Friday, August 3, 2012

The Old Valise

Good Friday morning to you!   Have you been watching the Olympics?  I am glued to the telly.  How about that Michael Phelps?  And The Flying Squirrel, Gabby, the US Gymnast?  Wow.  I am especially enjoying the beach vollyball, and springboard and platform diving.  Those Chinese are something else in the diving!!!   I have enjoyed watching it all. Rowing, swimming, gymnastics, diving, volleyball.  I don't want it to end. 
This has been a hot and muggy week for the most part.  I have not done too much outside.  I do my chores early in the morning, and go out in the evening, after the sun has begun to set, to do my yard chores.   My garden is  slowing down now.  I am still harvesting lots of tomatoes, green onions, peppers, eggplant, and basil.  Last night we ate the most delicious cantaloupe from the garden.  But today those vines will be pulled.
My sweet friend Jeni has been keeping us supplied with beautiful figs from her garden.
This same friend recently introduced me, and our knitting group to this amazing snack!!!
Apparently, this can only be found at Costco.  And only for a short period of time each year!  It is called Chicago mix, and it is a blend of caramel corn and cheese popped corn.  Who would ever think that this combo would taste good?  But it does....oh does!!!!
It's like CRACK!!!!    You can't get enough!!  Crackcorn!!!!  Jeni brought me another bag of it last week!!!!  I don't shop at Costco much, but I plan to go this weekend to see if there is any left.  If you shop there, and see it....I hope you pick up a bag or 10.  It is THAT good!!!!
The other day when I got out the old suitcase of  photos, it really got me thinking.
I so wish, that we had gone through these photos, long ago, WITH the members of our family that still knew who was in each of these pictures, taken so many years ago.  We do know who most are, but some of these beautiful pictures will remain a mystery.  Like this one.  I have always been told that we have Cherokee in our family, somewhere on my Mom's father's side.  These photos show several Indian people with a man that is in many of the other family photos.  But who he is exactly, we are not sure?
Be sure to label your photos with as much information as you can.  Someday, someone will very much appreciate that you took the time.
I ran across a few from my Dad's family. 
My Dad was born when his two sisters were 11 and 16.  They all doted on him.  His Mom passed away when he was only 18 years old.  His sisters were more like Mom's to him.  His oldest sister, Connie, was always my favorite Aunt.  She never had children, and she did a lot for me and my brothers.  We loved to go stay with her.  In the photos of her with my Dad, you can see how much she dearly loved him.  I love the clothing she wore!!!!!  So stylish!!!!  I would love to have a dress just like this!!!
She was quite a little dancer when she was a little girl.  I love these photos of her in her tulle skirt and ballet slippers.

I have these very ballet shoes, along with her teeny tiny gloves she wore, in my possession too.  I think I will take those, and these photos, and have a shadow box made. 
 The following photo is one of my Dad's Aunt Emma and Uncle Ed.  They owned a bakery in Los Angeles. 
Look at that cash register!!!  I have a flour sak from their bakery, and it is matted and framed, and used to hang in my kitchen.  It no longer matches my colors, but I think I will dig it out and hang it back up anyway.
My Dad always had horses, and chickens and such.  He loved to putter outside, and water his yards, just like I do.  I take after him in this way, very much.  If only I could have a few goats and a miniature horse or two!!!!
Oh my gosh, he was cute!!!!!
I have often thought that Gennifer's youngest daughter Claire, looks alot like me when I was a little girl.  I did find a couple pictures of me that I think show the resemblance. But I am still looking for one in particular where I think the resemblance is amazing!  I believe this was my Kindergarten school photo.
I also found this gem.  My Mom made this dress for me.  I remember being in a fashion show in this dress, and this was at my cousins wedding, I think????   Mom???  The pictures says 1968, so I was 8 yrs. old. 
This old valise holds a lot of history for our family.
It's overwhelming really.  Once you start to dig into your family history.  Oh how I would love to do some research and find out more about these people....all of these people, the ones we knew and remember, and also the ones we don't.
Were they close?  Did they fight?  Did they share bedrooms?  Did they farm, did they have a car?  Did they quilt? Were they ever hungry?  What illness did they suffer?  The hardships must have been many. 
But there is so much we will never know about so many of these people, whose secrets remain locked in the old "valise" with the taped handle.
 XO  Kris


a8383 said...

Hi Kris, The popcorn is available on Amazon with a 15% discount if you subscribe- 12 bags for $26.Love the old photos! Angela

From the Kitchen said...

I love your old family photos. I have quite a few that aren't marked as well. I think I know who they are and will just make my best guess.

Now I'm off to Costco and will be looking for some of that Chicago-style treat. Just what I need!


Heather - The Good Life said...

Happy Friday! We have a little cabinet like your valise that my mom is the keeper of; well it's at her house anyway. I love to look through the old photos. My grandfather wrote brief descriptions on the back of the photos, but I wish he'd written more. Enjoy your weekend. Heather

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a treasure trove of photos, stuff like this are really the only "things" that matter to me! And your header makes me smile every time I visit!

my4lilgirls said...

What beautiful photos, there's something so dreamy about old pictures, its great you have so many, a real legacy.
Love your new header, a real smiley
Karen xxxxx

Bethany said...

I love old photos like this!!!
You know what magazine you would love? 'Reminisce.' I've got an old soul so I've had a subscription since I was a teenager (I know--geeky) but I love the old pictures and stories :)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Oh what wonderful photos; glad you are able to pick out some family members. Reminds me of when my sil and I took old photos to my sister(before she passed)to try and have her identify them.
Good reminder of labeling photos but now with computers it is so much easier.
Hugs and happy weekend.

Kerri said...

