Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quilted Wallhanging And Table Topper.

We are home from Big Bear, and it appears that I can now upload photos to my blog.  Before I post any of our 4th Of July pictures though, I will post the table topper and wallhanging I finished before leaving.
This patriotic panel was one that I bought a few years ago.  I am practicing my machine quilting with these pieces, so I am not expecting perfection. 
The patriotic runner quilted like a dream.  I used a red thread, which makes the quilting pop.
I brought it with us to the mountains.  I liked seeing it on the table with the red, white and blue.
After finishing that one, I got to work on the Fall wall hanging.  This was my favorite one, and I wanted it to turn out nice.  But I had nothing but trouble with it.  My thread broke, the tension seemed off.  I changed to different thread, and it broke.  I changed the needle, and I kept getting birdnests on the back side.  I must have changed threads a half a dozen times.  So it has many different colors on it, although they are all in the Autumn hues. 
I tried to give the pumpkins dimension by quilting the shaded grooves that pumpkins have.  I did this on the sunflowers as well.
Even though I had so much trouble quilting this one for some  reason, I love the colors, and I will enjoy it.
Next up, I have this table topper to do.  I may start it tomorrow.

When I was in Big Bear I went to the quilt shop in town.  The ladies were talking about their upcoming Guild meeting this Wednesday, and they invited me to come.  I would really love to go.  They are having a guest speaker who is a long arm quilter and she is doing a trunk show.  They break for lunch, and then have free sewing at the quilt shop.  I was hoping my friend Jae could come up with me, but she has something going on already.   I love going up there, but being away this time of year with it being so hot, and the garden needing attention every day, makes so much work for me when I get home. 
I have been harvesting my corn.  We had some of it in the mountains and it was delicious!
Tender and sweet!  Yum!
Tomorrow I will post some of my photos from the weekend. 
XO Kris


priscilla said...

Very pretty Kris ! Oooooohhh.. fresh corn ! Looks so good!

Debbie said...

Good morning! I think they both look FANTASTIC! I can't wait to try my hand at this too. Don't ya just hate it when something gives you fits to make? haha I think the embroidery thread I like to use was just somewhat of a nightmare to work with..but live and learn. Hope you get to that quilt shop Wed. I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy your day!

Hanne said...

It all looks great and like I sais before sunflower is my favorite flower :)

I hope you go to the shop

Karen L. Bates said...

OMGosh, that sunflower, pumpkin banner is adorable. I love how you accentuated the leaves and is so darn cute! I can tell you are having fun.

Holly said...

I just don't know how you do all you do. So pretty and that corn looks amazing.

Betsy said...

The runner and banner are both beautiful Kris. I can't decide which one I like better. The last dress I made I had the same problem with thread/tension. I finally stopped and went back to it the next day and all was well. Nothing had changed but maybe my machine was tired and wanted a day off! :-)
I hope you get to go to the quilting class. I always enjoy getting with other ladies who enjoy sewing and knitting.

Mereknits said...

I think it would be worth it to go back up by yourself and enjoy your time. It would be something just for you and you deserve it.
Hugs to you Kris,

Gloria Baker said...

Hi dear love yiurs pictures, sunflower (beautiful) and the fresh corns!
have a lovely day!!xo

Patty said...

Your machine quilting is just beautiful. I have never tried that. It looks like fun. Love the autumn hanging and of course the patriotic one too!

Linda said...

Great projects!
Luscious corn!
If I lived close, I would go to the lake with you!
And...then...we could go to mine!
Wouldn't that be fun?

Linda :o)

Jeanna said...

Your machine quilting is really looking nice. I have a free motion foot for my domestic but only tried it once. Not sure I can do it but maybe I'll try again after I complete some of my UFOs.

The veges look good too :(

Nicolle said...

My mom has been putting fresh corn in her salads, and she is loving it. I need to try that. Nothing better than sweet corn!

Grayseasailor said...

I have only hand quilted a little nine patch pillow, but when I see your projects I want to do more quilting as well! I like both your projects and can relate to your frustration with tension problems using your machine as I found that really off putting when I have tried to use a sewing machine in years past. Good for you persevering, Kris!
Gracie xx