Monday, November 4, 2013

A Good Day Thrifting.....and a few other things

 November is here, along with the time change and shorter days.  I love it.  I am in the minority on that, I think.  To me, it is such a cozy time.  I love to drive up and see the amber glow of  lights on in my house.
We do a lot of fires in cooler months, and we each have our own blanket to snuggle up with to watch TV.   It is my favorite time of year.
We had a very busy weekend.  It was Carl's funeral on Saturday.  It was beautiful.  Standing room only, and most came back to the house afterwards. I had told Sue that I would leave the chapel a bit early, and get back to their house to begin setting up the food and beverages.  I organized the ladies in our neighborhood to make salads.  Her retired teachers friends were all bringing desserts.  The kids had gotten the sandwiches and several others brought chips and dips. I had asked Jane and one other neighbor if they would like to help me.  When we got up to quietly exit the chapel as it neared the end, Greg and I were shocked by what we saw next.  ALL of our immediate neighbors joined us.  They ALL got up and came  to the house. Husbands and wives, along with several of their grown children, came to help. We got to work immediately, setting out the food, covering the tables with cloths, setting out plates and cutlery, setting up the beverage bar.  Each person, busy, as we all worked together to help our Carl and Sue.  When the family arrived, it was our hope that they could visit with their family members, and friends who came in support of them, and not have to worry about anything else.  The day went perfectly,  and so many times throughout the day, I had to pause a moment in amazement at what our neighbors were willing to do for friends.  From the first plate set out, to the last dish washed, we worked together, taking out trash, picking up plates, putting up umbrellas, etc, to ensure our friends could have this day be just the way they wanted it.  I am still in awe of it, when I picture the teamwork that went into that day.  I know Carl would have gotten a kick out of that!
Our next door neighbors (Christopher's parents) asked us to go see  Sarah Brightman with them at The Honda Center that night.   I was so tired from helping all day with the funeral, but I was urged to do something spontaneous. ( I am not the spontaneous type. )  So we freshened up a bit, and off we went.  WOW.  What a show!!  What a voice!  What a theatrical and beautiful experience it was! Our seats were fantastic, dead center to the stage.  If you aren't familiar with Sarah Brightman, as I was not, look her up.  Amazing talent!   We got home late, but with the time change, got that extra hour of sleep.  My plan for Sunday was to do NOTHING!   Instead, we swapped out two large pieces of furniture that took the better part of the day.  Erika had asked if she could have the desk that was hers as a child, for Noah.  It had been in my sewing room for the past ten years, and was chock full of my stuff!  Books, patterns, tools, you name it, it was in there.  In order to make room for the desk, we would  have to swap out the armoire.  It too, was full of things that had to be removed before any of the moving could be done.  Erika did all of the emptying of the desk and armoire, and then Greg and I helped with the moving of them.  Noah now has a terrific desk to do his homework at.  And a place to put his books, and a bulletin board for his sight words and awards and photos.  It worked out perfectly, and he was thrilled.
We will have to either stain that chair, or get another one to match.  I have no idea whatever happened to the one that came with it.  We got this when Erika was 12.  She is 30 now.  It has held up great, and should last Noah a long, long time.
The armoire is now in my sewing room.
This was one time in our family room with a big TV in it.  Thus, the funny cut out shape in the back.  Erika had her TV in it too.  I am going to cut out the rest of the back that is in that space so that you will see the wall behind it.  It holds all of my quilting books, as well as my knitting and crochet books and patterns.  The quilts on top were made by my Great Grandmother.  Nana's mother.  And yes, I knew her.  She too, lived to her late nineties, just like Nana.  Underneath the needle of the black, heavy cast iron antique machine, I have a square from one of the quilts of Grandma's that was too damaged to salvage.  I have a little wooden bench sitting on the shelf and put a table topper quilt over it.  There is an electrical outlet on the shelf, so I plugged a little lamp in and set it on the bench too.  
The bottom of the armoire has two deep shelves for storage.  I have managed to fill them up. 
We did lots of purging, and wound up filling the back of my Yukon with unwanted items to donate.  This morning I took those things to The Salvation Army to drop off.  I always have to pop inside to see if there might be anything I can't live without. On Monday, all clothing items are one dollar, so it was crowded the moment they opened.  I have bought wool blazers to wash and felt for wool projects.  I have bought dresses and blouses and coats, for the buttons alone.  Have you priced buttons lately?  I use them on all of my earwarmers, and other things.  So to buy a garment with lots of nice buttons for salvaging the buttons alone, is a great deal.  But I have also found many things that I have kept for myself too.  Today I found this beautiful aqua sweater.  It looked like Eileen Fischer to me, but there was not tag in it anywhere.  It was in perfect condition though, and for the color alone, I bought it.
It does not show the true color here on the line.  I washed it in cold water, on delicate, and then laid it flat to dry.  As I was folding some other laundry, this vintage napkin had the exact same shade of aqua in it.  I tied it around the neck just for fun.
My Mom wore sweaters like this in the 60's.  They have a little zipper in the back at the neckline.  I love these.  I am thinking of cutting it up the middle though, and making a cardi.
I also found this mock turtleneck.  In a deep pumpkin color.  I have a couple of things that will go really nicely with this.  A quilted reversible vest that is animal print on one side, and brown on the other.
And a leather jacket in a rich caramel color.  I wear this jacket a lot, and love both the color and comfort of it!
I have been on the lookout for red and green sweaters for a Christmas project that I am doing.  This one will do nicely.  I love the cables on it.
I only need eleven more!
I am a big fan of the Nick and Nora line of sleepwear that Target carries.  Particularly, their Christmas flannels.  Recently I found a cotton set with cherries and birds, I don't think it had ever been worn.  Today I found this.  Just the top though.
I love the print, with the old school skis and winter cabins and pines.
I couldn't pass up this Rudolph.
I think just about every home had one in the 80's.  Made with a mens sock, and fabric holly leaves.  I loved his charming features on the face.  Heart mouth, and Scandinavian ribbon for bridle and reins.
Nor could I pass up this vintage Santa!
I spent seven dollars.  It was a good day!  Today would have been my Daddy's birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad.
XO  Kris


