Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Dinner

At about 2, we headed on out to my Mom's house, where the rest of the family was to be gathering for our Christmas dinner.  We have a big family, and when we are all together, it is always a lot of fun.  These are a few of my good lookin' nephews.
My niece Deanna got a pair of Hello Kitty PJ's with feet, that she wore all day long.  Here is a picture of she and my nephew Tim.  I said that they looked like they were presiding over a court room sitting there like that.
Nana has been having some difficult days lately.  Every time we get to be with her is a gift.  Here she is with our oldest daughter Gennifer and granddaughter  Claire.  This is Nana's great-great grandaughter!!!
My Mom lives on a lake, and it is always fun to spend time out on her boat.  The kids love to help drive!
There are so many of us, that no matter what room you are in, or where you go, there is something fun going on.  Checkers.......boating, cooking, or sitting out on the patio.......Mom's house is a great gathering spot!

 I am not sure what is going on with the shoes and boots there.   That is my oldest brother David, and his youngest son Chad.  We sure were missing their oldest son Don and his wife Kaylen, who were at her family's home up in Northern California this year.   
I love this photo of my son in law Jake and oldest granddaughter Hannah!!!
While we were all enjoying the day, there was a delicious meal being prepared inside.  My brother Mark is friends with Nate Berkus' Dad, and he hooked us up with 30 pounds of prime rib deliciousness!!!!
Here is my brother Mark preparing to slice it up for dinner.
Don't you wish you could smell it?  It was SO good!!!  My Mom made creamed spinach, and creamed potatoes, a ham, and rolls, baked beans,and a green salad with toasted pecans.  Everyone brought something to enjoy as well, so we had a fabulous feast!
It was such a good meal.  Shared with all of my favorite people. 
My Uncle Joe, Nana's older brother, who just celebrated his 101st birthday in November, Nana and Mom.
We exchanged gifts, but there was so much paper flying and confusion, that I didn't even try to take pictures.  But I want to show you what my Mom got for us.  You may not be familiar with STICKS furniture and artwork, but there is a place in Laguna Beach that carries it, and it is beautiful wood pieces, that are carved and painted with whimsical designs, and inspirational sayings.  My neighbor next door even has a custom made table and chairs in her home that was special ordered and made in Iowa where their main building is.  It is beautiful, and I have never seen a piece that I didn't love.  My Mom has had a Lazy Susan that I have admired for years.  She got each of us a different piece for Christmas.  Ours is a Lazy Susan.
I love the sayings that rim the entire outside of the piece.
We just love it Mom!!!  It is in the middle of our family table in the kitchen, where we will enjoy it every day!
I want to show you something that my brother Mark got for me.  For those of you who know me, and know my family, you know that my Dad had a nickname for me growing up, and it was Mouse. We were very close.  He always got me mice, where ever he and Mom would travel to, they brought home mice for me.  I have crystal mice, stuffed mice, large mice, small mice.  Christmas mice, indoor mice, outdoor mice.  Every kind of mouse you could imagine, I have them.  I have them all over my house, and I even had an artist paint some mice into the artwork that we had done in the kitchen several years ago, as special reminders to me, of the nickname that my Dad affectionately had for me.  My father passed away 9 years ago, and it was rather sudden, and so very devastating to all of us.  We miss  him every single day.  But  he lives on in each one of us.  My brother Mark has continued to give me a special gift each Christmas, just as my father always had.  It is a mouse, or mice of some sort.  I cherish them.  Each one of them.  And I just know that my Dad is so happy that his tradition lives on.  This year, he gave me these two darling felted mice, with the whimsical hats, and big shoes.  I just love them.  I know that he and my sister in law Monica look for them all year when they are out and about.  It means so much to me.
They are so cute, I don't think I can put them away with the other Christmas things.  I will be finding a place for them to reside all year so I can enjoy them.
As we were leaving my Mom's house, she ran back into the house and said, I have one more little thing for you, and she handed me this.
She  handed me this cello wrapped silver mouse knife, with the cute tag.  I turned the tag over and it read...
You know me as Kris.  I grew up as Kristy.  My Dad always called me Kristin.  There are no words adequate to describe what this meant to me.  I kissed my Mom and blubbered all the way home.
It was such a lovely Christmas.  From our festivites leading up to Christmas the week before.  Parties we attended, and our night at the Festival Of Lights at The Mission Inn with our kids, and grandkids.  Visits from good friends, and holiday cooking......a visit with old friends from the park, to Christmas day with all of my loved ones.  It was a really, special Christmas.  Filled with all of the things Christmas is supposed to be.
One last fun thing to show you.  My son's girlfriend Diana brought this to us Christmas night.  It is a bottle of sparkling cider with a darling bow on top.  Her Mom is making these and started a business of selling them.  She is in the process of getting them into some shops and has even applied to the show on tv called Sharks, to get some financial backing.  I think the idea is terrific.  She calls them Bottle Toppers.

