Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall In The Family Room

Welcome back.  Today is the official first day of Fall.  Just as the calendar tells us, the night air reminded me last night to put another blanket on the bed soon!  Thank you for all of the lovely comments on the last two posts.  It really warms my heart to hear from  you.  How nice to hear about some of  your special memories that you shared.
Let's visit the family room today.  The room where we truly LIVE!!!!  I left you yesterday in the doorway, just as you are entering the family room from the entry way to the house.  The Fall whole cloth quilt is a panel I bought a few years ago, and fell in love with the colors!  I quilted it with a simple meander stitch and used a variegated thread in Fall colors.
Our family room has a kind of cabiny feel to it, I think.  We have always loved the curved wall, rock fireplace, that is the focal point of the room.  I realize this style is very 1970's, which is when our house was built.  But, we like it.  It has, however posed a problem with arranging the furniture in this room.  But finallly, after only 21 years living here, I have come up with the perfect solution.  Now, we are truly enjoying this room!  This room faces West, and we have a covered patio just off this room, so it has a tendency to be on the dark side.  So I have a lot of small lamps in this room to illuminate it.
These photos were taken in the late afternoon, so the Eclipse curtains that I put up this summer are partially drawn to keep the extreme heat and light out.  They work great too, by the way.  Why I didn't do this much earlier too, I do not know.   Looking left, from that doorway, you see the fireplace.  I couldn't get it all in on one shot.
The one thing I have always disliked on the fireplace, are the three rock ledges that jut out to serve as mantels.  Pattooey....I hate these!  I would love to have them removed and a real mantel put up instead.  We recently moved the telly over to the hearth, and it works so much better for this room!  Now the fireplace can serve as the focal point of the room, as it should have all along.  We have a lot of wood fires, and now we can enjoy those, AND the telly at the same time!! I put that small brown ottoman on the floor, and inside are all of the cords from the t.v., cable box, dvd player, Wii, and apple t.v.  I put a couple baskets on the dvd player, and a wooden box on the shelf above.  These hide the cords from being visible at the back.  The small pumpkin totem wall hanging is one I quilted a couple of years ago.  The big reed pumpkin is a recent Goodwill find for me.  I snatched it right up after seeing the 3.00 price tag.  It was just plain when I bought it.
I like it just like that too, but I thought it could use a little pizzazz.  I had been at Joann's and found several spools of Fall ribbons and some wired burlap ribbon for .74 cents each.  So I made some bows, and then added a couple leaves.
 I think this is just what it needed!
On this day that I found the pumpkin, I also found these two pillows for a song.  I washed them, and line dried them, and they came out perfectly.

