Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roses, Maybelle Flowers, And Pillows

Hey there.   I have been a busy bee lately.  Working in the yards a lot.  Crocheting a lot.  Reading a good book.  And doing a bit of sewing too.   What shall I start with?  How about pillows.  Yesterday I popped into Joann's to have a look-see.  All of their decorator sample squares were on sale for half off.  Which means a dollar a piece.  They had tons!  I love to buy these pretty fabrics, and use them in all sorts of ways.  They are 18 inches square, and have finished edges.  Which  makes them perfect for things like lining a pretty basket.  I have used them to add pretty trim to towels.  Make zip up cosmetic bags.  And a favorite, is pillows.  I try to find two coordinating squares to use.  This time I bought two fabrics in Sun Brella fabric for a patio pillow.  Such a fun and vibrant print. 
I also purchased two yards of this dark green ball fringe to edge the pillow with.  I used my 50% off coupon for the 2 yard cut, paying 3.75 for the trim.  Making the total cost of the pillow 5.75!  I used fiberfill to stuff the pillow.  I buy it by the box, in huge amounts, and had some left from my Christmas pillows.  This is by far and away the most cost effective way to make pillows using these squares.  I almost NEVER buy pillow forms.  They are ridiculously expensive.  I just recycle my throw pillows, and make new covers, envelope style. This way they can be washed, ironed and put right back on. 
The back of this patio pillow is a fun lime green.
It will look smashing on my yellow wicker settee by the pool too!!!
The second pillow I made today was out of this great French Country Toile.  Chickens....who could pass that up?  Certainly not me!  
These are my colors, and although I photographed it in my kitchen, I put it on the sofa in the living room.
I happened to have exactly the right color of trim, in exactly the right length for this pillow.  Actually, it was cut into two one yard cuts, and I pieced it together to work.  The back is a small red check. 
I had fun making these.  I have not done much sewing lately.  I miss it.  I have also been busy helping my daughter with the decorations for her son, my grandson, Noah's upcoming birthday party this weekend.  He wanted a Mario theme, and Erika has done a great job getting it all together.  She bought these red baseball caps for she and Noah to wear.  I made the Mario emblem for the front.
The rest I will have to show you after the party.   So cute!  She has worked hard on it. 
This morning when I was out doing my chicken feeding and garden watering rounds, I was noticing  how gorgeous my Dad's roses were!  I love red and yellow together, and these two rose bushes planted side by side are putting on quite a show.  I had to clip some and bring them in to enjoy. 
And a few for my kitchen window sill.
For fun I put some on my bright yellow vintage stool I have in the kitchen.  Set it against my new spring green door. 
For me, it really is the little things.  Things like enjoying these flowers.  An ever lasting gift from my Dad.  He planted them, at their home.  I removed them, and planted them at our home.  For nine years, I have brought them to the cemetery.   Every Spring when they bloom, I smile.  
I have been obsessed with making crochet flowers lately.  Piles of them.  I just love these dainty little Maybelle flowers.

All of the ones in the outer heart shape, are made with the leftover yarn I had from making my Jubilee afghan.  The yarn was purchased from England when they ran a no shipping special.  It is DK and so soft and yummy.  I have been on the hunt for some comparable yarn in similar colors to continue making them.  I have found some of the colors that work, but it is worsted weight.  I made a few, and from the photo, you really can't tell the difference.  But they are heavier, and slightly bigger.
The five in the center are made with the worsted weight yarn.  I don't think I can use them for what I had in mind for these flowers.  I think I will put an order in from more of the same yarn, in DK so they will all be the same.  And what I have in mind for all of these, is a summer flower shawl. 
If you would like to make some of these fun flowers, go back a couple posts on my blog, and you will find the link to where I found these.   But I am warning won't be able to stop!!!!
I leave you today with a little funny.
Yesterday I was walking through the family room, and noticed that Noah's scissors were laying on the floor next to my thrifted afghan that we all love so much.  He likes to bundle my blankets up on the floor, building a make shift track for his monster trucks and cars.  He forms hills, bumps, and jumps, playing for hours.  At first I didn't  think too much of the scissors on the floor, but then I got suspicious.  I said to him, "Noah, why did you have  your scissors out here in the family room?"   He innocently replied,
"Oh, because Grandma, one of my monster trucks got stuck in the blanket and I had to cut it out!"  I tried my best to hide my gasp, and said, "Show Grandma where you cut it!!!"    And then I explained to him, that we never, ever, cut the  yarn in an afghan, or it will unravel!!!!!  He had no idea...and he was so cute, I couldn't be mad.  I will fix it. 
Funny how we have so much more tolerance as grandparents, than we did as young parents.  Thirty years ago, I probably would not have been so amused!
Tomorrow I have a friend and co worker of my husband's coming over to ask me some questions about keeping chickens.  He and his wife recently bought a 2 acre property near the wineries in Temecula. They want to start raising chickens.  I need to make a run to the feed store in the morning for more feed and hay.  I will see if they have the breeds of chicks I am wanting.   Who knows...I may be coming home with more little fuzz balls to add to my flock.  I will keep you posted.
XO  Kris


Hanne said...

