Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drew Turns 25!

I know that today was a big day for just about everyone!  Super Bowl Sunday and all.   We were also celebrating our son's 25th birthday today.  It hardly seems possible to me, that our baby could be 25.  I remember the day he was born, as clearly as yesterday.  Having two little girls already, we were thrilled to have our baby boy!
There were no special plans, other than to watch the football game and eat good food.  My Mom and brother Mark, drove out to Gardena early this morning to the best deli ever.  They have been going there since my folks were kids.  They went to school with the people who own the deli, and have been making the trek into LA for these delicious torpedo sandwiches for for over 50 years.  They were nice enough to pick a few up for us too, and they delivered them, along with a huge pan of Drew's favorite dish.  My Mom's homemade Mac N Cheese!
The sandwiches were delicious, as they always are.  And Drew shared his Mac N Cheese with us too!
The game was never very exciting, except for at the end of the second quarter, when my numbers were to be the winning numbers on the pool.  But those darn Broncos scored a TD and took my money away!
None of our three kids likes birthday cake.  I always tried to come up with interesting alternatives to cake for their birthdays.  I have made cookie and fruit pizzas, bownie sundaes, trifle, puddings, and various other types of sweets, that were not cake.  One particular favorite was a glazed donut tower.  For Drew, we did a repeat of that one.  Only it was a variety of various donuts.
We also had some good ice cream along with it.
After dessert, and after the Seahawks whooped the Broncos, Drew and Christine left for a movie.  I took this photo of them before they left, and thought it was so good.
His girlfriend is such a sweetheart.  She is such a tiny thing.  Only 5 ft. tall.  And our son is 6'5" 
Looking at Drew is just like looking at my husband when he was that age.  Happy Birthday son.  We love you!
I did a bit more sewing this weekend too.  I made a couple more baby blankets.  The first one is for a new baby boy.
A soft brown flannel on the one side, and backed and bound in this cute jungle monkey print.  I put this decorative feather stitch down along the binding to secure both sides.

The next one is for a baby girl.  The colors did not photograph well at all.
A pretty floral on one side, with a solid hot pink on the other.
The decorative stitch I used to secure the two layers was a sweetheart vine.
These blankets are really fun to make.  And so many options available with fun prints and colors.
My faithful companion, Dusty was right by my side as I was taking these photos, just like he usually is.
He is such a handsome boy.  Sometimes a bit of a naughty boy.  Often forgetting his manners  when people come to visit.  He jumps like a 3 month old puppy, and his 85 pound bulk can knock you down!  He will charge you like a herd of stampeding longhorn, wanting nothing more than to cover you in licks and kisses.  Oh how I love this dog!!!
With the deep brown eyes.

And the ruffled ear.  My Dusty happy we are that you came to live with us!  Even if you do hog the bed.
Time to watch Downton.  Over and Out.
XO  Kris


Taciana Simmons said...

I love the baby blankets .. So cute. I have been buying flannels to take when I go to Brazil this year. My sister makes baby blankets and we give to the less fortunate ladies who are having babies and to the orphanage. I also make baby hats and take it for them. I'm going to try to show my sister how to make this ones bcz they are much faster than the ones I make with the crochet edges. Very cute idea Kris!
Happy birthday to Drew. Hope he had a wonderful day 🎂

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy birthday to your son! Your blankets look lovely, you are getting into making them! Hope that you are enjoying Downton! xx

Home Meadows said...

Your baby blankets look very nice, I like the neat stitches you are using on them. The flannel looks cuddly and soft. Happy b-day to your baby boy. Take care, Heather

Poppy said...

Happy 25th Birthday, to Drew!! Kris, I think he is a very good mix of both you and your husband; he's got your blonde locks and your eyes, from what I can see.

You should really start selling those baby blankets; they're beautiful and the details of the different decorative stitching are unique! Lovely, happy colours!


From the Kitchen said...

I'd take that donut tower over a birthday cake! Well, over the conventional cake with too sweet icing. Sounds like a great celebration for your handsome boy.


Debbie said...

Happy birthday to Drew! And your right...such a GOOD picture of them I am glad to see someone is sharing my love of these blankets, haha. Soo fun. I love putting the different possibilities together. I am on burp cloths now and they are just as quick and fun. Have a couple different patterns and styles I use. I am hoping to put some applique and some embroidery on some of them and some of the bibs. Soo many ideas, and so little time, lol. Enjoy your day Kris!

Karen L. Bates said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday football game day! Go Seahawks! Glad you had a good visit.

priscilla said...

Happy Birthday to your son ! Love your flannel baby blankets !

Deb~in~Denver said...

