Friday, January 17, 2014

Ant Farms & Oranges

One of the gifts we got for Noah this Christmas, was this old school Ant Farm.  I remember having one of these, many years ago.  Actually, it was probably one of my brother's, but I remember being fascinated by it too.   I got it for Noah, hoping he would enjoy it too.  Well, let me tell you....if you have a hobby store near you, go get one for the little boy,in your life!!!!  When Geeps set it up, our next door neighbors, Breanne and Christopher were over.  As you can see, it was quite interesting to watch!
I bought the ant farm at Hobby Town, here in Corona.  My old childhood friend, Marie and her husband own this awesome store!  They have a little bit of everything there!  Noah LOVES to go see the trains, and all of the unusual toys that they carry.  I did most of my Christmas shopping for our three little cutie pies in Hobby Town.   I ordered the ants online, and even though it said it could take 5-6 weeks, they were here in less than one!  They arrived in a vial, that was safely packaged in a bubble wrapped brown and sound.  So, here we do you get 25 or so ants from a tiny vial into a small opening on top of the ant farm?  Well, it was a comedy of errors, and well worth the entertainment of watching!  First, as per the instructions indicate, we put the vial into the fridge for a few minutes to settle the lively ants down a bit.  Then, after trying several different ways, wound up discovering that the flex tube that is included in the kit, is the way to go.  But oh how funny the process!  There were several little guys that slipped out, onto the table, but with all of the eyes watching, we caught the little rascals!  In below photo, Greg is trying to coax the chilled ants from the bottom of the vial, into the tube, and then into their new home.
NOT an easy thing to do!!!
After several attempts, I suggested that he blow on the other end of the tube to move them down into the ant farm.  Bingo...that worked like a charm.  BUT, do so at your own risk!  On the second transfer attempt, one guy went the wrong way, and into Greg's mouth, and BIT him on the inside of his lip!!!!
He is yelling, "GET ICE, GET ICE" and I am laughing and trying to take photos!!!  Breanne ran in to get him some ice for his stung lip, and Chris and Noah are trying to cover the top of the ant farm to keep any stragglers from escaping.   I tell you, it was worth the price of the ant farm, for the setting up process alone!  But eventually, he got all of the ants into the farm, and the lid on the top, safe and secure.
See Greg's fat lip?  It is still numb, 4 days later!!  I can't tell you how much fun it has been to watch these ants make tunnels and begin their new lives in their new home.  Noah fed them some oat flakes the other day, and was amazed to watch them eat it!  Truly, a perfect gift for a young kid.  When I got it, it never really occurred to me that my granddaughters would like it, but I bet they would.
Christopher took my camera from me to take a photo of the two of us.  Good one Bud!
Now, all of the ants have made their way down into the sand and have begun to tunnel through it.  If the ants look huge, it's because they are!!!   Great fun!
Remember that little jewel I found at Goodwill recently?  The wood frame chest with wicker baskets and leather handles?
One of my best finds ever!  It holds all of our DVD's in the upper baskets, and the large lower basket is still empty.  
The baskets are on rails, and slide in and out very easily.  This is a well made piece, and I saw one just like it in a Pottery Barn catalog for a LOT of money!  I paid 29 dollars for it and ran home with it as fast as I could.  On top is a small quilt topper that I made about 7 years or so ago.  We are absolutely loving the new arrangement of furniture in both the family room and kitchen!  WHY oh why did I not do this 20 years ago? 
I snapped a picture of this pillow I am loving lately!  My daughter and son in law gave it to me for Christmas, and I am keeping it out all winter!  So cute!
I had seen the same pillow at her house a couple weeks before Christmas and fell in love with it.  She ran out and bought the last one for me at Target!  
Yesterday I had a delightful visit with a long time friend of our middle daughter Erika.  She and ShanAnn have been friends since grammar school.  They were even room mates for a while.  ShanAnn and her husband moved a distance away and we didn't see them for a very long time.  But they are back in town again, and I was eager to see her and meet her two beautiful baby girls!  
This little pixie stole my heart!!!
She has the most beautiful head of naturally curly hair!!  
And holding this little sweet thing....awwwww.
What a nice afternoon we had.  Thank you ShanAnn, for coming over to see  us!  
It's orange picking season here at Grover's Grove.  The oranges are sweet and delicious.  Yesterday Erika picked a wagon load to bring into work today and share with her coworkers.  
If you live near me....bring a bag and come on over and pick some!!!
Have a great day...and a fun weekend!!!
XO  Kris


priscilla said...

Wish I did live near to you Kris :) ! Looks like your ant farm is a hit !

corners of my life said...

Oh my - that ant bite gives me the shivers!

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, that ant farm sounds dangerous!! Lots of fun now that they are all safely in their new home no doubt. Boy do you have a lot of oranges though, no shortage of vitamin c at your house!! xx

Deb~in~Denver said...

Poor Greg! I remember when I was little, our neighbor boy sat on a hill of red ants. They were ALL over him in just a few seconds. First time I'd ever seen a nekkid boy! :) I hope Greg's lip heals, soon! I love the picture of Greg, Noah and Breanne, they are so captivated! Might have to look for an ant farm for Little B! Those little punkins that came to visit are adorable! Couldn't bribe their Mama into leaving them there? Your chest of baskets is perfect for that spot, I love your new arrangement, too! I'm so jealous of all of those fresh oranges, they look so good!

Enjoy your weekend!

podso said...

