Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Drew's 26TH Birthday

Yesterday was our son Drew's, 26th Birthday!   Drew is our baby!  And there are a few years between he and his sisters.  Gennifer and Erika were almost 6 and 8 when he was born.  They thought we brought them home their very own live baby doll!  We all doted on him.  And now, just like that, he is 26!  I don't know where the years have gone?  I only took a few photos, as I was busy preparing dinner and all.  I always ask the kids what they would like for their birthday dinner.  He asked for steak.  We had both rib eye, and T-Bone steaks, with sauteed mushrooms.  Baked potatoes, sweet kale salad, tamales and dinner rolls.  It was really delicious.  But I didn't take any photos.  None of our kids were ever big cake lovers.  So I always tried different things for their birthdays.  One year, I did a glazed donut tower.  I made lots and lots of cookie pizzas.  Brownie sundaes, banana splits, etc.  This year, I made a candy bar ice cream pie, in a graham cracker crust!  I had seen it on Pioneer Woman last weekend.  It looked so good!  And boy, was it ever!!!
Here is Drew blowing out his candles.
I wanted to make the  homemade caramel sauce to drizzle over it, but no one wanted to wait.  I used a container of Breyer's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  Let it soften.  Meanwhile, I chopped up several different candy bars, like Reese's Cups, Hershey bars, Kit Kats, and Malted Milk Balls.  Then just folded into the softened ice cream, and spooned it into a graham cracker crust, and then shaved some chocolate on top, and put it back into the freezer for a couple of hours.  Delicious!  I will certainly make this again.  This is his beautiful girlfriend Christine.  Drew is a musician, and he was playing a new guitar that he recently purchased.
We have all been so sick here at our house.  And it has been a relentless flu virus.  No one was feeling 100%, so Gennifer and her family decided it best to stay home.  They have luckily managed to avoid this flu, and wanted to continue doing so.  My Mom came out, since she was also getting over the same bug.  I didn't get any good photos with the rest of us in them.  We did take some on our phones, and post to IG.
But we had a nice celebration, and a good meal.  Happy Birthday Drew!  I can't believe you are 26!!!
Just a little of this and that...the other day, I was in the kitchen, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  It was a huge flock of Cedar Wax Wings, that had stopped to take a bath in the front planter.  My camera happened to be out, but my cell phone was closer, so I first took photos with my cell phone.  There  had to have been 100 of them!  Then I grabbed my camera, and took as many as I could fire off.  But unfortunately, I only got a few of them.
I am a big bird lover, and I especially love these beautiful Wax Wings!  They usually come through briefly in March.  Always in a huge flock.  They stay a few days, and then off they go.  I have never managed to get any good shots of them.  This time though, they were so close!  I love their little masked eyes.  They have a golden yellow underside, and a slash of orange on their wings.  As well as a bright band of yellow near their tail.  Such handsome birds.
Speaking of birds that I happen to love.  I made a new valance for my kitchen window.  I had seen this printed burlap at Joann's the other day and loved it.
I do however, wish that the chickens were printed the opposite way, on the length of the fabric, rather than the width.  So I just made it with the width of fabric.
Soon, we will be making some cosmetic changes to the kitchen.  I want to paint the cabinets in a creamy white.  Leaving some of the cupboard faces off, for open shelving.  New hardware after painting, and then  I want to put a Farm House, apron front sink in, and get new counter tops and appliances.  That will make a big change in there I think!
I have a long, galley style kitchen.  With very little counter space.  I don't know how I have made it work so long, as much as I love to cook.  It is really a one person kitchen!  When I removed the kitchen table from this room, I put two comfy chairs in their place, and it is a nice spot for someone to sit and visit with me while I cook.
Christopher from next door came over, and immediately kicked his shoes off, and sat down next to the plate of snacks that my Mom and I were munching on.  What a hoot he is!
The other day, I bought a new Keurig.  I have had probably four of them.  Love them for a few weeks, then they stop working correctly.  They barely spurt out water, and even running vinegar through them does not help.  I said never again!  And then I noticed they were on sale at Kohl's.  They were 33% off, and I had a 30% off coupon.  So I got one more.  Last chance!  After doing some research, I found out that you should only use bottled or filtered water.  No tap.  Not ever.  We have very hard water, so I am assuming that has been the problem.  If this one breaks, I will march it back to the store and demand a refund!  
No more boring black either!!!  So far, we are loving having one again.  
I have spent very little time on my computer.  I just haven't felt good.  But I will catch up. And I will be back again soon.  Promise.
XO  Kris


Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday to Drew!! xx

45th Parallel Quilter said...

LOVED the bird pictures. So cool with their little masks. Anxious to see the new kitchen changes ... don't envy you going through the construction part though! Happy Birthday to Drew ... the time DOES fly by too quickly!! Be well and feel better soon! Linda

Dawn said...

What a nice birthday for your baby:) I can't wait to see the kitchen remodel it will look fantastic.

Elaine Lewis said...

I love that valance but then I am sure you knew I would. Can't wait to see what unfolds in your kitchen.

Susanne Tyree said...