I just love this idea!  So fun and festive.  Can't you see this on a hostess gift with a bottle of wine, or champagne for New Years!!    She has a website, and sells them for I believe 5 dollars each.
It has a cleverly designed hard plastic top that secures the entire bow, and you just slip it right onto the bottle of your choice.  It fits nice and snug, and makes a terrific gift!  I hope you will go see her website and if you order, tell her Kris sent you.  Thank you Diana!!!
My house is happily littered with the aftermath of a wonderful Christmas.  Today I will do some organizing, and packing away of the holiday decor.  Leaving only the outside lights  until after New Years.  My husband has taken all of next off and we are so excited to go see some movies, and use some of the wonderful gift cards we received as gifts to restaurants we love.  Probably will be heading up to the mountains to spend a couple of days after New Years.  Hoping for lots of snow!!!
Thank you for sharing my family Christmas with me.  It is my sincere hope, that you each had a wonderful Christmas as well.  And from my house to yours.......may 2013 be a year of happiness, health and peace.
XO  Kris(tin)


The Garden Bell - Kate said...

OMG.... I thought I had seen everything of joy in the post until I got to the last pictures...OMG... a STICKS lazy susan. I've had one on my table for two years now. It doesn't move, it is a favorite here. You will adore this for life. Glad you had a great Christmas and I swear I see new faces at each gathering. Just got to the final round 4 last night, glad to have a quiet morning to do nothing today finally.

Grammy Braxton said...

What a lovely Christmas you had. It's wonderful that you got to spend that time with your family. I love the mice from your brother but I have to admit, I am in tears over the last gift. What a wonderful memory.


Kerri said...

Oh my.....I'm a little teary over here! Those little mice are darling...I would keep them out all year too! And the mouse knife from your mom (dad) is just so special. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas...and thank YOU for sharing it with us!

NanaNor's said...

What joy being together! You and your mom sure look alike(of course you much younger looking). I loved seeing all the family and the food-oh prime rib-yumm! I love your Mice and the cake spatula is very sweet, especially the tag!
Have a great weekend my friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Deb~in~Denver said...

What a good looking family you have! So many wonderful memories made for your precious grandkids. I know you cherish the time with your Nana and Uncle Joe. I'm so grateful that my kids were able to know one of my Grandfathers before he passed at 97. I don't think I've ever seen a 30 lb prime rib! Made my mouth water! How long did she have to cook it?? The lazy-susan is gorgeous! Your Mom has GREAT taste! Loved the mice, too. I would keep them where I could see them all the time, they'd bring lots of smiles! Your gift from your Mom/Dad had me blubbering, too. What a sweet gesture and treasured memory. Enjoy your time with Geeps. I'm looking forward to 4 days with my hubs....and NOWHERE to have to be!

Susanne said...

Just don't know what to comment on first, love the Lazy Susan. My hubby made mine out of oak and it is just plain, but it turns and I love it. Yours is very decorative and unique, I love it too, lol. The mice are sweet, so nice that your brother continues on with a tradition your father started. The food looks yummy and made my mouth water. If I ever put myself up for adoption will you come get me, LOL....just kidding of course, I love my family, lol. You asked about my husband, yes, hon, he is very sick, was diagnosed 2 years ago with multiple myeloma and now in complete kidney failure and gets dialysis. He contracted his cancer from Agent Orange in Vietnam. The cancer is what destroyed his kidneys. It has been a tough road, but we take one day at a time, always praying for some kind of cure, never giving up hope.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Holly said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas. The only thing better would have been if Don (who is soooo much older than Genn) could have been there.

