Friday, July 20, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer

Before I begin my post today, I want to say how much I am thinking of those in CO who were involved in that terrible shooting.  My son was at the midnight showing of Batman last night with his girlfriend, here in our town.  This could have been anyone, anywhere.  It is just so hard to even comprehend.
Although summer is zipping by quickly, we are enjoying every bit of it.  The little ones spent two weeks at a fantastic Vacation Bible School that broke up summer a bit.  We had a terrific vacation up in our local mountain community with the whole family.  I have enjoyed gardening, and swimming, and reading a few books, and  hooking a few projects.  My sewing room waits for cooler weather.
We have a couple more little trips to look forward to, and soon enough, the summer will be over.  Already, the days are noticeably shorter.  My garden has been producing massive amounts of beautiful tomatoes, squash, onions, herbs, cantaloup, cucumbers, beans, peas and more. 
Every night I bring in a bucket full of something.  And a late egg is often found in the coop as well.
Each summer I have learned a bit more about gardening.  What does well here in our climate.  What does not.  What I want to plant more of next season.  Better ideas for pairing certain veggies, and ways to stake and support them better.
My tomatoes have gone plum crazy, and instead of trying to offer any more support and risk uprooting, or breaking off nearly ripe fruit, I have opted to allow them to grow willy nilly, and rest their heavy fruit laden branches against my wrought iron fencing.
Planted in between all of those tomatoes, are bunches of arugula.  A huge favorite for our family, and I will certainly be planting more of that next spring!  We like it on pizzas, in salads, on sandwiches.  It has a wonderful peppery flavor!
This little cherry tomatoe plant has been a top producer of mine.  I will be planting even more of those next year.  They are so unbelievably delicious and sweet!!!
I pop them into my mouth, one after the other, like grapes.  They burst with sun warmed sweetness in my mouth, and remind me of when I was little and my brother Mark would say, "EWWWWW.....cherry tomatoes are like eyeballs that squish in your mouth!!"   I thought I didn't like them because of his proclamation.  But alas, I do!!!
I have planted pretty zinnias and johnny jumpups in the garden boxes where I have harvested other plants that left bare spots begging for something to grow.
Soon there will be pretty colorful shoots where only a seedling is visible.  There is still plenty of green onions, sage, parsley, peppers, eggplant, spinach and cantaloup on the back wall in that box.
That sad little shoot to the left of the green onions is a bunch of basil I rooted in the kitchen, but I am not sure if it will make it or not.
The strawberries have been sweet and juicy, but I didn't plant nearly enough of them.
I walked out early this morning to say hello to my hens, and let them out of the coop, and into their run.  They will stay in the run until they have all left me a colorful oval present in the nest boxes.
They will peck at the earth underneath the shade of the big avocado trees, until about noon, when I let them out to have the run of the grove.
On my way out to the coop, I snapped this photo of the wicker set out on the outer patio where we bbq, and often have our summer meals.  We sit at this shaded set so often in the late afternoons.  I have discovered that an old King sized fitted sheet works beautifully to keep the set and cushions covered and clean when not in use.
It is going to be another scorcher here in our  area. 
On my way back into the house, I gave all of my patio plants a little drink before they begin to wilt in the heat of the day.
If you use the large jugs of liquid laundry detergent, once empty and washed, they make excellent watering jugs.  Erika bought this.  I don't buy laundry soap anymore, because I prefer to make my own.  I just used an awl to poke some holes into the lid and there  you go, a watering can.
My nasturtiums have made a bit of a comeback, after I pruned them way back from their unrulyness. Is that a word?
Our avocado trees have had quite a year! They are producing avocados in mass quantities, like we have never seen in the 20 years we have been  here.  We are keeping everyone we know in guacamole, and the extras have gone to a food bank.
If you come over, there is always a bucket of them by the door to reaach down and take a few home with you.
I am doing something this summer that I haven't done in a very long time!  Letting my hair grow!  More often than not, you will find me in some sort of a crazy, bohemian "do" like this.
I am about a month away from really liking it.  But I shall persevere!!  Gennifer needs to shape it up a bit for me, but I am going to keep going til I get it to the point where I can do more with it. 
This morning I have all three of my niskitchitzels.  They are playing nicely here in the playroom, while I write this post.
 As the mercury rises, I am thinking that we will be spending some time here.
Gennifer had to hit the Nordstrom sale.  Ahhh, I remember those days, when I did that too.
For now, Ducey and I say "try to keep cool wherever you are spending your summer days."
Gennifer returned, I already posted this blog, but I am back with a couple pictures of what she did with my hair after I whined that I couldn't do anything with it.
She sat me down at my bathroom vanity, and pulled out a comb and a box of clips, some hairspray, and a rubber band.  With lightening fast fingers, she did this.
She showed me how to secure the headband to keep it from slipping off my head, and gave me a couple of other ideas for ways to wear my hair as it is growing out.
Thanks Genny....and the cookies and tea were SO good!!!!  Thank you!
XO  Kris


