Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's Really Not A Cooking Blog

Another week has nearly passed since I last checked in.   I know it seems like the only things I post about here anymore are cooking and gardening.  So if those two subjects don't interest you, I hope to have some more interesting things to blog about soon.  My camera has been sent off today for repair.  I cannot wait to get that thing in my hands again!
I did do a fair bit of cooking this past week.  With that saurkraut I made, we were craving some grilled Reuben Sandwiches.  But first, I wanted to make some thousand island dressing to slather all over them.
Some mayo, a squirt of ketchup, sweet pickle relish, about a quarter of an onion, minced finely.  Salt and pepper to taste, and lastly, a hard boiled egg pushed through a sieve into dressing.  Mix and enjoy.  We "enjoyed" ours with some grilled Reubens!
I grilled them on my panini maker.  They were fantastic.  We have been enjoying the thousand island on all kinds of things too!
When I pulled the pickle tub out of the fridge for our lunch, I used the last one in there.  Since I have so many cucumbers coming out of the garden, I sliced a bunch of them up, and dropped them right down into the brine.  We have been eating them since, and every day, they are better and better!  So don't throw away your empty pickle jars.  Use the brine to make more pickles!
Yesterday would have been my beautiful Nana's, 100th birthday.  She passed away last September, only a few short weeks after we had celebrated her 99th.
Last night, we went to a family favorite restaurant, that Nana also loved.  We go there often, and they know our big family.  Last night, there were only a handful of us that could go.  But it was fun.  We laughed, told Nana stories, and had a really great time.  I wore her turquoise ring and earrings.  We all feel her presence, and feel sure she would have approved of our birthday celebration in her honor.  Below is a favorite photo of Nana, with my Mom, my two daughters, Gennifer's brand new baby girl, Hannah, and myself.  Five generations of females in our family.  Nana, our matriarch.
Nana and my Mom, a couple summers ago, at Newport Beach, where we did family photographs.
We toasted to Nana, with our favorite wine.
To Nana, we raise our glasses.
Mom brought Nana's special birthday hat that she wore for so many of her birthdays.  We took turns wearing it.  Here is my little brother Tim wearing her hat.
My nephew Chad.
The restaurant even sent us a piece of birthday cheesecake with birthday candle. We sang Happy Birthday to her, and my Mom blew her candle out, with tears in  her eyes.  I am sure her wish, was that she was sitting right there with us.  We miss her so.
After dinner, we lingered out in front for awhile, chatting.  Then decided to take a photo underneath the Crab Cooker sign, as we often do when we gather for any celebrations.  My Uncle John and Aunt Sue had already left, so they were not in the photo.  And this is only about 1/3 of our usual, much larger group.
Taken by the manager with my iphone.  Gosh, I miss my camera!!!   It was a nice evening celebrating her.
A little more on cooking.  I had a craving for meatballs the other day.  Probably because I saw that my friend Elaine posted a picture of her homemade meatballs on her IG feed.  I had a couple pounds of lean ground beef that I had just gotten at the market.  And I knew I had a couple of sweet Italian sausage links in the freezer.
Two pounds ground beef, 3 sweet Italian sausage links, casings removed.  Two eggs, handful of fresh chopped parsley, 3 cloves minced garlic, about 1/3 cup of parmesan cheese,  about 1 cup bread crumbs, about 1 1/2 cups milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Roll into meatballs.
I browned them in a little olive oil, rolling to brown on all sides.  Then I dropped them down into a pot of roasted tomato sauce that I made from my tomatoes earlier.
I let them simmer for an hour in the sauce, and then served them over spaghetti noodles for dinner.
They were SO good!  This was only a small portion of them though.  I took half of the meatballs and put them in another container with some sauce, to use for meatball sandwiches.  We had those today, on toasted hoagie rolls with melted provolone cheese and sauce!
Insanely delicious!
Today after going out to the garden I wound up with another large bowl of tomatoes.  And we had a fridge full of ripe avocados too.  So I took one side of the kitchen and Greg the other, and he made his guacamole, and I made salsa.
We were going to go to the lake this weekend, but just decided to stick around here and do a few things.  The weather has been so ugly., and muggy!  It is lightly raining right now.
My garden is only producing a few things right now.  I have harvested most of it, before the heat burns it up. I had some funny looking carrots!

I hope your summer is going well.  I will be back soon with a post that doesn't involve cooking or gardening.
XO  Kris


Patty Marker said...