Happy belated birthday to Drew! What a handsome young man! My hubby and s-i-l don't like birthday cakes, either. Always fun to come up with an alternative. The baby blankets are darling! You do a great job. Sorry you missed the numbers on the pool but I'm so glad the Broncos finally scored! Great season but sad ending!


Valerie Smith said...

Congrats on the birthday...he's handsome. You are so talented with sewing. Dusty is adorable. I'm so glad he found a home with you.


Cottage Making Mommy

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday to your Drew! Our youngest just turned 25 in December. Hard to believe our babies are that old isn't it? Our Grandson, Caleb, turned 7 yesterday. February 2 is a good day. :-)
My brothers are 6'4" and 6'5" and our middle son is 6'3". They all married women who were between 5'0" or 5'2". I always teased them about that. What do tall ladies like myself do when the short girls snag all of the tall ones? Hubby is the exact same height as me, 5'10" and I like that just fine. :-)
Love the blankets. Some babies are going to be very comfy cozy.
Go Hawks!!!

Denise Z. said...

Darn it--sorry you lost out on that Super Bowl pool! Belated Happy Birthday to your son. I have a daughter just a little older--all 5'2" of her (and she always ends up with a TALL guy, too!) and I'm enjoying this age. And Dusty...what a love! So happy he found his forever home with you! I miss our Chocolate Labs so much--thanks for sharing him with us!

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy birthday to Drew. Love the blankets and the dog. Hugs

Pammy Sue said...

When I looked at Drew in the picture of him and his girlfriend, I thought he sure does look like his daddy, and then I read what you said. He really does look so much like Greg. So this is the new girl, eh? Cutie pie. I hope she makes him happy. Those picture of Dusty are SO CUTE. Makes me want to kiss him all over his soft face. Have a good week, Kris! XOXOXO

Jeanna said...

More sweet baby blankets Kris. I love the feathered stitch...really adds to the blanket.

You have a very handsome son...happy birthday to Drew.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Love catching up with you. I thought the SB was really crummy but guess the best team won. Maybe next year-we didn't even watch the whole game; however we did get a new big screen t.v. for it-so thankful the Olympics start this weekend.
Loved the baby blanket. Happy Birthday to your son.
Hugs, Noreen

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Kris, so happy to see your blog pop up to the top of the list!
*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Drew! He's so handsome! Sure would have liked to have one of those apple fritters! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Holly said...

It's crazy how much Drew looks like his Papa. I love to here about your family get togethers. You guys always have the best time. The blankies are so pretty. And can I just say...I love that puppy face!! Reminds me of someone I know.

Val said...

Happy Birthday to your son....the blanket is sooooooooo cute. You're very talented.

Pam said...

I love Downton!

Happy birthday to your son... time sure flies. He totally looks like your husband!

The blankets are darling - but so is everything you make!

podso said...

Hard to see our "babies" grow up isn't out? Ours are in the next decade. The years go by so quickly! The baby blankets are so sweet!

Jill said...

Happy belated birthday to Drew!! My he is so tall! My poor Hayley towers over all the boys she meets, lol. Love your blankets and of course the pictures of your dog. What a sweetheart! I just shared pictures today of the ice storm that has hit us on top of all the snow! Ugh when is summer arriving? Have a wonderful day!!


Melissa C said...

Your blankets are adorable Kris! I love the sweet heart stitch you did on them :)

Oh and Dusty boy, give him a hug from me! He is a fine looking boy!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Drew! Love the donut idea...I got a donut cake pan that I used to make my younger son a big birthday donut a couple times! The blankets are very cute...and Dusty Boy...he's so sweet!Have a great day!!

Susanne said...

My girls like cake but they always wanted me to make them a dried beef cheese ball for their special day. You have a handsome son and his girlfriend is pretty. Love what you are doing with the flannel. The new moms will love the gifts and that you made them especially for their babies. Your dog was lucky that he came to you to live. He has plenty of room to roam and plenty of love from a family that wanted him. I would say you and he both lucked out in that department.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Jann Olson said...

Kris, every time you do a post it just confirms how much alike we are. My baby is 25 too. Our family doesn't really like birthday cake either. The donut cake is a cute idea. My hubby is 6' 3" and I am 5' 2" (now even shorter). I always say that tall men like short women. lol! They sure are a cute couple. Happy belated birthday to him! The blankets are darling!

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Kris!
I have missed you...not your fault, but mine :) Happy Birthday, Drew! His birthday tower looked very yummy and a fun way to celebrate. When I saw his picture I immediately thought of Greg!
We lived near Denver for 2 + years so my sons who now live on the East Coast were cheering for the Broncos while the girls and I on the West Coast cheered for the Sea Hawks. The boys sent gracious texts of congrats :)
I loved seeing your latest baby blankets...wonderful generous gifts!!! xx

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy belated birthday to your son! Mine turned 35 this week--I feel old--lol!!