Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing, Quilting, Gardening and HEAT!!!!!

July 1st today.  And HOT here in So. California where we live!  Hot, Cloudy, and Ugly!  I call it Muggly.  The kind of weather where you have to get all of your chores done bright and early, and then get inside for the rest of the day.  I have been catching up on quite a bit of sewing though.   Yesterday morning I brought in this huge harvest. 
A good pile of string beans.  Lots of jalapenos.  Almost the last of the cabbage.  The last of the broccoli.  more squash, like every day!!  Cucumbers coming out of our ears!!!  Tomatoes too, but they are not pictured.  These peas are so sweet and succulent, that they rarely even make it inside the house.  I snack on them while I am out in the garden. 

I am getting a half dozen eggs every day, and in the next couple of months, I will be getting at least a  dozen a day.  The hens are handling the heat okay.  I mist them, and I put ice blocks in their water dishes.  I also wet down the run so they can dig in the moist earth and cool off.  Plus, the entire run and coop is shaded. 
I get up early, and do my outdoor chores, and then by 10 or so, I am inside when the weather is like this.  Unless, of course I am in the pool!  I have been tackling a lot of my sewing lately.  I had several fix it jobs to check off my list for the girls.  Did those.  And I have been working on quilting some of the table toppers and panels I have had.  I finished this patriotic runner last night.  It is simply a panel, and I didn't even bother to add borders.  I wanted to get it done and bring it with us to the lake to use on our table for the 4th.  I did the machine quilting in a shiny red thread.  Love it.  And I used a different quilting foot that has a more open toe.  Which I loved.   I will be adding the binding today.  I am making it with this star fabric that the quilt is laying up against.  For the backing I used a tea stained muslin.

Next up will be this Fall panel that I bought last season.  I love the colors, and love the Fall!!!  I am going to do this in a fun variegated thread.
Yesterday I made the new seat cushion for the wicker settee by the pool.  I LOVE this fun fabric. And have decided that now I need to go buy more, and redo the cushions on the patio too.
Have you priced cushions lately?  Wow, they are ridiculously expensive.  I decided to recover mine this year, rather than buy new.  I will have to do the one on the front lawn swing too.  I made 8 covered buttons in the matching fabric for this cushion.  If you haven't tried making these buttons yet, you should.  They add so much fun to a project, and they really are very easy to make with a button making kit you can buy at Joanns.
The hardest part of this project, was sewing the buttons onto the cushion to give it that tufted look.  I must have stabbed my finger a dozen times!
I think it looks smashing on the bright yellow settee...but Oh, how I love it on my refinished wicker on the patio too!!!!
These cushions have two rounded corners that fit into the back corners of the chairs.  I used a bowl to draw the rounded shape onto the slipcover, and then sewed them on the curve, cutting away the excess.  It gives the cushion that perfect fit!!! 
And speaking of cushions....I said I would show you where I put the pillows from my friend Astri.  I love them out in the grove on the old swing.
So pretty, and so comfy.  I sit out here every single evening, as the chickens are beginning to roost, and the sun sets after a long day.  Greg and I have taken to sitting out here often times, and having a bit of a snack in the evening, and talking over the days events. 
I need to make the arm rolls for this swing next.  Annnnnd....maybe paint the whole frame too? 
My neighbor Jane brought us over this huge bowl of fresh peaches from her backyard tree.  Oh the smell!  I am going to make some fresh peach ice cream to take with us on dry ice to the lake.
I miss our summer fruit trees!  We had two types of peach, plum, and apricot.  But those were cut down to make room for the sport court several years ago.  I would much rather have the trees!!!
My flowers are finally blooming, but not very many of them, due to the fact that Dusty loves to lay here in this flower bed while I pin out the clothes on the line.
The geraniums are lovely, and vibrant.  And the nasturtiums are too. But yesterday I forgot to put my cardboard piece over them to prevent the chickens from nibbling on them.  So they got sort of trampled and munched.

