Monday, May 4, 2015

More New Orleans

Hi again.  I am just going to select a few more highlights to share.  Although we did lots of things, I didn't bring my camera everywhere we went.  And a lot of my photos weren't good.  The first time we went to New Orleans, we took an air boat trip and saw lots of gators and wildlife.  It was a lot of fun.  This time we took a bayou trip on a patio type boat.  Most of the time we were going very slowly, looking for gators, but the boat also went very fast too.  The guide would put a piece of  hot dog on a stick, or a marshmallow, and the gator would just swim right over.
They were laying on the banks, catching some rays too.
We went down a narrow pathway, that was very heavily treed, and suddenly I saw what I thought was a bear.
There was another boat up ahead of us, and this black hairy thing was standing in the water on his hind legs, begging for a snack.  Swamp Thing?  Bear?  What was it?  It was a couple family's of Wild Boar!  They were so cute and curious!  And did they ever love marshmallows!!
They came right up to the boats, and I think they would have liked to come ON the boat!  There was also a couple of litters of babies.
These guys were really fun to watch!
We saw some interesting houses on the bayou too.
We had wonderful meals!  Everywhere we went.  The food was fantastic!
We visited the WW2 Museum.  That was fascinating!
Greg's Dad was a navigator in the Air Force.  He flew missions in WW2 in planes exactly like this.
We also took a city tour that brought us all throughout New Orleans, and in the neighborhoods that were worst hit in Katrina.  Many of the houses were still empty and marked with the markings that the rescue workers used to determine if anyone were in house, and whether deceased or not.  Very eery.  We saw shotgun houses, and beautiful stately homes in The Garden District.  So many things.  Such great times!  I think my Mom enjoyed it very much!!!   I know we sure had fun!  A trip to remember forever!  Thank you Mom!!!   Back home we went.  And life resumed it's normal hectic pace.
My computer is acting up again.  Time for me to close.  Hope to be back soon with some fun thrifting finds, and a new toy.
XO  Kris


Jill said...

What a treat to see those things on the boat and I bet that museum was awesome! So glad you were able to take this trip and have such a great time! Love seeing all the pictures. Hayley has been suffering from her concussion since our car accident in December. I'm getting back into blogging more regularly, I've missed it and visiting everyone! Have a great day!


Mereknits said...

Come on over to my house we have a small gator just behind my house near a small bridge. Love your photos and tales about your trip. It sounds like everyone had a terrific time.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing your neat photos of your trip, Kris. While living near alligators and wild boars would make me feel anxious, I think, I really enjoyed seeing the critters through your camera lens and I'm so glad you and your family had a great trip! xx