Your little GW Jewel does look fabulous! And imagine having an empty drawer! It will fill up soon I am guessing. The ant farm was a hoot to read about --wow amazing a little ant could cause so much grief to your hubby's lip. Have a good weekend!

Home Meadows said...

Looks like fun. My little guy would probably like it too. I wish I lived close by as I'd love to get a bag full of sun ripened oranges, they look great. Enjoy your weekend. Heather

Teresa Kasner said...

Poor Greg! But that setting up and watching them does look like fun. I have a similar basket cabinet that I got at Pier 1 Imports - yours has more baskets, though! I've got mine in the front hall holding toys for the grandsons. It's way better looking than plastic bins! I wish I lived close to you.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

My boys had an ant farm when they were little, they loved it. Thank you for the lovely post Kris.

Holly said...

The ant farm looks like fun, now onto the Sea Monkeys. Remember those? I got some for my kids when they were little and they loved watching them. You new dining area is so cute and colorful. I loved this post.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I love the chest with the basket-I want to find a bench with baskets underneath for our new laundry room. Target has them and I will probably get one there(but truth be told, after all the identity issues being stolen, unless I have cash I'm still not secure).
Love your daughter's friends precious. Those oranges look so very good. Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Dawn said...

How fun to have an ant farm, my son had one growing up too :) they are amazing to watch. I just got a Honey Bell Orange order this week and am enjoying fresh, juicy oranges.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, ANTS, ouch!!! Their bites do so hurt and swell. Hope Greg is feeling better, but I can imagine the commotion with the escapee's! Lots of fun, I only have granddaughters so I'm not sure.....they do like them at the children's museum though.
Oranges galore!!! What a beautiful wagon full. I'll be over.

Debbie said...

Well I am just sure that a couple of my grandsons would LOVE the ant farm. What a great idea! Poor Greg though...hopefully that heals quickly. The oranges looks great. Can you believe this weather? Enjoy your week-end Kris!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Our kids had fun with an Ant Farm when they were young...they never were bit by one of the ants, though! Crazy how Greg's lip swelled up!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I don't remember any of us having an ant farm when we were young, but it sure seems pretty fascinating. Ant bites are bad, you'd think you were being bitten by a bee! Those oranges look so good! Enjoy the ant farm!

Betsy said...

Poor Greg! He's such a good sport. The ant farm looks fascinating. My oh my I wish I lived closer for some oranges. Yum!

Nana Go-Go said...

Seville oranges are what we are collecting at the moments because it's marmalade making time over here - it seems to roll around faster and faster these days - and my boss has entered me into a marmalade competition!I'm so nervous about making it, it will probably be a disaster!
Those red ants are scary!

Susanne said...

I remember when my grandson Holden was born one of the first things my daughter said she was going to buy him when he got bigger was an ant farm. My girls never had one but their paternal grandpa bought them a BUG BARN and we still have it. Basically it is these 3 pieces of wood with a piece of small hole screening that children can catch bugs and put them in the container to watch. My girls had so much fun with that. I laughed about your hubby and the ants. Poor guy, everyone laughing at his expense and now he has a fat lip, lol. Those ants can be quite vicious and do bite hard, heck, even those tiny piss ants bite, I know, I have been a victim of their meanness. The basket chest looks great. I was telling a friend about your lucky find and she agreed with me that you would never be so lucky to find anything so nice around here in our GW mall, lol.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Linda said...

Great story Kris....
Hope Greg's lip is ok....that happened to my was a his beer....and it stung him...and he had a puffy lip as well! Hahaha....
Enjoy your weekend....
Those oranges look fantastic!
Linda :o)

Melissa C said...

Those farms are so entertaining, for all! Hope his lip is doing better, ouch!

Wish I lived near ya bout now, I would Love some of those yummy oranges you have!

Poppy said...

Always so much activity and discovery and decor going on at your place, Kris! Your oranges look beautiful. We have been picking ours for about a month now, as they are not all ripe at the same time.



Debbie said...

Hi Kris! I know at one point I had your email but I can't seem to find it, but I wanted to tell you that those blankets are quick, easy and fun. You have a 40 inch square, and a 30 inch square and you sew them together in such a way that when you turn them inside out the whole blanket is binded by the bigger square. You can make one from start to finish in about 40 minutes, and that's taking your time, haha. And there are soo many cute, coordinating fabrics to put together and then finished with a decorative stitch they really look quite professional, lol. If you are ever interested in making one I could give the directions in just a couple of minutes. Anyway, that's it, enjoy your Sunday!

Jeanna said...

I've been on a trip Kris and missed your blog. So many sweet things to chat about...keep it up.

I love the ant farm idea...Noah will spend hours watching them.

Gracie Saylor said...

Kris, I am so glad that you blog and that I have the privilege of visiting you and yours through your blog! I enjoyed every part of this post :) except for the mean ant bite on Greg's lip :( I have never seen an inhabited ant farm up close and personal, but I am thinking that my grands and I would be fascinated viewing one. I love the basket dresser you found for such a wonderful bargain price, and the way it looks and functions in your furniture rearrangement. I admire the pillow and the wagon full of oranges, too.
You have cheered my heart. Thanks! xx

Karen L. Bates said...

Oh, my, I guess I need to get an ant farm for my grandson, Grayson...I am sure he would love it! Great post!

Those oranges look out of this world....boy would I love some...sure wish I was your neighbor! Come to think, I would love your weather right now as well...heehee.

Nicolle said...

Your new pillow is super cute. I sure would be happy if I had a wagon full of oranges like that. They are beautiful and I bet they are yummy!

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