I think I paid 1 dollar for each.
On the leather chair, (my spot) I have laid a favorite quilt across the back.  My best friend Jae made it for me for my birthday a few years ago.  Behind the chair, on the wall rack is a Sampler Quilt from Thimbleberries that I made when I first began to quilt, about 15 years ago.  The pillow on the chair, is also a Thimbleberries pattern.  I took this as a class at my local quilt shop.  We also made a large tote.  The pillow is made of some of my favorite Fall fabrics.
I loved the technique that was used to create the ruffled edge on the pillow.  It appears to be two layers of different fabrics, but is actually only one.  There is a second fabric sewn to the first, but a much narrower width.  Then it is sewn to the pillow to create the illusion.
I love the quilt my friend Jae made for me, but the best part is the label she put on the back.
Very special!!!
I put a little table behind the couch, and I have a Fall quilt on that, with a small Fall table topper quilt that I made when I was a new quilter.
I finally tried my hand at making some sweater pumpkins. I made the white pumpkin, but am not liking the tendrils.  I will remake those with some jute and Mod Podge.  The chenille pumpkins were purchased at a Big Bear thrift a couple of months ago.  I got 5 or 6 for just a couple of dollars.  The barred rock rooster was a gift from my friend Patty, who recently redid her kitchen.  She changed up the decor and gifted some of her items she wasn't going to use, to her friends.  The vase with sunflowers has a cluster of lights in there.  I love to plug that in when the room begins to get dark in the afternoon.
In addition to the white sweater pumpkin, I used the sleeves from another sweater project for two small pumpkins.
I still have a few more sweaters to make more.
Speaking of pumpkins.....last year I grew them, and had quite a bumper crop!  Probably 40-50 were harvested.  This year.....ONE!!! That's right.  ONE  pumpkin!
And here it is.
I planted twice as many vines this year.  And vines and flowers are all I got!  I have heard from many gardeners, that their pumpkins did not do well this year.  It is a mystery to me.  Below you can see where my once kitchen table, now resides.  We love having it in here, and use it daily.  On top of the table, I have a basket with some Fall things.
 On the bar I have some Fall placemats, and a ceramic pumpkin pie dish.  The candlesticks were a find from Target many years ago.
This little flickering light is a favorite of mine too.  I bought it at our local quilt shop, several seasons ago.
This picture was taken from the sliding glass door.  The quilt on the wall is one I made about 11 years ago.  It was a fun one to do.  A Cheri Saffiote pattern.
The pumpkin pillow in the black is done in all felted wool.  The orange one is a slipcover from Hobby Lobby.  So is the linen/burlap looking one on the right with the buttons.
I'm still looking for my paper leaves.  My apples!  And a few other things.  I will go buy some pumpkins this weekend  Oh, and cinnamon pinecones!  Mmmmmmm, it is isn't Fall til you have those!!!
I hear that the upcoming weekend is going to be truly Fall like!  I can't wait.  We are going to Big Bear to pack up some of the cabin.  I am looking forward to seeing the aspens with their shimmering golden leaves!
Have a wonderful day!!!


Valerie Ratliff said...


I love all of your Fall posts. The stories remind me so much of my mom and grandma...can't believe they are gone. My pumpkins were doing so well this year and then boom were done. No rhyme or reason why. Can't believe Fall is here. We move into our house on the farm in 34 days and counting can't wait.

Hugs from Oklahoma,


Amy at love made my home said...

So many beautiful things Kris, you really do a great job with your decorating. I hope that the weekend goes well. xx

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I love all your quilts but girl, it's lucky I don't live next door because I really LOVE the quilt your friend made you-the colors are wonderful!! This year I'm being drawn to Civil War reproduction fabrics-typical Thimbleberrie fabric. However, the next quilt I'll be making is with batique fabrics.
Thank you so much for sharing; have fun this weekend, we are heading to the mountains tomorrow.
Hugs, Noreen

priscilla said...

All your decorations look great !Love all your quilts Kris !I can't beleive you only got one pumpkin ! Wow!Love decorating for Fall ..such a pretty time of year !

Deb~in~Denver said...

Beautifully decorated! I can smell the pumpkin candles and feel the warmth of the fire. Your quilts are gorgeous! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't find some of my fall decore, I need to check the rafters again.
I planted little pumpkins in my horse trough and they were doing great, lots of blossoms...not one single pumpkin! I think the squash took over.
I'll be thinking of you this weekend. XO

Teresa Kasner said...

You have such a homey home! So comfortable looking. I wish you were my neighbor and we could have coffee and a home baked treat with each other.

I have my fall tablecloth ready to go on my table tomorrow and a huge bouquet of dahlias we got today. I'll post some photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nana Go-Go said...

Your home should be in 'House Beautiful' for it really is! Homely and artistic and welcoming and,and,and....I love all of it, Kris. You are one special Homemaker!!I love the saying on the cushion that your friend made for you and I may put it in a card for my special friend who is emigrating soon to NZ. We don't really do the 'change-ups' that you do but the Gardener at work is growing pumpkins for the first time this year so I can't wait until they're ready and I can make my very own 'Fall' display! Great to be here and read your inspirational posts! xxx

podso said...

