Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our New Vacation Home.............On Wheels!

Good morning!  We are having some beautiful Spring weather here.  But the weather forecast says rain is coming!  We are off to the beach for a few days, in our new vacation home......on wheels! 
Greg and I have been talking about getting a trailer for a couple of years.  But for the past month, we have been spending every weekend seriously looking for one to suit our needs.  And we found it! 
We started off looking at used.  And we found some really nice ones.  But truth be told, there is just no comparison to the incredible use of space with the new ones we saw.  We ach had our own list of desires, and must haves.  We also had some limitations, as far as the weight our vehicle will tow and such.  Greg wanted smallish, so that we could easily maneuver into spaces anywhere we go.  I knew that at the top of my list, was to have at least one slide out.  And I had hoped for some extra sleeping for when we had our grandkids with us.  But we had to give up some wants, due to weight restrictions.  Ultimately, we were able to get exactly what each of us wanted, all rolled into one brand new trailer!  We couldn't be more thrilled!
One of  the things that was also important to me, was to have something that I felt like I could manage on my own.  Not to tow, but something that I could operate all alone, if Greg was not there with me.  We want to be able to take it to our beloved Big Bear, and spend time together, but also, we want to leave it there sometimes, and when he has to go back home to work, I can stay.  Sometimes with my Mom, or the kids, or even alone.  I want to be able to operate all of the features.  The awning and slide are all operated by the push of a button.  That couldn't be easier.  But all of it is easy to run.
Come on in and have a look.
The awning is not extended out all of the way because the trailer is close to the roof line of our house.  But when it is, none of those arms will be in the way and at risk to  bump your head when walking by.
I wanted a corner sink, because I think it allows for more counter space.  I also wanted a single sink.  I hate those two tiny divided spaces that lots of RV's have.  You can't even wash a pan. You can see how much more space the slide gives.  It really makes all the difference in the world!  The seating area is a booth, with cushions all the way around in a U shape. And when needed, it makes into a bed as well.  The table is removable, and can be used anywhere you want it.  At the kitchen if more space is needed, as well as lowered to use as a coffee table in front of the sofa.  The seating area has cupboards underneath it.  Each one has a pull out bin for storage, so that you don't have to crawl inside to find things.
The little kitchen has everything I will need to cook in, just in miniature form.
Oven, three burner stove top, little microwave, and more than adequate cupboard space.  In this cupboard I will keep my pots and pans, and serving bowls and larger things I will need in the kitchen.
 And in this side, the pantry items.
In the Jayco, the refrigerators are 30% larger.  I love that.  We always travel with lots of good food to eat!

Here is that nice big sink.
There is a small entertainment center too.  A telly, and DVD player, CD player, and stereo with speakers throughout trailer.   The telly is small, but it has a great picture. 
Seating area.  I put a small ottoman cube from my sewing here for a place to rest your feet.  But I am going to get another one that matches the sofa, and we can use it for storage too.
The feature that Greg loved, and I did not, on this model, was the Murphy Bed.  I thought the mattress would be flimsy, and the space would be poor.  And I also thought the sofa would be uncomfortable.  But I was wrong.  During the day time, we have the seating of the sofa, and at night, that wall behind the sofa, pulls down and it becomes our bed.  The mattress is a full size Queen pillow top.  Very comfy.  And I forgot to pull the bed down and take a photo!  The sofa jackknifes down, in one quick pull, and bed comes down. There is a privacy curtain if needed.  There is a small cupboard on either side, with a rod to hang things, and a divided space for shoes and such.  Each side has a small shelf for water and phone.  Each side also has a plug in, and one side, a USB port. 
The bathroom on this model is huge by RV standards!  I love it! 
I prefer to have the sink, shower and commode all in the same room.  On some models, the sink is located across room, and divided by a separate door.  I don't care for that.  I also loved that this shower has glass doors!  No wet shower curtain sticking to your legs in a shower you can hardly turn around in.

The commode is ceramic, not plastic, and there is a huge cupboard in there. 
This is where we will be hanging most of our clothes.  I will put a set of those plastic stacking drawers in there for our shirts and socks and things. 
Well, I think we covered everything, from head to toe.  One more small feature we liked, was the  little mini kitchen on the outside, with a two burner stove, counter top, and mini fridge  We always do a lot of cooking outdoors when we camp, so this will get used a LOT!
There is also another outlet here for plugging in a toaster....or blender...or whatever.  The outside of the coach also has a mount for putting a telly on so you can watch that big game out under the awning.  And on the other side, there is an outdoor shower, complete with hot and cold water.  I can see using that for sandy feet when we camp at the beach.
So, if you are in the market for a new RV, I can  highly recommend the Jayco White Hawk.  We bought it at Richardson's RV in Riverside, and had the most exceptional service.  Skip was our salesman, and he was informative without being the least bit  hard sell!  We visited several places, and this was by far and away the best!!!!
Let the fun begin!!!!!
Happy Trails........
XO  Kris


janie said...

