Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Knitted Scarf

My second knitted project was from Ravelry  The Baktus Scarf.  Pammy Sue picked it out.  We began together, on the same day.  I used two skeins and a wee bit more, of Debbie Bliss cotton/angora.  It was so soft and wonderful to work with.  I will certainly be using it again.  I can see why it is so popular!  Pammy Sue and I began on the same day. Coaching each other via texts.  It was just straight knitting, with a YO for the increases, and K2 together for decrease.  I didn't have any trouble with this one.  But I did have a bump or two.  These were not so visible though once I blocked it.  Also a first for me!  I used an old raft to block the scarf.  It was very long, and this worked out perfectly.
 When it was dry, it looked great.  I tried it on several different ways.  I put it on my wicker dress form that displays my wedding dress.  So pretend you don't see the dress in this picture.
The widest part is in the middle and can be worn around the neck as a sort of cowl for more warmth and coverage.
Or it can be folded over and worn sort of ascot style.
I have a pretty light brown leather jacket that this would look great tucked inside.  If only we would get some cold weather to wear it!  I enjoyed making this, even though Pammy Sue bailed out on me.  She didn't like how hers was looking, and wants to try it again in some different yarn.  I didn't learn any new stitches, or techniques with this one, but it was good practice for my knitting form.  And I discovered a very comfortable way to hold the yarn in my right hand, with the tension on my right index finger, and lessening the motion in my wrists and hands to do the stitch.  This made for a much more relaxed experience. 
In addition to the knitting, I have been making baby hats for my friend Taci to take with her when she goes to her home in Brazil.  These will go to babies in need. 
My favorite is the one on the left with the yellow flower.
The minty green has a wee flower too.  A Pom Pom for the blue one.  And a white and yellow trim on the other one.  I will make up a couple more and then get these sent off to Taci in Oregon.  If you would like to make a few as well, just go to visit Taci in the above link for the information.
The weather here as been like early summer!  We have had a good week or so of days in the 90's.  Most days have been hovering in the mid 80's.  I have been spending a lot of time outdoors.  The plants and trees are all confused.  The orange trees are in full bloom, an entire month too early!
The oranges are huge and so juicy!  Fresh squeezed orange juice every morning is a favorite! 
The heavenly scent of the blossoms really gets your attention and begs you to come outside.  It is most lovely at dawn, and then again in the evening air.  With our windows all open at night, it fills the house with that beautiful aroma that reminds us that Spring is on the way! 
Other plants are coming alive too.  The Bird Of Paradise are gloriously in bloom.
Geraniums are looking happy and about ready to burst with flowers. 
As are the pretty nasturtium.
That piece of iron you see is a magazine stand that I was no longer using.  I put it out in the flower bed for the vines to climb. 
My hens have completed their molt, and are showing off their feathered finery, strutting about the grove for all to admire them in their new Spring plumage.
I open the gate to their large run, and let them have the entire run of the orange grove when I collect eggs around noon or so.They are laying like it is Spring!
Although the calendar says February, Mother Nature thinks it is late March.  I do love winter though.  I am hoping for more rain and cold.  We so need it. 
I am trying to get all caught up with everyone.  I am still working on it. See you soon.
XO  Kris 


Jeanna said...

Your new scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I would like to try one.

The baby hats are just too cute. It's so rewarding to help others by doing something we enjoy.

The weather is certainly strange and unpredictable. We've enjoyed our typical south Florida winter temps 70s/80s but we are supposed to get a cold front tonight. Freezing temps overnight and again tomorrow night. We'll see...

I am over a month behind on blogging and blog reading! Instagram is allowing me to keep up with quite a few quilters/crafters but it isn't the same...

a8383 said...

I love your scarf! Do you have a link to the pattern? Thanks! Angela

corners of my life said...

The scarves are all cute but I agree the yellow and grey one stands out.

Teresa Kasner said...

I was happy to see you posted and I enjoyed all your news and photos! Good job on knitting the scarf! I could do that.. but I love my bigger crochet ones that I use more like a scarf. I wear one or the other of mine every time I go out all year! Gorgeous eggs, we have some aqua ones and 2 brown ones so far. Good job on the hats! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Home Meadows said...