Wow you have been busy.

Im so lucky that I will be babysitting our almost 3 year old niece for the next 3 days. And you are so right we have so much more tolerance now :)

Have a nice weekend

priscilla said...

Cute pillows ! Love the pompom trim ! Your Dad's roses are gorgeous.. Love fresh flowers in the house :)The crocheted flowers are so cute .. I am itching to start another crochet project , but since I have a blanket obsession , do we really need another blanket ! LOL !Have a great weekend , Happy Bithday to Noah !

Holly said...

Darling pillows! I need some new pillows for my living room, may have to go look at some fabric this weekend. And... those roses are just gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I love the pillows! Di and I are going to Joanne's tomorrow. Can't seem to keep away. How I miss fresh roses in the house. I had 5 beautiful bushes at my old house including a beautiful lavender..Yours are soo pretty. And as for that that ever true or what? HAHA. Wish I could have had that view point when my kids were younger. Enjoy your week-end Kris.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi there Kris, You have been sewing up a storm of pillows and I love 'em! Colors are great and go so well with your decor. Love the Chicken fabric and so perfect for you! I have a feeling you will be posting some fuzzes next time!!!!! Love all the trims on the pillows really adds to the professional look : )
Happy Birthday to Noah! (soon)
Happy day to you, xoRobin

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

You have been busy. I love the pillows and what a great idea to use those samples. Thanks for the link for the crochet flowers, I hadn't noticed you gave it before. I will try them on my own but may come marching over to your house for a private lesson if I can't figure it out. The invitation for next friday (the 26th) is still open if you want to come join us. Have a great weekend the weather is going to be perfect!

melissa said...

Oh Kris! I LOVE those pillows! BOTH of them are so sweet!

and your roses...beautiful!!!

so did you add to your flock yet!!! Exciting!!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Ok Noah is so smart. That is something Quinn would do. Love that chicken pillow. You know I would. I am telling you they have hundreds of chicks at Pomona feed if you want to check them out. Such a crummy area but I do love the folks that work there. I think it has been in business for like 70 years.

Kelli said...

Love the pillows Kris!
And you roses are beautiful!
Have nice weekend

Karen L. Bates said...

I love love love that bright and beautiful pillow! What a great way to make inexpensive pillows. Another trick it to buy used pillows at the thrift for the stuffing or pillow forms. I got three great down/feather ones for $6.

The roses are just gorgeous, it is so wonderful that you can have such a special memory right outside your door.

Love the little flowers you are making.

Isn't that the truth, my grandson did something and I totally would not have reacted that way, when my daughter or son was small...we do learn patience, as we grow into grand parenthood.

Deb~in~Denver said...

Kris, the roses are gorgeous! What sweet memories they must stir for you. Love the pillows! I have some vintage tablecloths that I'm hoping to make into pillows for the porch...just the damaged ones! I SO understand about the grandkids, I laugh at their antics. Not so much when their Mama and Uncle were little! Oh, I wish I had been this relaxed about things back then! What book are you reading? I have a couple on my list that are supposed to be really good. Have you read Gone Girl? That's one I'm hoping to get to.

Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you come home with! ;)


Mereknits said...

Sewing, gardening, Maybelle flowers, chickens and slightly naughty little boys, you sure have been busy. I love all you pillows and flowers and love, love , love the story of your Dad's roses.
hugs to you Kris,

by Teresa said...

You are SO lucky that your roses are in bloom now! We have roses and they are bushing out like crazy... can't wait to see how they bloom this year. We leave for our beach trip on Sunday.. looks like I'll be working on some teddy bears this time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Katie said...

I had a moment to catch up on your blog this's always so warm & inviting! I would bet that you have a 1 of kind home/farm/grove in Southern CA!!!! You should have it made into YOUR OWN BOOK! The Sweet Life.....On the Grove, Southern CA Style!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Katie might be on to something ... did you ever think about writing a book like that with some of your GREAT pictures? Seriously .....

I love, love, love the pillows and never think about using those decorator samples for things like that ... need to broaden my perspective on things! The roses are gorgeous ... I could almost "smell" them through the computer! Can't get roses to bloom here in Northern Michigan ... they are like "deer candy" and while I have battled and battled at some point you have to realize who the victorious one is ...

Have a great weekend! Linda

Pammy Sue said...

Love your new cheery pillows, and the roses are gorgeous! I wish I had a vase full of them! Hope your party went well. Happy birthday to little Noah! Tootles.

Beverly said...

Love the pillows, Kris!! And the roses...oh how I cannot wait for my rosebushes to bloom. I still have about 2 months to wait, however.

Whosyergurl said...

LOVE the chicken pillow!

xo, Cheryl

TACIStudio said...

The the pillows and crochet flowers Kris. Everything look so nic. You are such a talented woman, :)

Grayseasailor said...

Hi Kris! Thanks for another good visit :-) I needed a good dose of your sunshine and industry!

Nicolle said...

Gorgeous roses and fabulous pillows!

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