Genn said...

I'm glad the service went so well for The Simmons.
How nice to see so many neighbors helping out.

Sarah Brightman has a beautiful voice. I bet that was fun.

Cute stuff from your thrifting. I like that pj shirt.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday to Dad............
We love you and miss you so......

Gracie Saylor said...

One of the things I admire most in your family is your loving frequent gatherings. Another thing I admire is that you have loving long term relationships with your neighbors and friends. This post highlights both of those things, Kris :) I am so glad you and your neighbors were able to organize such a special gathering!
Cheers for your house purging/thrifting achievements as well :)
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the concert...she does have a lovely voice!
Gracie xx

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm so glad to hear that Carl's service and gathering were so uplifting and full of love. You and the neighbors are wonderful. It's neat that you are switching furniture around and providing Noah with such a nice desk. And what finds you got! Love the pale turquoise sweater! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Melissa C said...

You sure do keep busy :) so glad for you all that the funeral went so smoothly, he must have been a good good man.

I would LOVE to go thrifting with you sometime! I just know we'd make a great few days of it!!!

Poppy said...


You have had a very busy few days, but you are always so on the go!

So glad that everything went nicely at the service for Carl and the team effort really came across in your words; what a really sweet group of people you are surrounded by.

Pretty sweater! I, too, have sweaters that zip in the back from the 60s that my mom has given me and I treasure them for their nod to one of my favourite decades! Mine are both sleeveless, and I feel like Ann Margaret in them!


Taciana Simmons said...