My watermelons are finally taking off.  Not a lot of them, but I think we will get a few.
The cantaloupe are getting bigger every day.  I have oodles of them.
The cucumbers are delicious!  And I must pick at least 4 or 5 a day, from this one patch.
But my favorite thing in the garden this  year has been the pumpkin patch!  Although the leaves are beginning to look brown, and spent, the pumpkins are thriving, and turning more orange every day.  In this one patch, I have counted 17 pumpkins. 
A few of them are very large too!  I have a whole new patch planted, and just beginning to vine out.  I hope I get a bunch more out of the new plants!
My husband is spending a couple of days in the Pacific Northwest for work.  And then we are heading up to the lake for the Fourth Of July.  He took the boat up there yesterday, and put it in our summer slip.  I can hardly wait to get out on the water!!!!! 
I hope all of  you will have a nice Fourth celebration too.  Be safe!!
XO Kris


Shannon said...

I love pumpkins! You are going to have so many to decorate with in the Fall. I just planted some vines yesterday, I know I'm a little late but I couldn't find them until now so I'm hoping they work out. Hope you enjoy your 4th up at the lake, I'm sure it it'll be much better than dealing with the dreadful heat we are having here in So. Cal!!

Barbara F. said...

Love the beautiful bounty for your yard and all your hard work is paying off, love the chickens and your patriotic runner. I love the fall too. xo

priscilla said...

Your sewing projects turned out so cute ! Love your new seat cushion with the covered buttons! The patriotic table runner is fabulous !
Hope you have a great 4th of July !

NanaNor's said...

Happy 4th to you as well Kris! I hardly know where to begin but firstly I love your table runner-excellent job, love the fabric etc. Your fall one will be just as cute. I don't want to think about fall. As for the heat, we are having it too but probably not as hot as you. Love the fabric on your cushions, love the different look depending on which wicker piece it is on too. Great job girl. Your garden amazes me; my daughter's garden got a lot of damage from a heavy hail on Friday night. We are hoping that the vege's come back. We grilled peaches and pineapple on the bbq last night and they were so good.
Hope you have a great and productive time while your hubby is away and have fun at the lake.
Hugs today.

Betsy said...

Such a full post! Heat or not, you're accomplishing so much. Love, love, love the cushions and quilting projects! Your garden is amazing. It seems like you were just planting it and now look at the bounty you're harvesting. Wonderful!

Dawn said...

Love all the bright colorful fabric for all your upholstery projects. So pretty. You must be on a mission. You sure are getting a lot done. Your garden loos wonderful. All I'm picking is strawberries and radishes. It's in the high 60's here.

Linda said...

Oh...where to start...everything looks great! I love the table runner and cushion...I have been wanting to do our patio cushion...but there's so many of them! If I can get a great deal on outdoor fabric I might give it a go! We are also trying to get all the chores done early...we have been picking boxes and boxes of apples...its never ending! Have a great day...stay cool!!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

LOVE everything you do Kris! Quilting, chickens, gardening, cooking, grandchildren, etc! You are awesome!

Stay C@@l and jump in that pool!


Linda said...

Gosh, are such a busy little bee!
Love all your sewing projects..
Have you ever made pickles from all your cucumbers?
The simplest way I know, is simply save your "pickle Juice" next time you finish the pickles...peel and slice the cucumbers...add a few red onion rings...and within a couple of days, you have bread and butter pickles!
I just keep adding to the jar!

Know you will have a great 4th of July...
All the kiddies coming out to the lake?

Linda :o)

Debbie said...

Well I just love BOTH of your runners..soo cute, and just the perfect touch! You have gotten soo much pleasure and production out of your garden! I have enjoyed reading about it. The lake on the 4th sounds wonderful! Enjoy every minute of it!

Mereknits said...

Your beautiful garden is producing so many yummy things. Love all you cushions, you are so talented and make it sound so easy to make them, I am sure it is pretty difficult, But you are a wiz with a sewing machine. Enjoy your time on the lake, you deserve it.

Tania @ Out Back said...

You have been having terrible hot weather over your way...stay cool my friend.

Your garden is looking lovely.


Susanne said...