Tammy said...

You veggies look yummy! Especially the second picture! Mmmmmm......

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I think of all those throughout the country that were out last night to view the movie. Such a tragedy! I well remember Columbine(my girls were in highschool at the time and even though we didn't live here then, it still impacted us).
I love seeing all your vege's-it's lucky I'm not next door because I'd be taking lots of avocados home with me. Love seeing the grands; we have temps in the 100's again for the next week. Me, I'm staying inside as much as possible. Ducey looks so cute! Have a cool weekend.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lots of summer happening at your house...and your gardens are wonderful! Growing out hair is so hard!
Must have really hit home with the Batman movie...really an awful situation...

Pammy Sue said...

My always have the BEST LOOKING veggies and fruit. You must share with us the name of that cherry tomato plant since it is doing so well. I might try something small like that. I love hearing all of your secrets, tips, and tricks you learn along the way.

Thank you, sweet friend, for your thoughts and well wishes. I'm on my way to getting better! XOXO

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

I can't believe how may tomatoes you are getting. It is still to early her, but I am getting some cherry tomatoes. Your headband looks cute in your hair. I wish I was near by, I would scoop up some avocados. They are pricey in my neck of the woods. I love to eat them with EVOO and pepper on them. Great watering can, what an idea:) As always I love reading your posts.

Gloria said...

First at all kris I wake this morning with the shoting news and Im so sorry by this.
Your tomatos and avocados look amazi.g I love how you have your yard; nice pictures!!:)

Nana Go-Go said...

You can't possibly be a look far too young!Gorgeous hairdo too. Such a bountiful harvest - lucky you.
Senseless and terrible tragedy - one must question whether it really is every citizen's right to bear arms.

Mereknits said...

You look adorable! I love your hair like that. And your garden looks amazing. I loved this slow stroll around your house, I feel like I was right there with you.
Happy Weekend,

Eileen said...

Hi Kris,
Your garden is so productive and pretty to look at. Wish our garden did even as half as good as yours. Between the deer, rabbits, groundhogs and no rain, it has wilted down to nothing. Big disappointment for us this year. Your grandchildren are adorable and I know they love spending the time with you. Have a good weekend.

by Teresa said...

Yes, that shooting has me so sad. I just do not understand at all what compels someone to do something like that.

Your tomatoes and avocados ... amazing! I love avos more than most foods, I can't imagine having all I wanted.

You are also just gorgeous.. and so nice!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

R.Punitha said...

Hi Kris ,

Really i enjoyed your clicks )))

Rich and colourful !!!!

Keep on Dear..

Kelli said...

Oh your avocados! I buy at least 3 a week and they only last a few days. To have a tree in my yard would be wonderful but I do not think they would do good in Northern Ca.

Genn said...

Great pics of the garden and yard in this post!!!!
Your tomatoes are SO good!!! Thanks for the ones you gave me. We are going to have blta's with maybe an egg too!

