Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Is Sizzlin'!!

Good morning!  I am all caught up with my laundry now.  Ironing is another story.  It is too hot!!!  I have been ironing one dress shirt at a time for Geeps!!!   We are already nearly midway through July, and as expected, the mercury has risen!  We were at 106 yesterday.  It was a very ugly, humid day!  I only went outside to hang clothes on the line and tend to the chickens and garden.
This morning we are totally socked in with clouds, and at 9:00 a.m., it was already miserable outside.  I feel for those who live in the humid areas!  I couldn't take it!!
When we got home from our trip, I gathered eggs from the coop, and there was this one teeny tiny egg.  It was about the size of a quail egg.  A darker brown than the usual egg shell color from my brown layers.  I was curious about it, and googled it.  There can be two causes.  1, that the hen is young, and just beginning to lay.  2, that the hen has had her routine interrupted in some way to cause stress.  Which has to be the reason.  I had someone taking care of them, but it wasn't what they were used to.  I opened the egg last night.  It was all white, no yolk.  When I googled it, they call these fairy eggs, or witch eggs.  I prefer the term fairy eggs myself. 
You can see the fairy egg there on top of the other eggs.
My garden is a little bit stressed right now in this heat. Everything except the tomatoes!   They are coming in like crazy.  Bright red, plump and juicy.  We are enjoying them on everything!!!
I picked my first eggplant yesterday too. But the cucumbers had to be mostly harvested, as they had some sort of bug infestation.  I tried to water spray them off, but they had already done their damage.  They also attacked the cantaloupe, but not nearly as badly.  But it will give me much less yield in fruit. 
At my last Knitty Biddy meeting, a few of the ladies were making these beautiful lacy knitted scarves.  I had not ever seen this strange yarn before.  Part lace, part yarn, with little doodads on it.  My friend Viki gave me a skein to give it a try.  I watched them doing it, but then after a couple weeks time, I needed some refreshing for my memory.  I googled it, and found that there are a dozen or more ways to make these.  It is a bit fiddly, as it is different that working with regular yarn.  But I am loving the soft cascading fall of this yummy scarf!
It is very light weight, and airy.  The perfect summer time accessory.  I am making mine in a yummy coral and blue with bits of soft gray and lavender.  In a ball, it looks like this.
But you actually pull the yarn apart to expose the lacy edging.  It is into the outer lace that you knit.  Which forms a sort of soft twirling cascade of color and yumminess.
I discovered that while holding it the way I am used to, with yarn in my right hand, was much too cumbersome.  I switched and held the yarn in my left hand, even though I am right handed, and this enables me to open the lace using my left hand fingers and knit into the top pieces holding the needle in my right hand.   While still holding the needle in  my left hand, but it made it much easier to open up the lace.
I am using Rozetti Spectra yarn, which my friend Viki purchased online for 10 dollars a skein, with no shipping for a minimum order.
My friend Jen was making hers with a Patons Pirouette yarn, and I believe she found it at Michael's or Joann's, where you can use a coupon and buy it for roughly 6.00 a skein.
I think these will make beautiful gifts, and I see myself making a bunch of them!
I should finish this today.  I will show you the finished scarf tomorrow.  It is so ugly outside that I plan to stay in and clean and knit.  Tomorrow my Knitty Biddies are coming here for lunch and knitting/crochet.
Hopefully the sun will come back out soon, and we can get back out to the pool to enjoy our Relaxation Station.
Boy do we love this thing!!!!!!!   SO comfortable!!!   Nice with the foot and half of water in the bottom that comes in through the netting.  Drink holders for my tea.  Ahhhh...wonderful!!!
I had dinner with Jae last night, and she said don't be surprised if you find me out there in your pool tomorrow!!!!   She is feeling good by the way.  And goes to the Dr. tomorrow to schedule her upper GI series.
This morning on my walkabout, the only thing in the yards that doesn't look too terribly stressed are my potted petunias on the covered back patio.
Everything else looks as though it is gasping for water!!!!!  UGH!!!!!
Stay cool!  Drink lots of water!  And I hope these heat waves pass soon!!!!!
XO  Kris


Pam said...

Hi Kris - we just had a wonderful monsoon storm last night. Very humid here this morning - 65% humidity. Very high for us! Hoping for more rain tonight. My grass sure needed it. Your scarf looks beautiful. Very cool yarn. Glad you had fun on vacation and enjoyed the cool weather. Love seeing your veggies.
Have a great rest of the week!

Holly said...

Yucky weather here too, hot, humid, yuck. Staying inside today. Every single plant on my patio is now dead. :( Glad Jae is feeling better. Be looking for a package to be delivered in the next couple of days. Love ya

R.Punitha said...

Hi Kris ,

Looks AAwesome !!!

and colourful :)))

Keep on Dear:)))

Bethany said...

Oo I like that scarf! I'll have to contribute to my local economy :)
It's been crazy hot here too. It finally cooled down for a few days, but will be raging again by tomorrow. I can't stand it. Makes it difficult to be outside.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I too love your scarf-it looks so bright and cheerful. It has cooled off here and we are getting some monsoons; hope you get some coastal fog soon(I'm sure it isn't possible but I can wish for you).
Hugs, Noreen

Debbie said...

The weather is just horrid out today huh? I just got back from running some errands with my mom and it was actually raining. We are soo fortunate not to usually deal with humidity...don't think I'd do too well with it. Love your scarf but your pool thing looks REALLY wonderful right now, haha...Stay cool!