So sorry Kris that you folks have been sick with the flu. Some times that stuff just hangs on and on, sometimes you can get a relapse and it is best to stay home, keep your germs to yourself and tell others to stay away, and to keep their bugs to themselves. Everyone knows hand washing is also important. Sorry, guess I'm sounding like someone's mom, forget the 30+ years of being a nurse and telling this stuff over and over again. Love your valance. Every time I see chickens/roosters I think of you. I found some really cute fabric too at Joanne's. I pre-wash all my fabric and now it is on the "to be ironed sometime in the next 10 years" pile. I saw some real cute fabric with chicken wire fencing and some other with whole eggs, another with deviled eggs...all cute but they were in a fabric book, I believe it was a Sewing With Nancy sale book. Oh farm sink, you stinker! I have wanted one of them ever since laying my eyes on one about 15 years ago in a Country Living magazine. My youngest daughter gutted several rooms of her house and the kitchen was one of them. She has that sink design, oh how cute, great for soaking a roaster pan too. I need to get over there and snap some pics of her kitchen. She even put in a tin ceiling and a new hardwood floor. Happy birthday to your baby boy. Yes, they grow up right before our eyes. My baby will be will be 36 in June...unbelievable. Come visit me when you are feeling better. I am back to blogging and have missed everyone of my friends.
Susanne :)

Debbie said...

Happy birthday to Drew! Time just whips by doesn't it? My baby is 28!! Does seem like a lot has been going around. Have had a couple of days of not feeling well, but have managed to keep going. Hope your feeling well soon. You have had this for a while now...no fun. Love the red Kuerig. Ours is still running (3 years now) but hubby has had to nurse it back to health a few times, lol. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Patrica said...

January has NOT been kind to you so surely February will be a better month. Love you ideas for the kitchen I especially think that painting the cabinets will make a world of difference to brighten and visually expand the space. Let me just tell you the best part about my new kitchen reno has been that deep, no division sink and those smooth, no grout counters. What a major change in form and function and worth every penny. I only wish I had done all this sooner.

Deb~in~Denver said...

Happy birthday to Drew! What a yummy sounding pie, I think I'll have to make one of those for my son-in-love as he doesn't like cake, either.

I can't wait to see your kitchen!! We are talking about re-doing ours, too. I want to paint the cabinets and I've lusted after farm house sinks for years, I hope we can find one that will fit where it needs to go! I do have a back-up, just in case. We have to finish our basement bath re-do, first. Your valance is darling!

Hope you all get to feeling better, SOON!!

Betsy said...

That bug just doesn't seem to want to let you go does it? I hope you're soon feeling 100% again. I'm scared to go anywhere and pick up the germs! :-) We've had the same Keurig for about 3 years now and only use tap water in it but we do have a whole house water softening system. Maybe that's what makes the difference.
Our kids are so close to the same ages. Alex, (our baby) turned 26 last month, Mandy & Jamie were 9 and 5 when he was born. Mandy was his little Mama. Such fun and great memories.
That ice cream pie looks delicious. Of course, I think anything Ree Drummond makes is delicious. :-)
Take care and rest. Get over that crud my friend.

priscilla said...

Hope your family starts feeling better soon Kris ! Your kitchen remodel sounds nice ..can't wait to see :) Happy Birthday to your son !

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I still have a lingering dry cough from the cold we had right after Christmas. I'm hoping it is gone before I go for surgery on Monday. If not, I'm sure the codeine in the pain meds will help; I think it is allergy related. Has anyone told you that Drew's girlfriend looks like she could be one of your girls? I think so-she is beautiful. Sorry you are still battling getting over the flu. I'm staying away from friends who are sick, don't want to go into the hospital sick. Love your valance. I know you'll have such fun redoing your kitche. Also I love your chairs-they look so comfy; lucky you aren't next door-I'd probably relocate them.
Hugs today.

Teresa Kasner said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Drew! I enjoyed catching up with you. I hope you both are all better soon! Our littlest grandson has been to the doctor twice with that same virus. He's lost 4 lbs. I'm so worried about him! Well, off to swim.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Kris, so sorry you have all been sick, not fun and especially when mom is under the weather! Hope you are ALL better real soon. "Happy Birthday to Drew"!
Love all your birds too.

Pammy Sue said...

That birthday dinner sounds wonderful!! Steak and tamales? YUM. That ice cream pie sounds good too. Can you tell I'm hungry right now? Love the new kitchen valance. Very "you." We have had our Keurig about a year and a half, and it still works fine. We do use filtered water. Our fridge has filtered water in the door for drinking water, and we just use that to refill the water. I got my sister one for Christmas, and it quit working because they didn't use filtered water. Sounds like you got a great deal on the new one! Hope it keeps working for you.

Mereknits said...

Kris can I just say I miss you when you aren't in blogland! Happy Birthday to your wonderful Drew, he looks so, so happy. Hooray! Hope you are all feeling better, you have really been hit with that bad flu. So nice catching up with you.

Jill said...

Happy birthday to Drew! Hope everyone is feeling lots better! Have a great weekend!


Gracie Saylor said...

So sorry you and many of your family have been unwell, Kris. We have made it through some flu in our household and my youngest daughter is making good progress healing from an out patient surgery she had on her hip.

Glad you had a happy b'day celebration for Drew in spite of lingering illness. We just celebrated my sons in laws' b'days and mine is next in line :-)

Seeing Christopher at home with you helped me imagine myself sprawled in one of your chairs sipping on a cup of coffee from your pretty new machine.

Your kitchen curtain is just right, and I am thrilled for you that you got to enjoy your flock of visiting wax wings! A hummer has been visiting our camellia bush!

Wishing you and yours well, Kris!!! xoxoxoxo

Patty Antle said...

Our youngest, daughter, is turning 27 this week, so I know how you feel, Kris. Enjoyed reading your post. I always feel like your neighbor sitting in that chair next to the goodies when I read your blog. Hope you are better soon!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy belated birthday to your son!

I love your new red Keurig! I never knew they need bottled water. I run vinegar through mine every 6 months of so and it seems to keep it working.