Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Finally Fall!

Hello again, and Happy Fall!  I didn't think it would ever get here.  Even though the calendar says Fall now, it won't be cool enough to feel like it for another few weeks for us here in So. California. This is going to be a real mish mash of content tonight.  A little of this, and a little of that. 
Starting off with the freak storm we had a couple of weeks ago.  In the span of an hour, the skies grew very dark, and the wind began to howl, and stir up leaves and debris in the air.  I was picking Noah up from school, and it got more and more threatening as I waited for him.  Just he got into the car, the sky opened up and huge raindrops began to splash my car, and by the time we arrived home, only minutes later, it was obvious this was no ordinary storm.  I have never seen anything like it here where we live.  Terrible wind, heavy rain, thunder and lightening, and what seemed to be a mini tornado that tore through our corner of town.  This heavy redwood swing was tossed over, and the canopy broke. 
The rain came so fast, and so hard, that it flooded the back pretty quickly.
Patio furniture was everywhere!
My neighbor Sue lost a section of her fence.  And we lost a few small limbs in the grove.  Our neighbors directly across had this happen!

 There were a lot of limbs and trees down near us.  It was really something.  The whole summer has been odd.  Terribly hot, humid, and with more rain that we often see in a whole winter.  I am glad to see summer leaving!
We celebrated a big birthday for my husband Greg!!!
We had his favorite meal of burgers and macaroni salad, fruit, and Lay's Potato Chips, and baked beans.  Ice cream for dessert.  It doesn't seem possible that he can be 60.  And I, 55!  We still feel like those kids that met and fell in love over 36 years ago.  We also celebrated our 36th Anniversary a few days before his birthday.  Where has time gone?
Hello Fall.......I am SO glad to welcome you in!  The porch is dressed for some cooler weather porch sitting.

And though I didn't have my garden this year, and shall miss my bountiful display of pumpkins, I do have one fat squash to greet you, sitting atop a Fall Plaid throw that I made a few years ago.
The door baskets have changed colors, and a big pretty Mum sits next to the giant twig pumpkin by the door.

We'll see some indoor Fall later.  The other day, I had a few special ladies come over for a day of quilting.  I am so enjoying my sewing room since I have moved it to what was once the living room.  The space is totally different than any other room in my house.  The colors are all feminine. And the space is divine in every way for me!!  I stood on the piano bench and snapped this photo before they arrived.
I made lunch for us.  But no photos were taken after they arrived, as we were just having too much fun gabbing and sewing.   I made a Chinese Chicken Salad, Fresh Fruit and Pumpkin/Apple Muffins.
I also made this Popcorn Crack for us to snack on.  DELICIOUS!!!!!
It is popcorn, with melted white almond bark dirzzled over the top, and red cinnamon bears mixed in with it.  Spread out onto trays to cool, and then place in Tupperware to store.  SO good!!!!  And of course, there were Goldfish, for my best friend Jae, those are her favorite!!!  We had all sorts of goodies to snack on. 
Debbie brought a beautiful platter of shrimp, and Patty brought fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 
I made each of them a little Fall Tea Towel as a thank you for coming.  BOO for Debbie.
 A Scarecrow for Patty.
And Pumpkins for Jae.
Debbie brought me this darling Halloween Pot Holder she made.
Patty made each of us one of these darling log cabin pin cushions.  Mine is now filled with pins!
Debbie also brought a Halloween Panel that she wanted us all to share.  So we each cut a piece from it, to make ourselves a little project with.  With the piece I cut, I added two border strips and quilted it.  I quilted ghosts up into the top corners, and pumpkins into the bottom corners. I stitched the words BOO, and other Halloween related phrases into the table topper.  I backed it in a neutral weave look fabric, and bound it in an old black and orange Thimbleberries fabric.
It turned out so cute!  Thank you Debbie for sharing your panel with us!
Last night Jae dropped by with her piece from the panel, along with a backing and batting.  She also had a yard of fabric she had just bought for me at the quilt shop, that she knew I would like.  She said it was a bribe for me to quilt her panel too.  I put it together and quilted her panel piece this morning.  Her borders with candy corn fabric is so cute! 

I delivered it to her today, unbound. She will do that part.  Very cute!!!
I also recently finished this Fall wall hanging, also a panel, from Heather Mulder Peterson's Fall line.  The colors are so rich and vibrant.  It isn't something that I would normally choose, but I was drawn to them.  I made a border using a variety like solid colors, and quilted it in loops and swirls.  This was a gift for Jae.
These seasonal panels can be a lot of fun to do, to add some wall hangings and table toppers to your seasonal home.  You can quilt them as a whole cloth, or add borders and make it just a part of a larger quilt. 
I used a brown Thimbleberries print to bind, and backed it in a pretty Fall floral print.
We had a new baby girl join the family recently too.  I made this Snuggle Gauze Blanket for Miss Charlie Rae.
I used this sweet, hearts and loops stitch to go around the entire blanket, and embroidered a nursery rhyme motif in one corner.
Another quick make, is pillows made from placemats.  If you see a placemat you really like, it is very easy to turn it into a pillow.  Walmart has these tapestry looking placemats for 1.97 each.  If you back it and use fiberfill to stuff the pillow, it is a very inexpensive way to add some seasonal  decor to you house or porch.
The two on the left were made last Fall, and the one on the right, I just did.  You can see how similar the two on either end are.  I didn't realize that until I made it and set them near each other.  I haven't done the Fox yet, but it is cute too.
I need to go watch the new shows on tonight!  But I will be back soon with some more Fall around the house.
I am trying to read your blogs, and catch up with each of you.  I will get there!!!
XO  Kris


Gracie Saylor said...

