Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Where did the week go?  Time is going by way too fast!  I have been busy with my garden and other yard chores.  The weather has been beautiful, and I am enjoying being outside!
First I want to show you what I did with the lamp from last week.
It was the perfect size for on top of the piano.  It had a pretty red shade that was too big for it, but I moved that to another lamp.  Here it is now.
Ahhh, much better.  I love Oil Rubbed Bronze paint!!!!
I recently picked up these two heavy and ornate frames.  I loved them.  Just not in gold!

They are now painted in Oil Rubbed Bronze, and I have them flanked on either side of the lamp.

Four dollars each for these beautiful frames.  I got them on half off day.
Also, on the same day I found the frames....this pretty glazed pottery plate.
A nest of robins egg blue eggs (soap) on a pedestal from Pier 1.  Still wrapped.  But I unwrapped it to take photo.
Hammered bowl.
Two old time quart size juice bottles, with indentations to hold on sides.
A couple of Ball jars too.
The exact shade of buttercup yellow dust ruffle I wanted for my Spring bedding makeover.  It was a very well made dust ruffle, with a heavy piece of broadcloth for the center piece.  I washed it in hot water, with a double rinse cycle, and line dried it, then put it on the bed.
I took the heavy winter comforter off, and searched the linen closet for what I wanted to lighten up the bedding for Spring and Summer.  I put this white quilted matelasse bedspred on the bed, along with lots of pillows with floral pillow slips.
And folded a pretty quilt at the foot of the bed.  I love it for a lighter and brighter look.  I also flipped and rotated the mattress, (with Drew's help), when I put the new dust ruffle on.  Everything felt so fresh and clean.
There were a few other little things I found on this bonanza of a thrift shopping day.  All for around 20.00!  I rarely spend more than that.  I really look for the good deals.
Yesterday, on a whim, I popped into my favorite place, just to peek.  Well imagine my surprise when I saw this open suitcase, with a Viking sewing machine inside, almost exactly like mine.  I purchased my Viking from my sewing machine repair man.  He knew that I was on the lookout for a better machine, with more stitch options.  He called me when he acquired this, and after servicing it, he asked me if I wanted to try it out.  He felt it was a bang up machine, with lots of stitches, and feet and attachments.  He said it would be  money well spent, even though the machine is 25-30 years old.  I loved it, and bought it for 200 dollars.  I have been sewing with that machine for about 7 years, and it is a dream!!!
The one I saw in the thrift, was just like it, with lots of attachments, an extension table, and bobbins, etc.  I plugged it in to see if it worked, and then noticed the price!
It was marked 15.95 both on the case, and on the machine. was another 40% off of that.
I brought it home, and put it all together, and cleaned and oiled it.  Then tried out the stitches.  It sewed just as beautifully as my other one.  The only difference between the one I already had, is that mine has two more cams with more stitch options.
Here is the one I have been sewing on.
This is the tray with attachments and bobbins, etc.
The guide and instruction book, also were with the machine.  As well as an enamel extension tray.  This is the  case that it came in.
When I was checking out, the lady called the manager over to question him about the price.  They both said that it should have been way more, but then the manager said to me, good eye!!!  It's yours!  I think the final cost was 10 dollars!  I don't know what I will do with it yet.  May sell it.
On same day, I also spotted this gathering basket.  I thought it was Longaberger at first.  When I turned it over to see, it was stamped with a name I was not familiar with.  Nineteenth Century.  It was also initialed by the maker, and numbered.
You can see how well made it is.  I loved it!
This was a great find!  I have lots of baskets, and use them all throughout the house.  This will make a great harvesting basket for bringing in fresh produce!  I paid 6 dollars for it.
It was a pretty good week for bargain hunting.
Easter is in a few days.  I will try to be back beforehand with some Easter around the house.
XO  Kris


Mereknits said...

Wow, you found so many amazing things. With older things I wonder where they have been. Who sat at that machine and took such loving care of it? Did they sew clothes for their kids or something for themselves? The basket is gorgeous.
Hugs to you Kris.

Kerri said...

good finds!! You make me want to run out and do some thrift shopping...if only I didn't have to head off to work!
Enjoy your day!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Great finds Thrifty Kris! Love the basket and the Viking is awesome! I never knew of oil bronzing rub, what a great transformation! I will have to give it a whirl sometime. Beautiful wreath on your blog front, did you make it?!?! If so WOW !
Happy almost weekend, xoRobin

Valerie Ratliff said...

Love the oil bronzed paint it really is pretty. Love the Spring in your bedroom. Sewing has been on my mind too. I haven't sewn since I was a little girl my mom and gma always did it for me. I miss them so. I was so thrilled to find my mom's sewing machine this past weekend going to see if my friend will help me with it. When we bought the campgrounds it came with an old vintage sewing machine from the 40's it's so cool but the cord needs to be fixed. Love seeing all your bargains they are great deals.

Many Hugs and Happy Easter,

Cottage Making Mommy

Karen L. Bates said...

Score! Score!, you are some shopper!! Fantastic deal on that sewing machine! Love what you did with those frames. All in all, a very good week for you, I'd say.

podso said...

What an amazing post! The lamp shade is pretty cool, I need to look into that paint. And you have the best eyes when you are thrifting!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Love all your finds Kris! Wow, look at what you did with that oil paint. Amazing job. I never heard of it!The lamp is so pretty! Happy Easter my friend! xox

Debbie said...

