Monday, June 16, 2014

Dish Scrubbies

Hidey Do.  How was your weekend?  Ours was busy with home chores, and a family BBQ last night for Father's Day.  Greg had a good day, and our kids all showered him with love.  I did not take any photos, because I was busy cooking.  But here is an old one from about 25 years ago.
Greg and I were talking about how much we miss our Dad's!  Here is a photo of me and my Dad, as he is walking me down the aisle.  This was 35 years ago, come September 01st.
 And this was the night before, at our rehearsal.  I was 19 years old.
Gosh I miss him!
On my last post, I mentioned the dish scrubbies I had been making.  This one I didn't show.  It was made with a different pattern, and I made it with tulle.  The youtube video is attached.
How to Crochet a Dish Scrubbie
I did not cut my tulle.  I buy it on a spool from Joann's.  Here is the one I made in aqua.
The other one is made of cotton, and is made completely different.  Here is the link to make it.

Learn How to Crochet - Spiral Scrubbie Tutorial (Dishcloth ...


Mine came out just fine, but I think I prefer an actual dishcloth to the round one like this, mainly for the size.

I always like to have some dishcloths, both knitted and crochet on hand to give as hostess gifts when I go somewhere.  I usually give them with a nice soap like Meyers Basil.
I have knitted several of the dish scrubbies and they are still in great shape, and I use them every day.  I also made some in my bathroom colors, and keep them in the soap dishes to keep the bar of soap from slipping all over the place.  I made them rectangular instead of round.   Both tutorials are very easy to follow.
I know that I am way behind on visiting and keeping up with all of my blogging friends.  I have been especially busy with the gardens this year.  Doubling my garden size, of course doubles the work as well.  But  I love it!
In the spots that are bare, I have harvested and planted new seeds.  On some of the more heat sensitive things, I will be planting in the partial shade and protection of more mature plants to protect them from the hot summer sun.
I can't wait to get ripe watermelons and cantaloupe!  The vines are really spreading out now. and have many blooms.

These are all out in the front garden.
The corn is going like gangbusters, and should be ready to harvest by Fourth of July.
As is always the case, 13 little feathered fowl run to greet me when I work in the garden.  They know they are sure to get a treat or two.
All of our meals revolve around what is fresh from the garden.  My Mom was out the other day, and we had a nice lunch outside on the patio.
I made roast turkey sandwiches, with baby greens, and avocado and roasted beets, with cheese on oatnut bread.
They were very tasty.  We also had some Pioneer Woman, Blackberry Cobbler and vanilla icecream.  We sat outside with our lunch and iced tea, and had the nicest visit.
Many of you have asked how Mom is doing.  She is doing great.  However, it has been decided that it would be best to take her off of the chemo meds.  She had some adverse reactions, and the Dr. felt it best she not continue.  The chemo was given as a bit of extra insurance.  The cancer was completely removed in surgery.  None of the lymph nodes, nor tissue tested positive for cancer cells.  The chemo was given to be sure that, if by chance there were any straggler cells left behind, they would be zapped.  But she will be monitored very closely.  With blood tests, PET scans, etc.  She was okay with going off of the meds.  So naturally, she is feeling much better now that her body is recovering from  having taken it for several weeks.  She continues to feel good.  And we are all so very thankful for that.  I thank each and every one of you for your continued prayers, and concerns.
Last week one night, we made pizzas again.  I made another batch of pesto for one.  And we loaded it up with veggies from the garden, and some pepperoni and proscuitto.  Then after cooking it, topped it with heaping mounds of arugula and a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Wow!
 For the other one, we made a Mexican Pizza.  I spread refried beans on the dough, and then tomatoes, cheese, black olives, green onions and sliced jalapeno.  When it came off the grill, we piled it with spinach and arugula and diced avocado.  OMG!!!
I think the Mexican Pizza was my favorite.  I would have put some fresh tomato on the top for color, but I had used it all up.
One of my chickens laid an enormous egg again.
As I suspected, it was a double.
I have spent a fair amount of time watching the little fishies.
I have planted my pumpkins.  Some like last year, regular jacks. Some Big Mac's too.  They are supposed to reach 100 pounds.  That would be fun.   The volunteer pumpkin is still meandering through my front planter, putting on a show of bright yellow flowers, and revealing about 5 pumpkins on the vine thus far.
 I placed two additional mounds for pumpkins in this front planter.   This is a first for me.  But since the one is so happy there, why not add more?
I have lots of these little garden flags, as well as the big ones hung from a pole.  I love them, and change them out regularly.  I recently got 5 new summer flags, and didn't have enough flag poles for them, so I made my own.  I used dowels, and quartar round, and some wire to secure the two pieces.
On one of them, I even used vintage knitting needles!
I finished a pillow I started last year!  I used Bloomie scraps of all colors for the flower.  Bias vines and stems.  Then cut out some leave shapes and machine appliqued them down.  Then put my free motion foot on and dropped the feed dogs, to free paint some grass at the bottom.  I used a sample piece of decorator fabric from Joann's.  They often put these samples on sale for a dollar a piece.  When they do, I stock up, as these are the perfect size for pillows.  I made the back of pillow envelope style, using some muslin I had on hand.  This way, you can simply use any pillow you may have at home instead of buying those expensive pillow forms.  And it is easily removable and washable.
It is out on the covered patio on the ever so comfy chaise lounge we decided to relocate to this spot after having to take it out of a spare bedroom.  I keep it covered when not in use to keep it clean, and it is a favorite resting spot.  I still may take the slip cover off and add some detail stitching to the leaves.  And I may not.
Geeps is home.  Leftover burgers for dinner.  And LONGMIRE is on at 10:00  Woo-Hoo!!!!
Over and out.  See you soon.
XO  Kris


Teresa Kasner said...

