Friday, March 11, 2016

Accuquilt Go Machine

Hidey do, and Happy Friyay!   I was pretty sure my cold was going the wrong direction and would have had me to the Dr. by today, but nope, I am finally feeling it is getting better.  I have no idea why my immune system seems to be so weak lately, but I have caught every bug that has come along since early December, and am SICK of it!!!  It hasn't been the, have to stay in bed kind of sick.  But just the constant stuffy head, coughing, and so tired, kind of sick. 
So, this past week has found me avoiding any and all housework, aside from the mandatory, washing of clothes, tidying of house, and cleaning of  bathrooms.  I have been sewing.  And sewing.  And sewing.
I am accumulating a fair amount of small scrap pieces, that needed my attention.  I got my Accuquilt Go cutting machine out and sorted through the scraps.
The last quilt I did, on one of the blocks, the corners of a 5" block were cut off, leaving a fairly good size piece of fabric, that I couldn't just throw away.
I have the die to make 2 1/2" half square triangles.  I lay a stack on the die, and roll it through the cutting machine, and end up with perfect pieces, with the dog ears already cut off.
If  I have 2 1/2" strips of scrap fabric, I can lay a few layers of strips down, and the die has 4 spots to make cuts at once. 

Run it through the machine, and then simply peel away the unused ends.  My fabric always sticks to the mat too, so I have to pull that away as well.
Thinking it may be time for a new mat....what do you think?
I think that looking at my mat alone, is good testimony for how much I like, and use this little machine!
I also have dies to cut squares, circles and leaves.  I love to make leaves with all sorts of shades of green.  It only takes a wee scrap, that would ordinarily be thrown away.
In the square dish are all of the half square triangles I cut, and the oval dish contains all of the leaves and stems in various shades of greens. 
My most recently purchased die is the 5" square.  It contains two cuts on one die, and is perfect for making up the ever so popular charm packs with your scraps.
I also have a die or a 4 1/2" square.
As well as the 2 1/2" square.
These are the dies I have.
Most all of the dies come with a variety of different cuts.  My only complaint about this system, is that the dies are very expensive, and Joann'es rarely has a good variety for sale.  And you cannot use a coupon to purchase them  But I will say, I have used the heck out of my Accuquilt Go, and will continue to do so.
These are just some of the shapes I have done recently, saved for future use.  The petals and the leaves and stems, I like to iron on a piece of fusible web, like Wonderunder or Steam a Seam, and then I cut the shapes, making it easy to use for applique onto a pillow or something.  I did a pillow for my granddaughter Hannah, using that purple animal print fabric.  I did almost the entire pillow using my Accuquilt Go dies, and then appliqued them onto a foundation fabric.  It turned out adorable, and I cannot find the photo to save my life. 
This is my review of the Accuquilt Go machine.  I hope this helps for anyone who may be interested in purchasing this versatile machine in the near future!
XO  Kris
PS I just spent some time at the Accuquilt website, where they have any and every die you could want to purchase, along with accessories.  I bought two more dies, and a new 10 x 10 mat.  I got the apple core, and the ric-rac die.  Go check out the website for fun how to videos, and see all that AccuQuilt has to offer.


Betsy said...

Gosh Kris, for such a great review I would think that the company would give you some of those dies for free! I'm impressed by how much you get done with your quilting. I'm not very good at it. I've made a few quilts, but it's not my love like knitting and crocheting are. I'm sorry you've been feeling so under the weather. There sure are a lot of nasty bugs still hanging around out there. My best friend and her husband have both been sick for the last week with something or other. I can't believe how sick they both are. It's much more like the flu than a cold. I'm glad you're better today. Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings, Betsy

Dawn said...

What I've never seen such a machine. It looks like a great way to get the perfect cut!

Teresa Kasner said...

Kris, have you told your doctor how run down you are and demand him to find out what is wrong? I think you need to put your foot down with your doc to fix you up! Pretty cool machine you have. You're such a pro! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Debbie said...

Can't tell you how much thought I've given to getting one of those! Some day I am sure I the meantime I've become quite obsessed with the embroidery, lol, it's always something. Enjoy your week-end!

From the Kitchen said...

Your post reminds me of watching my great-grandmother and grandmother cut out fabric for quilt making. A lot of it came from old clothing I think. Have I mentioned recently how much I love quilts?!!

Hope you are on the mend and germs will stay away.


helen lorraine said...

i have had it too...all the way in ontario canada...funny how bugs are the same everywhere.
your quilts are beautiful...a talent i don't possess!!!!

Gracie Saylor said...

WOW! I think your cutting system is amazing! I dread cutting the material so much that I have not cut many squares for the hand quilted quilt I dream of making. Thanks for the review, Kris. I am cheering you on to feeling better. It is currently pouring rain here, and I am glad you are getting some much needed rain there.
Sending you lots of hugs and smiles :) xx

Jill said...

That looks like an awesome accessory to have! You are so talented too :-) I love seeing your latest creations. :-) Have a wonderful day!


Susanne Tyree said...

Hello Kris. I have been wondering about those fabric cutting machines and you are the first person I have seen to have and use one. I believe I saw one in The Nancy's Notions catalog from Nancy Zieman (Sewing With Nancy fame. I never checked out or looked for one at Joann's. You are so right, the coupons you get from there are never any good to use on the things anyone would actually like to buy. The list goes on and on. Last month I went in there with my % off coupons and was all excited about saving some $ and spent over $200 and couldn't use the coupons on anything. I am really beginning to think it is all a gimmick to entice people into the store. You are right, going on line to a company's web site is often a smarter idea. My daughter has an Etsy shop and sells a lot of scrapbooking things. She goes online for a lot of things, and incidentally, Joann's is often higher priced than other places selling the very same thing. Once in a blue moon you get a deal there, but for me it hasn't been very often.
Susanne :)