Heather - The Good Life said...

What a wonderful family event. But the story of the mice really touched me and when you turned over the tag...what a special, special gift. I enjoyed sharing your Christmas celebration with you and wish you a Happy and healthy new year. Heather

Mereknits said...

Kris, you have made my heart swell with happiness. I love all your presents, but your brother giving you the mice was so sweet and then the last present from your "Dad", well I just know how much that meant to you because I know you love him and miss him very much.
You are going to make me tear up!
hugs to you,

Gloria said...

all look beautiful kris, and what sweet is your Mom:)

Valerie said...


It looks like a great Christmas for you.

I love the story of the mice and your dad.

I lost my mom a week and a half ago and miss her terribly.

Your post cheered me up some. I'm going to put more things around my house my mom got me.

Many Blessings,

Cottage Making Mommy

Cheryl said...

I always love reading your posts...always filled with loved of family, traditions and togetherness. This post was so, so touching, especially the mice from your brother and his wife adding to your dads tradition, and then the special gift your mom gave you...... that had me blubbering too. Such a wonderful family you have Kris, made even special by what they know touches your heart. (hugs)

Cheryl said... that lazy susan!!!!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris,
What a marvelous Christmas you had! so much family and festivities going on. I have not heard of Sticks, but love the lazy susan! I almost cried when I read the tag on the mouse knife. That is just precious. The mice from your brother are darling. Love those big feet. I am just about through putting away Christmas. As much as I love it, it's nice to get back to normal. The organizing bug always hits me this time of year. Hubby and I went to the Hobbit yesterday. Loved it. Have a wonderful New Year!

Genn said...

Ha! I am cracking up at Hollys comment! You really did get some great pictures of the day!!! I hardly took any. :(

That gift from Grandma really is so neat!!! I want one for my new house when I have a great kitchen to gather in! :)

I love the pic of grandma and nana and uncle joe!
And the gift grandma gave you on your way out made me cry. I loved that. Papa will always live on and be present with each of us. I heard joe and Cody talking about papa and "the claw" and it made me smile upwards at heaven.

I love you. Thank you for sharing a fun holiday with us.

by Teresa said...

What a wonderful time you all had! Your gift from your mom is amazing! I just love seeing the photos from these family celebrations at your house and your family's homes.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You have such wonderful family times, are truly blessed! Your gifts were so special...

melissa said...

Happy New Year!!! what a fun family you all have :)

pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh Kris. What a wonderful day and wonderful memories for you all. What a special family you have. There's so much in this post that its a job to take it all in. Beautiful presents and your fathers gift. You are truly blessed my friend! Joan

Savvy Seasons said...

I sure love all your fun family gatherings, Kris! You can tell how much love is there. :) Your Mom looks so sweet, glad y'all were able to be together for the holidays. Happy New Year to all of you! XO ~Liz

Linda said...

As I have said many times before, Kris...
You have a fantastic family...
Your Mom is so young...and Nana is adorable...

Have a great New Years Kris...
So glad we met...

Linda :o)

Debbiedoo's said...

What great pics Kris. You have the cutest family! Happy New year to you all.

priscilla said...

Loved seeing your family Christmas posts Kris ! Looks like alot of celebrating !!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed New Year !

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hey girl! Dropping by to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! Love ya, Maryjane xox

Karen Bates said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas time with all of us! You are extremely lucky to have them all in your life...and so close!

The mice...what an over the top story...The best family ever!

Jill said...

Oh Kris, what a wonderful, joyous, emotional post! I'm teary eyed over the story of the mice and your dad's gift. Sounds like you have an amazing family and lots of joy! It's so nice to read good things today.
Blessings to you and your family.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous lazy susan!

Looks like a great Christmas was had by all...


Nicolle said...

The lazy susan is GORGEOUS! What a special gift. The mice are precious, and I remember you sharing that story about how your dad called you mouse...I always think of you when I see one now. :) Your food looks amazing. Your brother Mark looks like such a fun guy, I love his beard! I'm glad you had such a good holiday. Makes me happy that my friend is happy!