Good morning! Well first off let me say I love both what you did with the lamp, and the frames...really pretty and go so well with your things. But then, that sewing machine find!! WOW!! Now I have no idea how much that machine might be worth but the fact that it works well means a lot. The fact that it is a Viking means it is a dependable work horse too. I think if I were you I might keep it. Maybe it would be a good machine to give those cute grand daughters of yours some sewing lessons. It could be their sewing machine at grandma's first. And maybe as they get older if they like sewinf theirs at their house till they get even older. My youngest grand daughter Donatella is the only one so far who can't wait to learn, lol. Wish she lived closer. I so feel like sewing is becoming quite a lost art, and us grandma's need to pass on the love of it. I did some research on my old Bernina when I bought my new one and was astonished to find out it could still be sold for several hundred dollars. But I kept it as it was like an old friend and I just couldn't bear to sell it. May belong to one of my grand daughters some day who knows. But who knows, your Viking could be worth quite a bit too. Such a find. Anyway, if I don't get back here again Kris, have a wonderful Easter! Hope your mom is doing well, she is still in my prayers. HUGS

Pam said...

You make me want to go to thrift stores. Sadly, I don't have your eye for great deals!

Carol said...

You definately find some great deals...I'm with Pam, you make me want to go the thrift store too:) Have a wonderful Easter!!

Melissa C said...

Nice find on the sewing machine! Wow! What a steal!
Love the milk glass too, oh would it be fun to junk with you!

Ana said...

Don't you just love thrift stores! So many wonderful treasures one can find. Awesome finds...especially that sewing machine.

Hugs and Kisses,

Becky said...

Kris great finds and you do indeed have a longaberger basket. I was a consultant for twenty years and they used to sign their initials and the year. The rivets are theirs too. Congrats. Quite a steal for six dollars. Happy Easter to you and yours. Still have your precious mama in my prayers. Blessings,Becky

Grammy Staffy said...

I can't believe all of your good finds. When I am feeling better and have more energy, I would love to go on a Thrifty Thursday hunt with you.
Have a great day. Hugs,Lura

Gloria Baker said...

Kris I love all these beautiful things you find! I love the lamp!
happy easter dear and a kiss for your Mom:)

Betsy said...

WOW! You have gotten so many great things Kris. I can't single out any one in particular I like best, (except maybe the sewing machine.) We must have similar tastes.
Our weather is a bit cooler than yours must be. At the trailer I have flannel sheets, 2 blankets and a down comforter on the bed. It gets around 30-35 F at night still.

Linda said...

What a haul! You are THE best thrifty shopper...well...besides me that is! Hahaha!
How cool if you could sell that machine for $200!
Think of all the thrift shopping you could do!
Enjoy your Easter Kris...
Linda :o)

Pam said...

What great finds! Love to see your thrifty purchases.
Enjoy Easter!

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh my goodness, Kris! You got some nifty deals for sure! You could make some $$ by re-selling that sewing machine! I also love the basket.. you know how much I adore them. Lucky! I look forward to seeing it heaped with your own homegrown produce! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Not only do I admire your thrifting finds, but I have had a great time catching up on your posts since the end of March when I was a bit closer to you while visiting in Monterrey, Kris. I tried to leave comments on the posts that I missed but could not get Blogger to give me a comment box except for this post. So glad you had: happy times with your family, including an exciting lizard hunt, a Happy Birthday celebration, made some yummy looking recipes, seen some wonderful birds and blooms, AND done some amazing gardening!

The eggs and chicks you admired in my last post I crocheted several years ago using Teresa's pattern she just reposted today

Happy Easter to you and yours, Kris!
Love and hugs from Gracie :)

Nana Go-Go said...

Hello Dearest Kris and what a little imp you are getting that sewing machine for pennies (or cents, as I should say!).Second-hand machines are like gold over here so you would definitely get top dollar (or pounds!lol)for it here. What a lovely haul you managed to procure. Well done and Happy Easter to you and yours. xxx

my4lilgirls said...

Wow Kris you are an amazing bargain hunter.
Love the sewing machine....what a find :)
Have a wonderful Easter weekend
Karen x

Holly said...

You always have the best luck!!!! Great finds, as usual, my friend.

Beca said...

Wow you got a great deal on that sewing machine. A lot of other good bargains too. I also love thrifting. It's so much fun and you never know what you're going to bring home. Enjoy all your goodies!
Happy Easter weekend!

Jill said...

What lovely treasures Kris! I love how you put everything together! Finally caught up on my blog a little today... will try to do better :-) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wow, Kris! You find the neatest stuff! My daughter found a good thrift store in our area and I hope to go along on a shopping expedition with her soon.

My daughter-in-law is hatching eggs in an incubator for her pre-school classes to see and when they are born my son is building a coop in their backyard for them--fresh eggs! I can't wait! :)

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Susanne said...

Sorry I am so behind reading blogs, I will back-track from this one....WOW you hit the jackpot on this shopping day. I bet with every find you got more and more excited. Love what you did with the frames and the lamp. Love that bronze color. Was it a spray paint? The basket does look like Longaberger. My niece use to be a sales rep for them. Gotta love sewing machines. I have 2 and a serger. I rarely find time these days to play around with either one. I spend too much time tangled up in my yarn.
Hope you and your family are having a good Easter Holiday.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)