Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quilting Fun

 I am loving the new location for my sewing room!  It is light and bright.  I can be in the center/front of the house, and feel more a part of what's going on.  I am sewing every day.  Nothing big.  Nothing fancy.  But I am getting more familiar with my new machine, and learning what all it does.
Last week one day, I decided to make the cake block I was seeing all over my friends' blogs.  It is a Lori Holt design, and she provided it for free in celebration of her book Quilty Fun.  If you go visit her blog, you can also print out the instructions to make this block.
I made a little boo boo.  If you have already made this block, you can probably spot it.  I loved this block.  I used scraps from my scrap bin.  The cake fabric, is from a quilt I have that my Great Grandmother, (Nana's mother) made.  I have several of her quilts.  A couple of them were in pretty bad shape.  One of them, was very bad, so I snipped off all of the usable backing pieces that I could save, and then I made a couple small blocks with the front that I saved.  The back of that quilt was done with flour and sugar sak fabric.  It is a very thin, and beautiful floral.  Mom and I figured that this must  have been made sometime in the 20's, when Nana and her siblings were small.   This is what I used for the cake piece on this block.
I love that fabric, and am so glad that I saved it!  I quilted the cake in a sort of upside down U shapes, to simulate icing strokes.  The rest of the piece I did a small stipple.  My stipple has gotten better with each piece I have done.  I am getting more and more comfortable with it.
I added a small applique flame to the candle on top of the cake.  I added red borders to it, and bound it in a floral pink.  Then hung it in my sewing room to enjoy.
Fun block...go check out Lori's blog, Bee In My Bonnet, to download the instructions and make one.  The link is included in the top of this post, just click on her name to get there.   Also from her blog, I saw that she made these darling little design boards for keeping your block pieces together when piecing a block.  You can make them in any size.  They are simply portable design walls.  I have a large design wall in my sewing room that is nailed to the wall for larger pieces.  But these are terrific for small pieces and classes!!  So I made one for me, and one for my friend Jae.
She has a good tutorial on her blog for these too.  I think that these would make a great gift for your quilting friends!!
The little mug rug I have on the design board is just a small block I did for practice with my machine blanket stitch, and then a couple small appliques.  I added a green border and stippled it, put some definition on the pumpkin, some eyes on the ghost, and machine quilted the word Boo down on the bottom right.  I bound it with some left over binding I had.  A mug rug was made!
I am certainly enjoying my new sewing room!!!  I have been in there every day!  So have my dogs.  This bad boy won't stay out of this chair no matter how hard I try to keep him from it!
These chairs were in my living room  But I moved them to our little dining area off of the kitchen, and made a sitting room.  He looks pretty stressed doesn't he?
And then my Dusty Boy.  He has to be as close to me as  he can be.
We had our granddaughter's over for the night last weekend.  We had so much fun.  They got into my bag of scraps and a bag of costume fabrics, and they designed dresses on my wedding dress and wicker dress form.  They had some pretty creative ideas too!!
They had a blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their creative play!!!
A really fun twist on playing dress up!  If you have little girls, or granddaughters, and a box of fabric you don't mind them playing with, let them have a go at this.  So fun!!!!
Today we are going to my Mom's for a Halloween party for the kids.  Her neighborhood hosts a darling carnival, and then on my Mom's street, they all go to the culdesac where their garages are, and they set up their tables in front of garage and the kids all trick or treat through in a long parade of cuteness!!!!!  It is so fun.  We usually have a simple dinner and sit out there and watch the fun.  So our grandkids are all coming, and very excited for the festivities to begin.  I will see you soon with a new post.
Til then, get out there and make it a GREAT day!!!
XO  Kris


Mereknits said...

Love the cake quilt Kris. I am so happy you are enjoying your new space, it makes your creativity soar doesn't it? Now I am not one to let Max on the furniture, but there is one chair in our house he likes to go on (and I let him) and it looks very much like your chair. We call it the big butt chair and that is where Max sleeps at night.
Hugs to you and have fun today,

Pammy Sue said...

That is a really cute quilt block of the cake and candle. Glad you are enjoying your "new" sewing and creative space! I know I loved it when I moved my office out of a back bedroom. I didn't realize how isolated I was back there! Yes, your doggies look really stressed. haha. I see Dusty got a haircut. Have fun at the Halloween festivities!

Linda said...

So glad you are enjoying your sewing room!
And the granddaughters must LOVE visiting Gramma♥️
Have a great week, Kris!
Linda :o)

Gloria Baker said...

Lo ve your cake Kris!
And love your granddaughters
They look happy and fun!

