Monday, February 25, 2013

Thai Chicken Salad

Hello and Happy  Monday!   We have had a very busy weekend and have done a lot of fun things, but I didn't take photos of most  of it, except with my iphone, which I put on Insta Gram.  The fun started on Thursday night.  Our son Drew's girlfriend Diana, is in the final bit of her college education, and doing some fun things to wrap it all up. She is going to be graduating in a few weeks with her degree in Hospitality.  She has worked so hard, putting herself through school, and working a part time job at a restaurant all the while. We are very proud of her!   At her college, there is a fine restaurant on the campus that is run entirely by the students going through this program.  Thursday was Diana's night to manage the restaurant. .  We had wonderful appetizers, good wine, and  a fantastic meal! 
On Saturday night, we went out to watch my niece play in her CIF semi finals in basketball.  It was a good game, that went into overtime, and they lost by 2.  Aw...they were so disappointed.  But we were  very proud of  her!  
Yesterday, we worked in the yard, and then in the afternoon, I went to my friend Pam's house where she hosts an Academy Awards party every year.  Everyone brings a dish, and we have the best time.  We also vote for each category and there is a winner.  It was not me.  We all thought the awards were good.
The dish I brought was based on one I had seen on Saturday on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show.  She and husband Garth were cooking together in the kitchen, and this Thai Salad was one that they made.  She called it a Thai Thai Salad.  I went to Sprouts to purchase the ingredients I needed to make it, and added some that I thought would make it even better.  I only took a couple photos, and none of when I had it all put together at Pam's house.  Here is what you will need to make it.
I shredded the cabbages.  One purple and one Napa.  Chopped the cucumbers ( I used two ) and the carrots ( I used about six ) into matchsticks.  I thinly sliced about 6 green onions (my addition).  Add one whole bag of shelled Edamame.  And I also added about a cup and a half of roasted and unsalted peanuts, also my addition.
Be sure to use the biggest bowl you have, because this makes a bunch!  You will need room to toss it with the dressing, and then you can put it in a pretty glass bowl so that you can see all of the beautiful colors in this salad.
You can see that I have two bowls there.  I left some of the salad at home for whoever wanted it.  I also removed the meat from a rotisserie chicken and added this to the salad, as well as 4 avocados when I got to Pam's house.  I didn't add the dressing and toss it until I arrived to the party.
For the Cilantro Lime Dressing you will need:
About 2 Cups of olive oil.  (I used about 1 3/4)
About 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar
The zest and juice of about 4 to 5 limes
2 large bunches of cilantro
4-5 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
Place your cilantro in food processor
Add zest and juice of limes
garlic cloves and sugar
Put lid on and pulse to chop, then add olive oil in steady stream to mixture to desired thickness.  Add salt and pepper, pulse and taste to see that is how you like it. Adjust as needed.
I don't know why it looks like there is a bit of white in the dressing.  There wasn't.  I think that was a flash. I put it in a tupperware container and added at the party.  But I did put some of the salad with all ingredients added, into a bowl with some of the dressing to let my husband and son and Diana taste.  Two thumbs way up!!!
This salad is delicious, refreshing and pretty.  Next time I make it, I will add some fresh mint.  I had a wonderful salad at a Thai restaurant one time that was actually very like this.  It had the addition of fresh mint, and that really added a lot!!!  I hope you try this.  It would be great without the chicken too, but adding it makes it more of a meal.
Bon Appetit!
XO  Kris


TACIStudio said...

Wow... You had a fun weekend and the salad sounds wonderful Kris. I love salads :)

by Teresa said...

You're back to being the busy girl I know and love! That looks like a healthy and tasty salad! You're so good with all the healthy things you eat. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Neicee said...

That looks amazing.

Holly said...

I started watching Trisha when the show first started and forgot all about it. I'll have to set up my DVR to record it for me. The salad looks and sounds really good. Mint would be a nice touch.

Dawn said...

Yummy, that is my favorite salad and I have never made it myself. Just may have to now:)

From the Kitchen said...

If I had to choose just one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Thai. It has all the flavors I love and so does your salad. It looks very tasty as well.

No snow yet!


Debbie said...

Oh yum sounds wonderful...Enjoy your day!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Yummy! I can' eat anything spicy which I miss but this looks so beautiful and I could modify the dressing. Any chicks yet?

Pam said...

That is my kind of salad - it looks so pretty & delicious.

Genn said...

That salad looks so good.
The dressing was super yummy!

And the pic on your header is making me DESPERATELY want summer to be here and to be standing on that dock in Big Bear again!!!!!

Let's book our spots!!!!

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

I am so making this, but will use Splenda Sugar or Stevia instead to keep it in my low carb world. Love that you added nuts for protein too. But, I must wait for a clear day as we are in the middle of a blizzard here now.

Mereknits said...

What a fun weekend you had, I watch part of the show, but had to go to bed by 10, so I missed a great deal of it. Boy I get goose bumps when Jennifer Hudson sings.
Hugs to you Kris,

NanaNor's said...

Happy Tuesday, As always this recipe looks incredible. Yum; I bet your friends loved it. Glad you had a great weekend! It is cold here today so I'm staying inside.
Hugs to you Kris,

Nicolle said...

I will definitely be making this salad. I read this earlier and you made me crave it, but I didn't want to cook today, so I had one at a restaurant. :)

Linda said...

Sounds like you had fun...the salad looks yummy...but I will have to half it several times for Don and me! Have a great day!!

Pammy Sue said...

Love this recipe, and I think we can have it if I swap some Splenda for the sugar. It sounds delish! I will definitely be trying it and will let you know what we think and if it works with the Splenda. Yum-yum. Thanks for sharing!

Val said...

This is my kind of salad!! Full of yummy flavor.

Kerri said...

I am SO making this! :)

Katie said...

Looks Delicious!

Karen said...

Oh Kris, you must be exhausted!Such a busy lady. Your salad looks wonderful. So summery. Don't ya love Trisha's cooking show? I have them taped.And have both her cookbooks.

Red Box does not have Gosford Park but Netflix does. We rented Netflix one month so I could watch Season 1 of Downton Abbey and this movie. Every time I'm out at a discount store I check their $5 bin for the movie.No luck yet. Maybe it will make a come back!

deb said...

I saw them make this and I thought it looked super I will have to try it!!!!!

Jill said...

That looks delicious 😀 thanks for sharing
Have a great night!