You looked cute in your dress with the belt and cute hair band!!!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

HI Kris, Wow what a "bound of plenty"!!! Everything looks so fresh, yummy and healthy!!! Wish I lived close by. Thanks for your well wishes. We are headed to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. We love it there : )
Love your dress and hair do! xoRobin❤

Deb~in~Denver said...

Such a horrible, senseless tragedy here in Colorado. I'm sure you will give Drew an extra, big hug when you see him.
Your tomatoes look delish! Mine our very slow to grow, I think it might be the unusual heat we've had this summer.
Can you send Gennifer this way? I'm wanting to grow my hair out and I know I won't have the patience! ;) You look darling! Enjoy those babies, I think we'll all be holding our loved ones a little closer. Enjoy your weekend! ♥

Val said...

Summer goodness at it's finest!!

Tania @ Out Back said...

What a lovely productive garden you have there Kris! I cant wait for the warmer weather to start happening here so I grow some more veggies. Our days are slowly getting longer while yours are becoming shorter :) The days are warming up slightly too...

Love the head band, it looks great on you :)


priscilla said...

Wow ! Look at all those tomatoes ! I can't wait til I have a counter full of them myself ( it will be awhile !)! All those avacados ! OMG ! Your hair looks cute and summery .. glad you are having such a good summer !

Holly said...

Yup, I need to move to Corona. It's just terrible here. Everything is just dead. I would love to grow veggies. You are so adorable!!

Petunia Pill said...

Another wonderful read from you! I love the slices of Kris' life that you provide here! Majorly jealous of all your garden goods...and very taken with your creativity in using the king size fitted sheet to keep your table and chairs protected! So resourceful! And then there is the improvised watering can. I'm so doing that with my next empty detergent container. I keep plastic milk cartons for watering events too. Love your hair...ol' lightning fingers knew just what to do! Hugs, Annette P.S. Sooooo glad your loved ones are could have been tragic. =(

Cheryl said...

The shooting is just so hard to wrap your mind around...thoughts and prayers to all those affected. Such a tragedy. You have such a green seeing your gardening posts. And look how cute you your hair up like that!

~Niki~ said...

oh i wish i had a green thumb like you do for a nice garden. i guess it doesn't help that in AZ it's so hot most stuff wilts. i can, however, grow lettuce like mad LOL.
a garden full of lettuce, hmm.
loving your garden and all your pics.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)

Have a great week

LOVE Maria at

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Kris! I have had so much fun getting caught up on your blog! So many wonderful family gatherings here, there, everywhere! Fun, fun! I missed where you cut your own hair? Well the last 2 pics, you look darling! Looks like your hens and gardens are going well. Life is wonderful! Continue having a great summer! Miss you Kris, Hugs, Maryjane

Pam said...

I want to be able to put a bucket of avocados by my front door - you lucky lady!

The king size sheet is a great idea for the table/chair cover!

Love what Gennifer did to your hair & you look so cute in the white dress!

Nicolle said...

You are adorable in that white dress. I love it and you truly look amazing! You look like you are about 30 years old! No joke!

I will be right over for some of your tomatoes, and avocados. :)

DaCraftyLady said...

Hi Kris, Oh I know its been hot there. phew....even hot here, I love the watering can idea with a laudry jug, and the sheet covering is terrific, I am always trying to figure out what to do with my old sheets, and the fitted ones I now know...hope its cooler there today, those veggies made my couth water...~~Debb

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You cutie pie! Grass sure doesn't grow under YOUR feet! LOVE the 1/2 apron!


Katie Sue said...

Your dog is so cute!!!
So is the hair.

Grayseasailor said...

Enjoyed my visit with you, Kris. Thanks for taking the time to share. Your hair looks sophisticated and cute and COOL!
Our tomato plants all finally have some green tomatoes on them. Woohoo!
So glad that you and your family have times to treasure together. We are so blessed and others around us suffer which helps us appreciate those blessings all the more...and encourages us to care for those who suffer around us as best as we can...
Hugs from Gracie