Monday, November 17, 2008

Claire is on her way!

Jake and Gennifer dropped Hannah off at 7:30 this morning. Erika dropped Noah off at 7:00, and at 5:00, I woke up with the B.E. Flu!! Within an hours time, I knew I was in trouble. After a couple hours, I had to call Greg to come help. I actually think I had bad dinner at Panda Express last night. It didn't taste the same, and I always get the same thing, and it talked to me all during the night! Before back up arrived, I locked myself in the playroom with the kids, and layed on the couch, but watching them. They were very good thank goodness! I am not sure what time Greg arrived, but he took over, and I went to bed. Drew even pitched in and made their lunches. ( sorry kids!) No, seriously, it was PB&J, and he did a great job! Thank you Drew. Greg managed with them, even changing diapers, and just left to take Hannah to her house for her nap. I layed Noah down, with a bottle, something I have never, ever done before. Trying to keep my space between them. The last thing Gennifer needs is a sick little girl when she brings home the baby. I am washing the skin off my hands, trying to prevent germs! I am much better now. Tummy is calmer, but have a raging headache. Going to go back to sleep now and hoping Noah takes a 3 hour nap! I just talked to Gennifer. She is a 6, at the last check, and went ahead and had an epidural. So she is very comfortable. But we were just talking, and she said she wants the nurse to come and check her because she is feeling pressure. So Claire will be here in a couple hours I think.
Here is what the room looked like, AFTER Greg kind of tidied it up! Now, for those who know me, you KNOW this NEVER happens at Gamma's house! Drastic times call for drastic measures. So keep holding good thoughts for my girl!!! I will post the news as soon as I hear!


Katie said...

I've been waiting for news on Genny. Keep us updated.

And get better quick. That sounds lousy.

Kristi said...

Oh I'm so glad you are posting news, I've been waiting to hear all day. How exciting, I'm glad Genn is doing good. Yay babies!!!