I can't let my day go by without visiting you. I am amazed every time I stop by and see what produce you are reaping from your garden. This year I will go to my local farmer's markets for what ever I need, but so far I have plenty in the freezer and the pantry from the past several years. Last week I sent my brother home with a jar of apple jelly and peach butter. They love both on toast. Have you ever made jalapeno jelly? My daughter makes it and you can pour it over a block of cream cheese and serve that on crackers. It is really good. Last year I made stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. They can be frozen and later warmed up and served at gatherings. I don't recommend them for children though, they are quite hot. Men seem to especially like them and they are another great football party favorite. Have a happy and safe 4th.
(((HUGS))) Susanne ♥

by Teresa said...

You're my favorite over-achiever! LOL!! I wish we had a garden, but at least we now have a play structure! Thanks again for the great book suggestions! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nicky said...

Beautiful covers Kris!

TACIStudio said... get so much done Kris it's amazing. Love your cushions and your garden , so green and fruitful. Your quilt will be great! I love fall also. Have fun on the 4th of July!

Holly said...

Honestly, I have no idea where you get all your energy. This heat is zapping all my energy. Your garden looks amazing. Mine is now all brown and crunchy and we are pulling almost everything out this weekend. Our melons never took off, I think we didn't water them enough. Wish I had planted pumpkins. Love all your sewing projects. You wear me out!!

Elisabeth said...

This is such a great post! I loved all the photos - your garden is amazing!
Your sewing is great too, the heat really doesn't slow you down! Have a great 4th of July :) xoxox

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You too! Happy 4th. We will be camping up in Cambria. Leave bright and early tomorrow. I have lots of pumpkins too but not as many as you. They have overtaken my veggie garden in front so be careful throwing pumpkins in the compost for the seeds do not decompose. Ha! I love them though.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You too! Happy 4th. We will be camping up in Cambria. Leave bright and early tomorrow. I have lots of pumpkins too but not as many as you. They have overtaken my veggie garden in front so be careful throwing pumpkins in the compost for the seeds do not decompose. Ha! I love them though.

Astri said...

Always something awesome going on in your home and garden Kris. I love that bright fabric - the colors are citrusy and summery. Those peaches....drool. I want peaches and cream!

The cushions look great with that red fabric. Thank you for the photo :-)

Have fun on that boat and have a safe and fun 4th!

Pam said...

Hi Kris - I love seeing what you get from your garden everyday. My neighbor has a small garden and I think I would like to do one next year. Yours is awesome. Love your sewing projects. Have fun on the Fourth of July. Can't wait to see pics!

Hanne said...

Oh Kris I just love your patriotic table runner. I would buy it if I saw one like it on my trip to USA...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everything looks lovely. Your stipple quilting is fabulous. Cushions are totally ridiculously priced. I love the fabric you put on the chair, just perfect.

Poppy said...

Hi Kris,

Wow!! What a variety of activities here today (as always!). Lots of garden goodies, I see. Your mini cucumbers look so tasty! Love the bright colours of the two different cushions, especially the on the swing -my love of red! So pretty!!

Happy Fourth!


Patty said...

We are driving to cincinnati right now to be with family and I m reading your blog. You are probably out on the water right now and then you will enjoy your peach ice cream on your beautiful quilted runner! I love reading about your enthusiasm for life!

Lynne said...

My goodness you have a lot going on! Love all your fresh veggies. Just tomatoes here and they are still green! I'm so glad we are on the other side of that heat wave. What a doozy! Have a wonderful weekend Kris!

Jann Olson said...

Kris, love the word muggly! We got so needed rain last night and tonight. Didn't last real long, but what a blessing! Love the quilt and the Fall one will be so fun too. I didn't get any cucs in this year and I sure am missing them. My cuz usually has tons and gives them to me, but I haven't seen her for quite some time. I've got 8 hills of pumpkins. Starting to spread. Hope I get some! Just fun to watch them grow. Love your settee cushion. I need to make new ones for my set next year. They are a mint to buy. The swing cushions are darling also. Hope you had a great 4th!

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Grayseasailor said...

Its so exciting to see your garden grow, and I love the cushions you have made!!!
Gracie xx