Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things I cannot live without!

This is my most prized "kitchen" possesion lately! My parents got it for me several years ago. I use it ALL the time. Now they make them with the arm that raises up and I want to upgrade to one of those soon. Also, I have thought about getting a commercial sized one. But this guy is a real work horse, and I would have to say I could not live without it!

I LOVE these clear measuring cups from Sur la table! They are like pinch bowls, and you can squeeze them together to funnel ingredients into your mixer. They are a lifesaver, and another thing I could not live without in the kitchen for baking! And the long handled spatulas are THE best for scraping into a deep bowl like the KitchenAid has, and not coming back up with batter all over your hands! Thank you Helen!

I love these cute holiday measureing cups too. I use them all year around. One of Drew's ex girlfriends gave them to me. I used to like her too, until she broke my son's heart.
Another batch of pumpkin bread about to go into the oven. Mmmmmmmm!



Helen said...

And the pumpkin bread is good! Thanks for my loaf! One of my favorite things is a set of angled measuring cups (1, 2 & 4 cup)that have a ridge inside that have the measurements on them so you can just fill with liquid or sugar, etc. and see how much is in them without having to lift up to eye level.

Kris said...

Glad you like the pumpkin bread. I have seen those angled measuring cups. I will have to get some.
Off to visit Hannah and Claire, and then to the grocery and to Erika's so she can go grocery shopping too.

Kelly said...

I've always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer... maybe one of thesze days I'll get one!

Lisa said...

Your ice-skating cookies are so cute!

I love my kitchenaid too; which is over 20 years old and keeps on going...and I'm talking A LOT of mixing! Also a gift from my 'bout that. :-) One of the most useful gifts I ever got!

Nicole said...

I wish we lived closer to your house!!!

Anita Lasher said...

OMG I love your ice skating cookies. They are the most adorable things I have seen. I am soooooooooo impressed. I wish I could come and you could give me some icing lessons. The tea was a hoot! and I sure did my good duty. I should send you the photos so you could see for your self.

Kris said...

YES...send photos!!!! I wish we could have a cookie day too Anita. I am going to be thinking of you on Tuesday!!! GOOD LUCK!!!