So Nice!! Enjoy and have fun. Janie

barbara woods said...

looks great , you will enjoy that.

Holly said...

I love it! Looks like so much storage and it's pretty! We've been looking too and can't decide if we want another rv or just buy a small cabin up north.

From the Kitchen said...

One more important thing: It will be a sweet little space to decorate seasonally!! Oh, and I'd suggest that your learn to tow it as well. My sister says it isn't that difficult and she made sure she was a competent as her husband to drive it. Enjoy!!


Betsy said...

Kris, I am SO happy for you. Ours is a Jayco also. It's the Jayflight model. Completely different floor plans but Jayco is known for it's quality so I think you'll be happy. I should probably post inside photos of ours...I haven't done that for a year or two and have some new readers. You and Greg and all of your family will have so much fun in your new trailer. I'm glad we don't have to move ours at all. It just stays put like a little cabin. Dennis would like to take it out, but I have never like the pulling part.

You need to take pictures of your first outing and let us see it when it's at the lake. Now...on to the most fun part. Decorating!

Debby said...

Very nice. It has a cozy modern look unlike a lot of campers. I would love to have one that we could travel in with our pups.

Debbie said...

Oh Kris this looks soooo nice! I can just imagine the fun times you will have in this How exciting for you! Congrats! I am looking forward to hearing about your first trip out in it. Have fun!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the outdoor kitchens and the outdoor shower is more than a plus for me.

NanaNor's said...

Kris, Aloha! I love your new trailer/vacation home. It has everything you need. Hubby and I are hoping to get an RV in another year or so, but we will have a Class C(I think, not the big coaches but a smaller one). We will have to have a tow vehicle but so glad we'll be able to take Hunter, grands etc and lend it to our daughter's families. Thanks for sharing-I know you'll get so much use out of it. Just let me know if you ever come to Colorado.
Hugs, Noreen

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH it's wonderful, Kris! You are going to have SO.MUCH.FUN. Congratulations!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Wow! Super jealous! It looks so comfy and oh the places you will go.

priscilla said...

Awesome Kris! Looks like you are going to be having a blast traveling!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Kris.. that looks like a GREAT trailer for you! What fun you'll have. We will be getting ours cleaned up and freshened up for a trip to the beach in a few weeks. I wish you could meet us there! :-) I'm so glad you've found out what has been making you feel bad and I hope you get the right medicine and feel better all the time! I'm so excited that you live near where my son is moving! We will be driving down to see them once they're settled and I'll let you know and we can hang out! Have fun in your adventure-mobile! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

The trailer looks like it will be wonderful to adventure in...and I am certain it will enjoy traveling north to Oregon one day :) Broad hint!!! Would you believe my youngest daughter and son-in-law came home three nights ago after buying a trailer? They will get it in several weeks and have two camping trips planned already, and invited me along! I have seen photos of it but don't remember the make or model...the inside is different than yours with no pop out but nice and it can carry toys :) Wishing you many happy trips and hoping you will be feeling better and better xxxxx

podso said...

It looks wonderful, thanks for the tour, Happy times ahead!

Patty Marker said...

We have been thinking about this leap but I think we need a new vehicle first. Time will tell. Enjoy!

marsha brown said...

This is great. Thanks for showing it to us. May I ask what kind of vehicle you are towing it with? My hubby might be more responsive to the idea after seeing these pictures and knowing what is needed to pull it. Thanks.

Mereknits said...

So exciting!!! I see many, many wonderful adventures in your future Kris. Enjoy!

Jill said...

Very nice!! You will be making lots of great memories on your adventures, enjoy!


Karen L. Bates said...

Wow, I am impressed, she's a beauty! You got all the important features...love the large sink, fridge, nice couch and great layout. The shower is to die for....perfect. A ton of fun to be had here.

Cootie Bug said...

I loved trailering when we had one in the past. So so fun! I miss it. I feel sure you will love it too!

Patty Antle said...

I enjoyed the tour! You will have great times!