I love old photos! I like the old valise that you keep those special pictures in. And, I can see that you and Claire resemble each other!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Kris this is such a beautiful post. Made me all sentimental.

Lynne said...

Guess I need to make a Costco run for some crack and toilet paper. Haha. Love the family photos. It's fun to sit and look through them isn't it? I like how you have them stored in the old suitcase.
Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

My goodness, that does look like Claire. I also have so many old family photos and have no idea who the people are. So wish I had asked a long time ago but no one is around anymore to ask.

by Teresa said...

Kris, I loved this post so very much. That is neat that you have that valise. My older sister took all the photos when my dad died and then all the photos from when my mom died and gave us some of our own photos back that we'd given our parents, but has kept all the lovely historical ones. Sounds like you need to do some genealogy research on your Cherokee ancestor! Have you ever thought of joining DAR? They will help you with genealogy and see if you have any Revolutionary ancestors! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Brenda Kula said...

Love the old photos and ripe veggies!

Gloria said...

Kris I love all theses old pictures, really love:)
I love figs too, look amazing.
ah dear is a nice post.
Come to my blog I have a little giveaway:)

Debbiedoo's said...

Ok Kris, your header is the CUTEST ever....I also love these vintage photos you have posted. Have a great weekend.

Carol said...

I just picked up some of that "crack" corn when I was at Costco last night...and you are RIGHT, it is addicting. Trying to stay out of it until Sunday when we head up to Pismo Beach :)

Petunia Pill said...

Oh, how I love the old treasures! Your advice to date things and write WHO it important!

Hey, you mentioned being afraid of the Elf pattern. All I can say is you can do it"! It's actually quite simple. Have you experience with crocheting in the round (rather than rows)? I'm pretty sure you do. Every bit of her is done in the round. The only fiddly parts were the arms and legs and that wasn't because it was difficult but because it was little. After the first leg though, it got much easier. This was my first time doing hair, and even THAT was easy! I'm right by your side to help...but 2,600 miles away. LOL

priscilla said...

Love the great photos ! Do you scrapbook ? The one of you in the pink dress , I have a similar one of me in a blue dress with the lace sleeves and the same pixie haircut ! Too funny ! Thanks for sharing them with us !

Nicolle said...

I adore those old photos, especially that one in the bakery. AND, the one of you in the pink dress. Adorable! I am a nut about writing names and dates on the back of all photos that I develop, so that people will know down the road who is in them. We have so many old pictures like the ones you shared here, and we can't identify them.

Those figs, oh my, I want some!

Susanne said...

Old photos are the best fun. You are right, a person should write as much info on the backs of their photos so the next generations can read who, what and where. I really should do that,
Susanne :)

Melissah said...

I love old photos - I have great collection passed down to me.
Love your blog & just signed up as your latest follower.

♥ Melissah from Country Style Chic

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

What a treasure trove you have in that old trunk. Oh how I wish I had old photos like that. I go to Sam's not Cosco so I need you to pick me up a bag or two. (smile)

Mary said...

My goodness, you can feel the history in those photo's..I have a million questions about the stories behind's wonderful but must be frustrating to have no answers...

My garden is petering out..and something ran off with my peppers!

Genn said...

Wow Mom how neat those photos all are!!!!! Was that Nana's???

The pic of you in kinder... Looks just like ME!
And the pink dress grandma made you, looks JUST like my third grade picture when I had a bowl haircut!!! Crazy.

Those old photos are such a treasure. The first old photo, that one man in the middle looks like Uncle Mark and to the far left, the darker Indian? Looks like Joe and Tim.

Neat. I want to see that!!!

Nana Go-Go said...

LOVE all of your vintage photos - what great chapters of social history they make - in the last pic, all of the girls look so similar, are the two in the back row twins, they're almost identical? Thanks for sharing another great post. :)

A Quilter Awakens said...

This is an awesome post Kris! Karmen

Christine said...

Your questions about the old family pictures is the reason I started blogging. Hopefully, my grandchildren will have all the answeres about my life.

corners of my life said...

Do you suppose that the next generation will care about these photos as much as we do? I certainly hope so.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, the old photos are priceless. It always breaks my heart when I see old unclaimed photos in antique stores. The ballet ones are preceious. Yes, I think you should make a shadow box. Love the bakery pic and so fun to see you as a child. My mother was an awesome seamstress. in high school my sisters and I would give her a picture of a dress in the Seventeen magazine. She would cut her own pattern and make a dress that was identical. Wish I had that talent. I have to follow a pattern. I had that popcorn once and I loved it. Went to Costco and resisted it, but regretting it right about now. lol!

Grayseasailor said...

So glad you are still having a good harvest from your garden, Kris! We have lots of green tomatoes and some wonderful hot weather which should help them ripen!
We have been working on family photo albums, but have lots left to do. Before my husband died we had one of my husband's family albums photographed and then made DVDs for all the family members, to try to share some of our his family history. Knowing about our family roots is so interesting!
Gracie xxx

Jill said...

I absolutely treasure pictures! So many stories to tell, history and more! What a treat!


annielizabeth said...

I love this post, Kris. I can't believe you have her gloves and shoes. That's sooooo cool. I love those pics of you. Love old photos and these are esp. wonderful since they are of your family. I wanted to comment on it last week but ran out of time.

I recently saw a photo for the first time ever while visiting relatives in MN, of my dad's, mother's family. My great grand parents and all their kids. I'm hoping for a copy of it soon.

I'm gonna say one thing about Drew leaving here and that is: It will be much easier for you to visit him in Nashville than any other of your relatives that came before you. Sometimes kids would leave home and parents would never or rarely be able to visit them. Just think, you'll be able to visit Nashville, TN and he can show you all the cool places!

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