Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update on Fire

Dear Friends,
All is well, and my Mom is back home. No damage to her home at all, just a lot of smoke, and a lot of damage all around. Nana is still with Mom, but she will probably go home tomorrow.
Kathy is back, Pam never had to actually leave, but she had the cars packed and ready to go, and Tim and Lori wound up VERY lucky, as their house is okay, but a lot of damage to their yard and area around them. The Dickens are home, and their house was saved, and everyone I know who had to evacuate, has gotten to return, and thankfully to a house still standing. Thanks for all of the calls regarding my family.


Genn said...

Sounds like all of your friends and fam really got lucky. I am glad that everyone is safe. I couldn't imagine losing my home. I really feel for all of those people who have.

Maryrose said...

Kris - glad to hear all is well. I had no idea the fire was so close to so many family members and friends. I hope the smoke damage isn't too bad and the fires are contained soon. Best wishes to all involved.