Your place looks cheerful with all the fall decor. Love those pops of orange.I can just imagine it with a roaring fire. Fall brings hope for cooler weather.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Beautifully decorated Kris!! You have so many lovely Autumn decorations. I need to decorate but haven't been motivated yet, BUT you have sparked me to get busy : )
Have a fun fall weekend at Big Bear, xoRobin

Jill said...

I'm coming to visit everything looks so lovely! :-) Wish we were closer and could share a hot drink with some pumpkin cake or other goodies and catch up on everything. Your home looks beautiful and I like all the touches you put on everything to make it so welcoming. Have a fabulous day!


Gloria Baker said...

All look beautiful Kris:))

Holly said...

I love that you moved your table into the family room. Makes so much sense and that area is adorable. Miss your face! Come see me!

Val said...

Kris, everything looks so warm and cozy.

Mereknits said...

Your house is looking so festive, I love everything you have done. We are still warm here, it doesn't feel like Fall yet. I am waiting until October 1 before I get the Halloween things out. I wonder if Little Buddy will notice them?
Hugs to you Kris, hope you Mom is doing well.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Your house looks stunning Kris, I love how you decorate for the seasons, we don't do that over here. Maybe I should start a new trend lol!

Spring is here and it is starting to get quite warm now, 93F this weekend, so it wont be long and our AC will be on. It feels strange watching you go into Autumn...

I haven't been visiting you as much as I would like, but have just caught up with some of your happenings while I had a spare moment. It seems to be all go here lately and spare moments are rare.

I hope we don't get the bad fires we had last year, we had one that burned for a month. Luckily it was in a place where few people lived, so no lives were lost. It did destroy some of our beautiful hills and a few homes that were sprinkled among them.

It's been great to catch up with you again,


Susanne Tyree said...

I feel like such a slacker when it comes to decorating for the seasonal stuff and then again for the holidays. When the kids were home I use to be so into it, then they left and I found myself doing less and less. Then of course nothing seems the same with my husband gone. Man, I sound so much like a wet blanket. I am glad my kids still love doing the decorating in their homes. My Meghan has had her house tore up for over 3 years and I am beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to ever see it completed. She refuses to take out a loan and only does what she can pay cash for at the time. her front porch though reflects the seasons. Rachael is my social butterfly, loves this time of year. I will say you have sure put a lot of work into decorating and making your house a cozy home. It is lovely Kris.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Géraldine B. said...

It seems so confrotable ! I like very much your pumpins ... nice decoration for home ! In france, it's not usual even in October, we don't decorate with pumkins. Nothing in fact and I think it's a pity ! Well, thnaks for sharing your place ! have a lovely week end !

Pam said...

You are always so festive in your holiday/seasonal decorating. The room looks fun and cozy. Great job!

Jeanna said...

Your decorations are so warm and inviting Kris. So much wonderful eye candy :)

Jeanna said...

Your decorations are so warm and inviting Kris. So much wonderful eye candy :)

Linda said...

Then you have to do Christmas!
I'm pooped just looking at it all!
Enjoy your week Kris!
Linda :o)

Grammy Staffy said...

I love all of your fall touches.Your home is beautiful. I always enjoy decorating for fall but I've not done a thing this year because of the mess from the flood. I hope that we can soon get things put back together. Thanks for your blog support. I've needed it. This flood mess seems overwhelming to me. Have a great week. Hugs,

Home Meadows said...

Hi Kris! All your fall decor looks so pretty and I like your new background with the pumpkins. Things have been busy at home with my mom visiting and my son's b-day celebration. Enjoy this fun time of year and I hope things cool down for you soon. Heather

The Tuscan Home said...

Hi Kris,
So many wonderful fall pretties. Your home is so warm, cozy, and beautiful. You've done an amazing job! Thx for sharing, sweet friend! xoxo, Liz

Patty Antle said...

Thank you for sharing your Fall decorating with us. It looks so warm and inviting. Love your quilts and sweater pumpkins!! xoxo

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I just love the lay out in your family room-- I don't think I've ever seen your ceiling before... I also like that you have the small round table in the corner... and the way your furniture is sitting-- it all seems so relaxing and cozy.