We still celebrate my dads birthday in his honor and it is always a time of bittersweet joy. We missed you but totally get it. Why do your posts always make me so hungry? lol

Valerie Ratliff said...


It all looks so good. I too have been craving meatballs. How funny that we all go through phases. I love that you celebrate your nana's birthday. I too have wanted to start that tradition in my family. You garden bounty is wonderful. Mine had a rough year. It needs more of my attention and more compost.


Cottage Making Mommy

Pammy Sue said...

I, for one, do not mind your cooking posts! I love them! As always, the food looks delicious. Loved the pics of the family and sentiments for Nana. So sweet. I know she was there and so tickled that y'all were thinking of her. I have a give generations picture too of with my oldest baby boy being the youngest and my great grandmother the oldest. I'll have to look for that picture and scan it to post.

Susanne said...

You silly girl, summer harvest time is always a busy time and you have to strike when the iron is hot and get those fresh veggies taken care of. Isn't it great to be able to walk out to the garden and pick something fresh and know that you won't have to worry about some strange recall on what you grew yourself. I have a panini press too and have never taken it out of the box, shame on me. Rubens are a favorite and I have made them but never made my own Thousand Island dressing. Of course the meatballs look yummy, Italian food is my very favorite, throw a salad and some garlic bread in and I would be happy. Give me a pizza and I died and went to heaven, lol. You think a lot like me, extra meatballs are perfect for the meatball sub and I use to cook them all up and put some in the freezer for the next spaghetti dinner. I always figured if I was going to make them then I should make enough for later. It sure is a time saver on the days when you're in a rush. I bet you will be so glad to get your camera fixed. But I will say all your pics still look good. The celebration of your Nana was so nice, and I'm sure even if she couldn't be there physically that she was still there, smiling and loving you all for remembering her special day.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Don't apologize for your cooking and gardening posts ... we LOVE them!! You are very talented and inventive and thanks for sharing with us. I'm sure Nana was there with you during the restaurant celebration ... I believe the people who leave before us are always with us, helping and guiding us as we walk through life ... God bless her and all of your family! Linda

Home Meadows said...

I enjoy reading about your cooking and gardening. I'm always envious of your fresh produce. Your carrots have legs and they look like they could start dancing any minute. :-) Sounds like a nice remembrance dinner for your Nana. Enjoy your weekend. We are getting some warmer temps here as well. I've thoroughly enjoyed our more mild summer. Take care, Heather

Pam said...

I love your cooking posts! Just copied the recipe for the meatballs and the dressing. I love Thousand Island Dressing. I'm sure you have posted it, but do you have a recipe for the spaghetti sauce? Glad you had a nice dinner to remember your Nana. Have a great week!

Mereknits said...

You can post all you want to about cooking, I love everything you make. So glad you have all gotten together for special celebrations. Hugs to you Kris,

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear dear dear Kris.. never apologize for any thing you want to post about. I love everything you do and admire the heck out of you for your gardening and cooking expertise. We love you just the way you are and want to read about anything you're doing.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I agree with everyone else. I enjoy every bit of each of your posts. My Hubby lives meatballs so I'll be trying these out when I get home. That was such a lovely tribute to your Nana. I'm sure each of you felt her presence very strongly. She had to be a very special woman to raise a family as full of love as yours is.

Amy at love made my home said...

What a wonderful way to remember and celebrate your Nana. I am sure that she would have been delighted that you all gathered in that way. If your blog was a food and gardening blog with things as lovely as those that you shared in this post that would be fine with me!! Of course, I like the other things too, but I am enjoying such lovely things as you are sharing right now!! xx

priscilla said...

Such a nice celebration of your Grandma Kris ! Your garden is amazing !

Deb~in~Denver said...

Love all of your posts! Your cooking posts always inspire me AND make me hungry!
I love how your family celebrates, we always have a small celebration for my mom's and Jason's birthdays and "angel anniversaries", I can always feel their presence. I know your Nana was there with all of you!
Have a great week!

Pam said...

I love that you celebrated Nana's birthday with some of your family.

I've never heard of putting a hard boiled egg in Thousand Island dressing before - can't wait to try it. The meatballs look tasty and so does the salsa and guacamole!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I have to say the photos of your five generations with Nana brought tears to my eyes. Such sweet memories, what a wonderful tribute to her. Loved seeing all your cooking, but you are making me hungry. Got to stop all the sweets we've been eating.
Hope you have a great day my friend; I feel like I can start connecting again here in blogland, now that our daughter's move is done.
Hugs & love,

Gracie Saylor said...