Happy Fall, Kris, and Happy Birthday to Greg and Happy Anniversary to you both! I am so glad you had good celebrations and that you survived the unusual and scary storm. It is fun to see your special crafting space and some of the beautiful quilting and embroidery that you are doing. Thanks for the yummy looking popcorn recipe. [I love reading your posts and catching up on some of your news :) ] xx

Teresa Kasner said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Greg! *H*A*P*P*Y* * *A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y*!*!* to you both!

I really enjoyed your post today, you're such a wonderful hostess and have such wonderful friends. I wish I was your neighbor! So.. I didn't realize you didn't have a garden this year.. what happened? You're such a garden girl!

Enjoy your Autumn.. we are having a good one here. I got my first pumpkin today.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Bethany said...

That cushion on your porch--the red-green-yellow florally one--SAME fabric on my porch covering some chairs :)

Bethany said...

That cushion on your porch--the red-green-yellow florally one--SAME fabric on my porch covering some chairs :)

Jill said...

Wow, what a storm! Glad you are all safe! I love all your fall decorating and I'm writing the popcorn recipe... can you share the pumpkin apple one? :-) I love anything that has to do with pumpkin! So happy you are blogging more again. Have a wonderful day!


Pammy Sue said...

Glad you are getting a taste of fall! I know you love it as much as I do. Love, love, love all of your sewing projects. Sounds like y'all had a lovely time together. Wish I could have been there! Glad to see you posting. I was thinking yesterday that you need to just go out and get a new computer, dammit!!! Do it! We all miss you and your fun posts on a regular basis!

Betsy said...

Hi Kris! It's so good to hear from you...I've missed you my friend. Gosh that looks like it was a scary storm. I'm glad you didn't have any worse damage than you did and that everyone was unhurt. You must have been terrified. The weather has been really odd everywhere this year hasn't it? We broke every record on the books for heat...and fires! Your sewing projects look like so much fun. I'm not a good quilter but I love to look at them and cuddle up in the ones I have. The pillows look like a fast decorative project. I may have to break my machine out soon and try my hand at some pillows. :-) I'm sure your day with your friends was so much fun! Your pictures show just how talented you all are. Such nice gifts to each other too.
Happy Anniversary to you and Greg and Happy Birthday to Greg. Dennis will be 60 in January and I'm 55 too. We have so much in common Kris, I just wish we could actually meet sometime. Here's hoping for cooler weather for you.

podso said...

Nice to "see" you again! What a terrible storm. Glad nothing worse happened.. Your sewing room looks so bright and cheerful, I would think it is a lovely place to work.

Kelli said...

Yay your back...again:)
I can't believe the storm you had. We really need storms to start heading to Northern California!
Your popcorn sounds wonderful!

Mereknits said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday are in order for both of you. Well done you two still being happy with each other and your family. Love all that you have been up to lately Kris, so much beautiful sewing. Autumn is still a ways away from us too. It is still pretty hot and humid here. Sending you a big hug, miss you!

Debbie said...

I somehow missed this yesterday...I remember the quick windy storm but boy you got A LOT more then we did! We got some quick heavy rain and some strong winds but that was it. That must have all been pretty scary. Funny how a storm can be soo much stronger in one area verses another. We don't live that far apart. I LOVE what you've been up to. Soo fun. How I love seeing and reading about what others who love doing what I love doing are up to. I got myself some metallic threads today and I am going to give them a whirl tomorrow on some embroidery on some Christmas stockings. I read up all about it so hopefully what I learned will keep it from being the nightmare I've heard that they can be, lol. I will be soo glad to leave this hot summer weather behind too. Hope the rest of your week is good!

corners of my life said...

We too had our 36th anniversary this summer.
It is something to be proud of.
You were just a youngster when you got married.

I always love your door baskets.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The storm sounds scary...glad you didn't have serious damage!
Your day with quilting friends sounds like a lot of fun. You've really fixed that space up perfectly for a sewing room...I bet you just love it!
HAPPY birthday to Greg!

Prosecco and Polka Dots said...

How inspiring ... I am having a hard time jumping into the Autumn season but you are certainly encouraging. I may have to break out my decs today. Thank you.

Jeanna said...

Lots of quilty goodness in this post. Happy birthday to Greg and happy anniversary to you both!

The lunch you made for your friends sounds delish. I have never heard of popcorn crack but can see why it would be a favorite.

Love all of your fall decor...we aren't having fall temps in south Florida either :(

Carol said...

Love seeing your home Kris.....pretty as always. Love your idea on the placements into pillows. I want to rush out to Walmart right now and see what I can find :) Thanks for sharing!!

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NanaNor's said...

Hi there, So glad to check in on you; it was so good to see what you've been up to. You are so busy lately , well done! Love all the touches of fall~your home is always so welcoming Chris. Just wish we lived near each other. Fall is definitely in the air here and I love it! Now I have time to stay inside and do some sewing.
Sending love your way.

Susanne Tyree said...

Happy Birthday to your guy! I really like the projects you have been doing, especially the idea of the pillows made from the tapestry placemats. What a clever idea. They would make cute and fast gifts too. Hope you are enjoying the Fall season. It is my favorite season too.
Susanne :)

priscilla said...

Yikes what a storm! Love your Fall porch need a garden next year! :) Hope the weather is cooling off for you!

corners of my life said...

I have been missing your posts.
Hoping all is well.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kris

That was some storm you had there! This will be an El Nino year which means many more storms for the west. Good and bad, I guess. Good in that the drought will be over and bad in that there might be flooding and mudslides.

Happy belated birthday to your hubby and happy anniversary---wonderful milestones!

Pam said...

Kris! It's been so long. I hope all is well for you and your family. I am sorry about the storm. Ugh!

Love that you spent the day with your quilting friends. The popcorn crack has me drooling. I am loving those pillows. Making them out of placemats is such a great idea.

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