I love the photo of Greg and the kids when little.. just adorable. And I love your wedding photos! You were and still are simply gorgeous! Your garden is magnificent and you can see how much work you put into it. Your pizzas and lunch sandwiches look yum-o-liscious! But you know I *LOVE* avocado! Lucky you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grammy Staffy said...

You are amazing my friend. You do and accomplish so much. Your garden is beautiful and your cooking always looks like each dish is from a gourmet restaurant.
I love the old pictures you posted. What a lovely bride. It must have been special to have your sweet dad walk you down the aisle.
Best of wishes to you mom. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

Taciana Simmons said...

Adorable picture of Greg and the kids and your wedding pictures with your dad... Priceless. I miss my dad a Lott also. It's so hard to not do things for him on Father's Day. I always put his picture out and light a candle for him. It makes me feel closer to him. Love your garden also... So luscious and healthy. Beautiful pillow. Not sure how you make time to sew, but it's sure fun! Have a great week dear friend :)

Nana Go-Go said...

Everything about this post is sumptious. Your wedding,the pool pic,your Dad - who was a very handsome man - your food, your sewing, all done with great care and attention. Glad your Mum is recovering well and one more thing......I CANNOT believe I have found someone else who loves LONGMIRE!!!I've just discovered him - he's very cool, isn't he?Have a great week, Kris and thank you so much for popping over to

Debbie said...

LOVE the old pictures. Goodness your girls sure looked like Genn's girls....especially Claire! And what a pretty bride you were. Your garden as always amazes me. And the sandwich looks soo yummy. I've wondered a few times how your mom was doing so I am so glad to hear this update, and to hear she is doing well. Will pray she continues to feel better and better. LOVE your pillow. Soo cute! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Debbie said...
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Beca said...

I can see the resemblance between you and your dad in the photo. Sweet picture. I'm sure you miss him dearly. You're blessed to still have your mom though. Prayers for her as she goes through this hard time.

priscilla said...

That pizza looks amazing ! Lots of good stuff in your gardens ! Glad your Mom is doing well !

Home Meadows said...

Love the pillow, so unique and pretty. I don't know how you do it all, I'm having a hard time just keeping the mud and hay from the yard out of the house. You've made such a beautiful home for your family. Have a terrific day. Heather

Pammy Sue said...

Your food always looks so great in the summer made with stuff from your gardens. There is just nothing better than fresh food!! Those pizzas are amazing. I always say I'm going to try heaping some arugula on mine and drizzling with olive oil like you do, but I still never have. REALLY nice pillow, Kris! Glad Mom is doing well and not having to take those meds that make her feel bad. What a nice lunch you two had together on the porch. Love the pics of you and your daddy!

podso said...

Oh to have can't elopes (and water melon) growing at my house--how wonderful, and XL eggs as well! I like the idea of using the scrubby to hold down the soap, it does slip around doesn't it? I think i'm going to try the scrubby pattern!

podso said...
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Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hey cute Kris! What a fun post! Filled with goodness! What a darling picture of you and your daddy! You were a young bride like me! Love the scrubbies you make. Don't ya just love crocheting! xox

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, those photos of you and your dad are priceless! I miss both my parents terribly! My father in law is still alive at age 88. I took him in for cataract surgery today. I don't crochet, but have been given some of those dishrags as gifts and they are fabulous! Can't wait till I can plan meals around garden veggies. So far only lettuce. I love your pillow and those pizzas sound so yummy! Your mom will be in my prayers!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, Oh girl I love the photo of you and your dad-yes you were and still are a babe! Everything from your garden looks so good. Wish you lived close; I'd have you buying me those cute garden flags.
Sending you big hugs tonight.

Betsy said...

Kris I am SO GLAD to hear your Mom is doing well. I have been continuing to pray for her. So much on your blog today. Your pizza's and sandwiches look so yummy and healthy with your beautiful garden bounty in and on them. Yum. Our corn is only about 4 inches tall. Really! The high here today was only 53F and the furnace was running. We must be the same age. Hubby and I celebrate our 36 anniversary on September 1st and I was 18 when we married. We have so much in common that I truly hope we can meet one day. Have a lovely week my friend.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow Kris, you have been so busy!!! I am glad that your Mom is doing well, I hope that she will stay well for many many more years to come. Your sandwiches look delicious, so fresh and tasty, just right for a summer lunch party! It looks as though everything in your garden is doing really well, I love the pumpkin making its way through the flower border! Hope that you have a good week. xx

Weekend-Windup said...

Love your family photos! Dish scrubber looks nice. Beautiful garden!

Pam said...

Kris - love to see your garden! And I love that pillow. You are so creative. Glad your mom is doing well.
Have a great week!

Pam said...
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Gracie Saylor said...

So much happy news, Kris... your mom, your garden, your cooking, your sewing...I know missing dads is a sadness for me too, but I am so glad you have good memories to treasure. Thanks for the links to the patterns! xx

Patty Antle said...

So glad your Mother is doing well! Those pizzas look so yummy!

ali said...

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Nicolle said...

I hate that your mom was having adverse reactions to the chemo, but it sounds like she is on the mend and all is well. I am so glad! I think of her all the time. Your pizza looks amazing! I forgot to say in the other post, we've made Nana's chicken a couple of times, thanks to you. I know you are missing her, but what a sweet recipe to have from her. Ok, I have to show my mom the dish scrubbies. She's made the dish cloths a lot, but not the scrubbies. I love those!