Hey, I like your cooking/gardening posts, Kris! As a matter of fact in my last post I linked to your post with the cool rolled cookie recipe. Yummy!

And I love your love of your family. I am so glad you gathered to celebrate Nana.

August 21 five years ago my husband of 38 years died. I continue to celebrate his life...our life together and miss him so much, and am so grateful for our time together on earth.

My youngest son visited from NJ this past week and it was so good to be with him. He is thinking about moving to the West Coast, and I am hoping he will!

Hope you had a happy weekend. I can appreciate how the heat is getting to you since we are having an unusually hot summer here in Portland.

Wednesday I'm headed down to the Bay area to pick up my oldest sister for a visit up here. Fun!

Love with hugs,

Tania @ Out Back said...

Your posts are NEVER boring Kris. I love to read it all :)

I still miss my grandma after all these years. Seeing your post reminded me of her and brought a tear to my eye. Grandmas are truly special people that hold a big place in our hearts xx

Your recipes are great, and I like how you use your homegrown produce in your meals. This is what we all should be doing to avoid the rubbish in the stores. My garden is not doing so well at the moment, but give it another month and it will spring into life.

I get some carrots like that too. Something to do with the soil I believe. They grow well in very sandy soil :)

Your meatballs sound and look delish. Might just have to give them a try :)

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Linda said...

HI Kris...
You are one busy lady!
Happy birthday to your gramma...I am sure you all miss her very much!
How is your Mom doing? she looks great in the pictures...
If I lived near you...I would never go home...and I would be so fat, I couldn't get out the door anyways!
I do the same thing with my pickle juice...try adding some thin red onion slices, and a clove of garlic...delish!
Looks like those carrots grew legs, and tried to run away!!
Enjoy your week...funny weather here as well...glad you weren't near that mud slide!!
take care...
Linda :o)

Cathy said...

You were so lucky to have so many wonderful years with your Nana, Kris. You will have those memories for the rest of your life. I love the tradition of wearing the birthday hat. What a fun way to share memories.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

That's was such a loving and sweet tribute to your Nana, have the nicest family!
And I love your cooking and gardening posts...

Jeanna said...

HI Kris. I love ALL of your posts, whatever the subject may be. This one really put a smile on my face (celebrating your Nana) and a rumble in my tummy (oh the food looks delish).

All of a sudden I want to make meatballs!

Jann Olson said...

Kris, how could anyone tire of your cooking? You are an amazing cook!! Hubbies favorite dressing is 1,000 Island. I have got to make this for him! Never tried making it from scratch. I love rubens and yours looks delish! I'm sure Nana was loving all of you having so much fun in her hat. Can't believe she will have been gone almost a year! We've been enjoying goodness from the garden as well. The funny carrots are too fun!

Astri Bowlin said...

I like the cooking and gardening!

My mom does not really understand what my hubby does for a living (but I know you understand) so she tells people he is a Thousand Island Dressing maker. Haha - I don't get it but I will give him your instructions because it sounds so good and we LOVE reubens!

corners of my life said...

Today I will use my Claussen brine to make more pickles. Thanks for the hint.

Joolz said...

I love your blog, Kris. Always full of family and good food.

What a lovely way to remember your Nana. I'm sure she was smiling down at you all making noise and enjoying each others company and remembering her.

Such lovely fresh produce and I love the way you use it all up! s there anything more comforting that spaghetti and meatballs (cooked from scratch)?

We are still having cold weather in our part of Australia (down south)but spring is just around the corner. There is pollen from our pine trees in the air and that is always a sign that spring is ready to, well... spring!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Gloria Baker said...

What nice memories of Nana Kris!
I love the pictures and the food look amazing!:)

Patty Antle said...

I love reubens!! Yours look fantastic! What a nice celebration of your Nana's birthday. You have a lovely family, Kris. Now I want to make spaghetti!

Linda said...

I love reading your posts too! They always interest me!! And I drool after reading and looking at all the great food you cook! Have a great day!!

Taciana Simmons said...

I love your cooking posts ... In fact you made me want to make some Ruben sandwiches this weekend and I will for sure make meatballs on Monday ... Thou sand island dressing sounds very good also... What a wonderful garden you had this year.
My dad passed away 4 years ago and I miss him terribly. Although we think about him I have never celebrated his birthday on earth since he passed ... I think I'm going to celebrate it this year... What a great idea and what a wonderful way of celebrating their life. Have a great weekend my dear friend.

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