Eileen said...

Hi Kris,
Love that your garden is producing some vegetables. After years of not planting one beczuse of the past years weather we decided to be adventurous and go full scale this year. Well, guess we will have to find another adventure. Between no rain, and the deer and rabbits eating the plants for breakfast, lunch and supper, we have no produce for all our efforts. :-(
Love the scarf. I have seen some on this order, but not as fancy as the yarn you are using. Very nice.
Have a good weekend. hugs

Jamie said...

Loved all the Big Bear pics! That scarf is cool!!! love to see all teh cool stuff you're making :) That relaxation station looks so neat- it would be awesome on river floats! :)

Gloria said...

Hi kris I love that you are knitting I knitt too and especially love your tomatos; yeah they are beautiful in hot time; sorry you have so hot weather! Here is cold! Is winter!

Robyn said...

I LOVE your relaxation station! an the tomatoes look delicious!.. Thank you for posting about the eggs.. we have chickens too and I've never gotten a "fairy egg" yet but now if I do I'll know what it is :)...We had a heat wave here in South Carolina for about a week that just broke this tuesday.. Triple digit temps an the humidity? Like pea soup but it's always like that in the summer in the south.. I hope it cools off for you soon!

Tania @ Out Back said...

It has been on our television about your heatwave. I feel for you because in Summer we have sometimes 2 weeks at a time of extremely hot temperatures. Even the tomatoes dont survive :( The pool always comes in handy in times like this. They are forecasting a long hot Summer for us this year...

Your tomatoes appear to be thriving, and look lovely and big. Love the scarf, it is very pretty :)

Stay cool :)


by Teresa said...

Wow, Kris, that is hot! It's 63 here right now, it's been cooling off nice at night, and just 82 today. Oregon has the nicest weather when it's summer! I'm crocheting now too... it just relaxes me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Heather - The Good Life said...

Hi Kris, that yarn looks interesting, not sure how it would crochet up. We haven't had much rain here and everything is dry and mostly yellow(ish). I've been watering my flowers daily, but they still droop by the end of the day ready for their next drink. Your tomatoes look super great, makes me want a big tomato sandwich with lots of mayo! :-) Take care, Heather

Mereknits said...

Kris, I think you might find me on that relaxation station, too. It looks perfect to relax and not even get your knitting wet. Love that yarn, I have used Rozzetti yarn with some of the shawls I make on my loom. I really like the brand.
I am gardening today and then knitting.

Happy Friday,

Cathy said...

Hi Kris - That is so interesting about the yolkless egg. I buy eggs from a market vendor and every so often get one with a double yolk. Love that colorful scarf. One of my customers was wearing one last week and it looked so pretty on her. What a fun thing to knit.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Very interesting about the eggs. I just got some from my farm supplier that were tiny like that. I will be anxious to crack them open and see whats in there.

Linda said...

I love the look of your looks like it could be a ruffle on something...very fun! The heat is horrible, but at least we got quite a bit of rain from it...that wasn't bad I guess...but this staying warm through the night is getting to me!! Stay cool and have a great weekend!!

Katie said...

Wow, looks like y'all have been having a ton of fun!!

corners of my life said...

I love your egg tray/plate.

Jill said...

That scarf and colors are beautiful! That float looks so inviting in your pool! :-) It has been very humid here as well! Your garden sounds like a delight! mine never did get started this year we have had so much going on and not home enough to really tend it :-( Hopefully next year so for now I'm visiting farmer markets :-)
Enjoy your evening.


Nicolle said...

I want to come float in your pool. How fun!

Your scarf is gorgeous. It looks so intricate and delicate. I love it so much. You are so talented.

I could eat fresh tomatoes every single day. Yours look delicious. Hope you enjoy your week. It might rain today, but I'm sure we'll find a pool somewhere. :)

Sinta Renee said...

I love your scarf!!! Yum! Looks like you have a perfect thing going there in your backyard! I will be right over with my glass of tea!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, oh girl I wish I could send you some rain. It has been hot here, but we have had cloud bursts the last two days. Kind of nice and the plants love it. The lace and yarn is really clever. I think your scarf is going to be so cute. Your tomatoes look so yummy. I don't have any ripe yet, but soon I hope. I picked three zuchinni today and made zuchinni coins for a dinner side dish. Love your pool and floater.

Whosyergurl said...

love that yarn! can't wait to see the finished scarf! Try to stay cool. It has been hot here, too.
xo, Cheryl

lovestitch said...

Oh your scarf looks yummy! I love how it turns out, awesome!
You have so much fun to enjoy!!!
Have a great week!
~ LS, xo

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Look at those eggs!! So jealous. I see signs though. Squatting and such. Can't wait for today. Q is pretty excited too and keeps asking when we are leaving.

Pam said...

106? No thank you! I would give anything for your eggs, avocados, pool, plants, garden, etc. You live the good life my friend!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love that scarf! I need a group like yours to teach me know to knit--videos don't help me.

I love your pool float--it looks so relaxing!

Stay cool! Hope the hens go back to producing -they probably don't like all this heat either!

Grayseasailor said...

Kris, have you ever tried to cook an egg on your concrete on one of your hot days? I wonder if you could.

Your fairy egg is very interesting and I have never seen one even though I was reared on poultry farms.

Thanks for sharing your new scarf/yarn! Neat!!
Hugs from Gracie :)