Your scarf turned out great, it's a pretty design. I should get out my knitting needles and do some experimenting. Maybe once I complete the bobble diamond. Won't be long now, fingers crossed. Take care, Heather

Betsy said...

Isn't this spring weather craziness? I keep thinking that winter is going to return with a vengeance since it's only February-but every nice day brings us that much closer to spring so it's okay. I feel for the people back east though...and that's where I'm headed this weekend. To see Miss Piper! Yippee!
Your scarf turned out great. I'll bet you and Pammy Sue had such a blast working on them together. Such fun. She's a sweetie, just like you.
I know Taci will be thrilled with the hats too. They are so cute. I love the flowers on them.
Your hens seem as happy with the weather as we are. Fresh eggs! Yum. Wish I was there to buy some off of you. :-)
Have a lovely week, I've missed you.

Jann Olson said...

Kris, I love the scarf and you amaze me at how much knitting you get done! The hats are so sweet. Love, love the grey and yellow one also! We are having the same problem here. Tonight on the news they said our weather is what we should be having in April. I have been getting a lot of Spring clean up done and loving it, but we need moisture! There is nothing like that sweet smell of orange blossoms. Loved it when we were in AZ for 5 months years ago.

Taciana Simmons said...

Hi Kris I'm so excited for you... Your new scarf is fabulous. I love it. I have a friend who made a couple of them. I'm so excited about the hats you made. They are so very sweet and I'm so happy and overwhelmed with yours and everyone's generosity. It's not hard to see thought how wall of you , my friends are so generous and giving and have such huge heart. Thank you so much my dear friend. I would love to have some fresh squeezed orange juice. How delicious. I can't wait to enjoy some of it when I go to Brazil in July. Thank you again my friend ... You are such an angel.

Elaine Lewis said...

Yes we need rain so badly. I dread another summer of drought. It was so depressing and worry about tight water restrictions.

Patrica said...

The weather is the same in Nor Cal, all my fruit trees are blooming and the daffodils are out. The hens are laying and the orchard bees are busy too. So confusing. We'll likely get a hard frost soon and so no fruit again this this year. We pray for rain or snow daily while the east coast suffers.

podso said...

That's a pretty scarf and different and versatile. I love that little hat with the huge flower. How adorable.

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi, Dear Kris! I am amazed seeing your early Spring photos in your last two posts, and have been lining up some photos today for my next post to show you some of our early Spring sights :) Yay for you and Pammy Sue and your knitting adventures...I loved your account of what you learned. Your scarf is an interesting pattern and I like seeing how you can drape it. I am playing catch up reading and writing posts, too. Hope you and yours have a healthy, and happy weekend! xx

Mereknits said...

Look at you knitting like you have been doing it for years. I love the scarf, you did a great job. You don't have to learn something new every time you knit, you just have to knit. Love the hats you made for Taci. I sent some to her a week ago, hope they got there.
Hugs to Kris,

Susanne Tyree said...

The knitted scarf you made is very different, I don't think I have ever seen a pattern like that before. Good for you for not giving up, practice makes perfect. I always get a kick out of seeing your gals out and about and laying such colorful eggs. Years ago I had a brother-in-law who loved buying chicks that eventually laid colored eggs. I thought it was amazing. No outside flowers or blooms, just snow and plenty of it here in Ohio. If I was a rich woman I would send you some,
Susanne :)

Karen L. Bates said...

This winter has been so unusual for everyone...ours has been very mild and almost no snow. It is very cold here at night but gets to the mid 40's during the day and a bit sunny...yay.

I can't believe your gardens and trees...awesome. The girls all look so good and I am glad you are getting eggs. I have gotten them all winter and usually they each give me one a I have some to give away.

Leslie said...

You are welcome to some of this cold weather any time... YUCK. I can not wait for 80' days!!! No doubt that I will be on my paddleboard all summer long. I love the scarf, the color and shape.. its fantastic!
Have a great night!