Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gee-Gee and Nana came to visit

There are 5 generations of women in my family. And we are lucky enough to all live in the same area. Today my Mom and Nana came out to visit and see the babies. My Nana is 94 years young and still takes part in everything going on in this family. She LOVES babies! There she is giving Noah a rocking horse ride on her knee!! Now how many Great-Great- Grandma's do you know who can still do that? Mind you, Noah weighs about 38 pounds, which is more than a third of what my little tiny Nana weighs!

And here she is with little Claire Bear. She held her and rocked forever! And I think she could do it all day and night!
Here is my Mom playing "here is the church, here is the steeple" with Hannah.

And Nana down on the floor playing with Claire.
And my Mom getting Claire to sleep. We had a nice visit. Thanks for coming out Mom and Nana. And thanks for lunch too!


Shelbie Molnar said...

You guys are so fortuante to have 5 generations. It's amazing.I have friends my age who have lost parents.I'm always amazed to see how young your mom looks. You and the girls got some good genes. You are very lucky:)

Maryrose said...

5 Generations is the best. I love seeing your Nana with the babies. I can just hear her talking to them with her cute southern accent. Great pics.

Kris said...

Thanks Shelbie and Maryrose. I know how lucky we are!
Maryrose, Nana was talking to her, in her Southern accent, it was the sweetest thing. I wish I had it on video too.
Next time I will.
: )

Linda said...

What wonderful memories are being created there!!

Kristi said...

Wow, your Nana really is a doer for her age, that is just so awesome!! It's also nice to see your Mom with the babies, so comfortable. I wish my Grandma had never gotten Parkinsons, she'd be doing the same thing. You are so lucky to have those five generations, and so healthy. I'm sure you cherish every moment!!!