Gracie Saylor said...

Well, I tried to see some mistake in your cake quilt square since you typed that there is one, but I failed, Kris. I think it looks great and is a nice addition to your wall display.
Thanks for the material dress up idea for the kids. I can
see my grands loving that.
Your Mom's neighborhood Halloween party sounds like fun and a safe way to celebrate. Enjoy! xx

Betsy said...

Your cake quilt turned out great Kris. I can't find any mistakes at all. It's wonderful that you're still enjoying your sewing room so much. Your doggies look very happy and well cared for. Our Chloe sleeps on the loveseat in our room and sometimes the end of our bed but that's it. She knows better than to get on the other furniture. Her light hair leaves a trail wherever she goes so she's not allowed on the dark blue living room furniture.
Have a lovely day and I hope the party was fun.

Debbie said...

Well I am loving that you are loving your new space Kris! And I also am loving your cake block. Soo cute! Your very good at stippling. I have not even tried to practice for a while. I am going to give it a whirl again...eventually! lol. Looking forward to seeing the upcoming creations. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Deb~in~Denver said...

Your cake quilt is darling! Love that it has fabric with such a wonderful history. I love how the dogs make themselves right at home, sounds like ours! The grands look like they had a blast! Can't wait to see pictures from the Halloween party, I know you'll have a great time!

Dawn said...

You have been on a sewing and quilting mission since moving your sewing room. You go girl :)

Home Meadows said...

Your cake block turned out so pretty and that is neat that you made it from material from an antique family quilt. I have an antique quilt that someone in the family made I think it is called flying geese(?), maybe. It's red and white, I have it over a rocker in my bedroom. I'll have to post about it. My sister did a little quilting many years ago and I'm always encouraging her to take it back up. Have a wonderful day Kris, Heather

priscilla said...

Love your little cake quilt ! Sounds like a good time at your Moms !

NanaNor's said...

Kris, You are so prolific in whatever handiwork you do. Love the block-I can't spot an error(isn't it just like us to be critical of ourselves). Love seeing your granddaughters having fun with fabric.
My oldest granddaughter asked me today if I could help her make a quilt. Brought a smile to my face.
Sending you big hugs.

Teresa Kasner said...

I *LOVE* your cake quilt.. it reminded me of the cake my DIL made for Dayle on top of my Jadeite cake stand. I'm happy you could turn your living room into such a wonderful creative space! I remember the Halloween cul-de-sac party from last year and can't wait to see pix from this year! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Poppy said...


What a beautiful quilt! Your sewing room seems to be the place to be, especially when your adorable grands are playing designer!


Jill said...

Love all your creations, you're so talented! :-) Girls look like they had a blast with the fashion! My girls would love that too. Enjoy Halloween!


Astri Bowlin said...

Cake block is so cute. I bet it is fun to have the new space and REALLY fun with those girls. :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your birthday cake quilt hanging is so pretty, Kris. I loved seeing how your granddaughters used your fabric scraps to make costumes. They look like future fashion designers in the making!

I hope to set up a small craft room soon in my house --all my stuff is hidden away in a closet and I have not used any of it for two years. I'm hoping as my granddaughter grows up she will enjoy using my supplies to make things. She loves to color now, and she isn't even two years old.
Have a happy Halloween!

Patty Antle said...

Love the cake quilt pattern Kris. Your girls are so cute playing dress ups with your fabric. What a fun neighborhood to celebrate Halloween like that! Can't wait to see your next post about it!

Pam said...

I am glad you are loving your new sewing space. My dog follows me everywhere I go and has to sit as close to me as possible when I am working... I call her my shadow. It looks like the girls were having a blast!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Tons of fun with dress form and the grand girls!
The birthday quilt is SO CUTE! I haven't made a quilt-- and wondered why would you need one? Then it occurred to me! A birthday party! duh!!!
I think I'm going to get crackin and make some of these for the parties next year!!! I see a super hero version in my future!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kris, you have been so productive lately! I have to tell you that I have a friend that is really good friends with Lori Holt. I got to go to her cabin last March and spend a week quilting with her, Lori and two other friends. Lori is so talented!! She worked on her next book. Quilty fun is darling! I love your block and the way you used the vintage quilts is fabulous! I have an old one that was my hubbies grandmothers. It has lots of holes. I need to do something like this.
Jann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Yours is new to me so I did a little browsing myself :)
Your projects are mighty cute and I see you like Thimbleberries...I noticed a few projects that looked familiar.

I live at the Jersey Shore so I'm about 90 minutes from your friend.

I'll be back visiting again soon :)