Wow kris, what a wonderful thing you and your neighbors did for Carl and his wife. I know it's so sad to loose someone you love, but I bet he was happy to see everything you and your neighbors did for him. I bet your dad was also happy to " see" Carl. Happy birthday to your dad ... I bet u miss him so much .
Nice finds in your thrift endeavors.
Keep your head up and may you feel the comfort that is sent your way.
Thinking about you my dear friend 🌷

Patty Antle said...

You are such a great friend and so giving to others. Love your finds!

priscilla said...

So nice to handle all that for your neighbors funeral !
Great thrifting ! I don't think our salvation army does that with clothes . I have 2 of those reindeers myself ! I sold many of them at craft shows !
Have a great week !

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have & know such dear friends & neighbors, especially during sad times.
Your armoire looks great and I admire thrifty finds. It's fun to go inside a shop and never know what items might be found.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kristi, So happy everything went more then well for you, your neighbors are amazing! What a wonderful feeling to think you have such supportive friends and neighbors.
Love all your thrifting, especially the aqua sweater and the vintage santa at the end.
Now get cosy and relax my friend, xoRobin

Home Meadows said...

Hi Kris. I would have loved to go thrifting with you; sound like you found some great buys. Great idea on the buttons. You are right, they have gotten very expensive. I'm glad things worked out so well for you and your neighbors. I'm sure it was a blessing to them and their family. Take care and have a wonderful day. Heather

Karen L. Bates said...

Sounds like you have fantastic neighbors! Amazing how they all banded together and got the job done and efficiently.

Glad you found some sweet bargains in the clothing section. I also need some clothes and should make a trip to the thrift....soon.

Aren't you glad you could pass down that much loved desk to your grandson? How wonderful...great memories.

Take care.

Debbie said...

Good morning! I love hearing how all the neighbors worked together to handle everything like that for the funeral...just how it should be! I am sure it was just such a blessing for the family. And I love the way you have displayed your things in the sewing room. Looks great! And Noah should get LOTS of use out of that desk. And as for your finds at the thrift store? Soo many goodies, good job! Enjoy your day Kris!

Pam said...

It sounds like you have one wonderful neighborhood! I love that everyone came together to help out Carl's family. Awesome!

Seven dollars got you some great stuff! That reindeer is adorable.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful neighborhood you live in. I am happy everything turned out for Carl's service.
And what a fun way to end the day...

Patty from Lemon Lane said...

Quite a haul my friend. I had to chuckle at the reindeer. I made one in the 80's. Not sure what ever happened to it. Hope to see you on the 15th.

Gloria Baker said...

Oh my you were really busy Kris sometimes I dont know how you make so many things!
Nice the service for Car was lovely.
love sweaters when I was young never I think I have many of them and a lot of them I knitted:)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Love those jammies. You are such a blessing to those around you but I have to say we are so alike. I am so not spontaneous either. I like Dean by my side and stay home as much as I can but this year I did push myself and went on those two trips without him. So next year you come with us and we can hold hands okay?? Miss you. Remember the Dec. 14th lunch at my house. I hope you can come.

Susanne said...

Sarah Brightman, the wife of Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of my favorite opera singers. I have several of her CD's. She is gifted with a beautiful voice. I have only seen Kenny G and my girls surprised me years ago to see Tina Turner. Now that woman rocks! To perform at age 60 for 3 hours in stiletto heels was simply awesome. I am glad the service and wake for your neighbor's husband went smoothly. Having neighbors who give kindly of their time and help out is a blessing. Not everyone is so fortunate. You pick up some nice looking things from the Salvation Army for a steal, lol. Our weather is wet, cool and dreary. I could sure use some California sunshine.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I am sorry to hear about your neighbor, is so nice that all the neighbors came together for the family.
You had some great finds, and I love the idea of buying items to re-use the fabric or buttons!

corners of my life said...

Only $7??

Linda said...

Why you crazy spendthrift you!!!
I never thought to buy ugly sweaters for the buttons...but you are so right about how darn expensive they are...great tip, Kris...

Enjoy your week!
Linda :o)