a great find and who could pass up a bargain that good?! I was intrigued by your yummy looking pizza :)


❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

What a lucky find, I love the blanket. Our GW is homeless quality. Terrible. Love your pizza, it looks so yummy! Glad you are on the mend:) Seems like that took a long time.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, I am sorry that I have been so slow at hopping over to visit. So much going on right now. I always love to see what you are cooking up. The pizza looks so delicious! I love all veggies. I love pesto too, but have never tried making my own. I can't wait until I pick my first tomatoe and cucumber. They just taste absolutely fabulous compared to store bought. Have you ever tried Paula Deens rub on steaks? I have the recipe. Real simple and it makes them awfully juicy. I plan on sharing it soon. I'll let you know. I can't believe that you found that throw at Good Will and half price no less!
p.s. sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.

by Teresa said...

Kris.. you are amazing! I'm so glad you're better! Your pizza makes me want to make one. I've done that crochet pattern before, it can make a basket weave look.. Thanks for enjoying my DC posts. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Well Kris, it's a good thing I just ate dinner, cause if I had not I think I would be munching on the computer screen thanks to your yummy looking produce and interesting recipes!!!
It is SUNNY and a little warmer here today, but your new blanket would be lovely to snuggle under...
mmmmm thanks for the nice visit :)
Gracie <3

Gloria said...

Kris this pizza look amazing!

Holly said...

Pizza looks great! Love all those fresh veggies. So glad you are feeling better. Great find on the blankie, it's so pretty. I got an edible arrangement a couple of weeks ago, it was amazing! I don't think I'll ever send flowers again, this is the way to go!

Petunia Pill said...

Will you adopt me? I want you to cook for me. Soooo fabulous and creative! That blanket! I'm intrigued by the little lines of opposite color contrast. Are those sc? Or are they woven through with a needle? Can you tell? Love those colors! What a find!

Mereknits said...

Yummy looking pizza, I think the smoke just added to the flavor. Oh the blanket is so wonderful, who could send that beauty to the second hand store? It must have taken so much time to complete. Don't you wonder about who made it, what their life was like and what idiot child of theirs packed it up and shipped it out? I am guessing here but it certainly wasn't someone who appreciates the hard work that was put into it. Glad the lovely blanket has found a lovely new home.

Pammy Sue said...

Great crochet find! SCORE! I'm so glad you rescued it and freshened it all up. I see some snuggly warm naps in your future. Always love seeing your veggies. It inspires me to eat more myself. Glad you're feeling better!

Lynne said...

That pizza looks amazing! You are always serving up some great meals at your house! I need to go back over to the Goodwill after seeing your blanket, what a good deal!

Jody and Stan said...

Looks like you are the cooking Queen. Everything looks delicious! Love the blanket too...


Debbie Kay said...

What? The Goodwill without me? hahahah oh Kris you found a gem there in that beautiful blanket. I bet you were thrilled.



Little Treasures said...

All these delicious food in our post makes m mouth water :)
Glad you are feeling better!

Katie said...

What a Beautiful Blanket you rescued!!

That pizza of yours looks delicious!

Jubilee......simply it!

NanaNor's said...

Kris, So very glad you are back to feeling like normal. What a wonderful pizza you made! I've been wanting one lately but with the heat my basis up and wilted. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and I hope it was just as good today.
Hugs, Noreen

Cheryl said...

So glad you are better. BUT....I need to remember not to visit your blog when I am hungry! You always have the most yummy looking goodies!!! By the way, we went camping at Lake Casitas by Ojai!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better, Kris! Eating all those wonderful fresh vegetables and fresh eggs shoudl make your immune system soar! I can't believe the size of Chickas' eggs! Wow!

Your pizza looked fantastic--I'll have to make one this weekend as now you've given me the urge.

The crochet blanket was a real find is so beautifully made.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Kris, your pizza looks delicious! I need to go and cook dinner - stuffed zuchinni. Your food posts always make me hungry!!!!

LOVE the blanket. Yup, you scored!


lovestitch said...

I'm visiting you from Meredith's blog. So glad you found such a treasure, I beleive it has a great new home!

Genn said...

Pretty red blanket!

I'm glad jae is doing better!!!!!!!

Jill said...

Pizza looks delicious!! Wow, those are some large eggs you get from your chickens. Have you ever tried selling them locally? Gotta love Goodwill, you can find so many great things there!

Have a great weekend Kris!


Nicolle said...

Oh my gosh, that blanket you rescued is gorgeous!!! What a steal!

Your pizza looks amazing, and now I've got to try your homemade pesto. I'm not always a lover of pesto, but yours sounds amazing.

I'm so glad you feel better! xoxo

Pondside said...

What a lovely blog - I'm visiting via Becky's. The pizza looks delicious!

annielizabeth said...

Hi Kris, so glad you're feeling better. Your bobble blanket is amazing, so pretty and all your veggies and your pizza! Wow.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Life is better when we feel good that is for sure. Glad things are going better. Your veggies look incredible!

lovestitch said...

It's me again, I just stopped by to say thank you for your visit back and following my blog. I'm so happy to have you there! Your blog is so wonderful, I will be back shortly and enjoy more with a cup of coffee! :)
Have a great week ahead!
Best, LS

Debbiedoo's said...

Nummy num num! Kris you make my mouth water sometimes when I pop over for a visit. This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

Whosyergurl said...

that pizza looks delish! Oh my. and what a find at the Goodwill. I am a bargain shopper, too.

xo, Cheryl